Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Erdogan re-read the poem caused in prison

Restored Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reading poetry which caused the imprisonment of 18 years ago, and the same first reading site in the field of Siirt province in eastern Turkey.

Erdogan was sentenced for four months in 1997 and banned from working in government jobs, including the candidacy for the general election on charges of inciting religious hatred because of his narrative verses of Turkish hair during a rally speech, in which he said "Our mosques are our barracks, Qbabina Khomatna, Maznna our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers, this is the army guarding the sacred religion ".
Quoted by Anatolia news agency official, said Tuesday, quoted Erdogan as saying during the opening group projects in the governorate The city of Siirt "two important issues in the political my career, I first me in jail because I read poetry to Zia Guk Alps in this field on 17 December 1997, despite the fact that hair is in All formal educational curricula and certified by the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education. "

He told the crowd of his supporters, "Do you remember that hair? Do you know? Can we read it a second time? Let's see together Where reached Turkey, but together we know the meaning of freedom", and then followed the same hair, who was jailed because of him years ago. "

Amnesty International: Syrian army committed war crimes in Aleppo

Amnesty International accused the Syrian army of committing atrocious war crimes on a daily basis in Aleppo through continuous air strikes on the areas controlled by opposition militants.

Radio quoted the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Tuesday, the organization based in The London-based as saying in a report that the explosive barrels that killed more than three thousand people in Aleppo last year, and forced civilians to stay in underground shelters, and indicated "Some of the crimes committed by Syrian forces may amount to crimes against humanity."

Organization and published testimonies about the dumping of the Syrian Air Force explosive barrels on hospitals, schools and mosques.

He added that the use of explosive barrels injuring terrified population on a large scale.
The report said that opposition militants also committed war crimes through indiscriminate shelling, using home-made rockets called "defender of Hell," which contain gas, and documented the widespread use of torture, arbitrary arrests and kidnappings on both sides.

Opposition gunmen bombed and western parts of Aleppo on a regular basis, resulting in the deaths of 600 people in 2014, according to the report.

The report criticized the international community because of its inability to punish those responsible for abuses against civilians in Syria, and called for the referral of the conflict in Syria to the International Criminal Court.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly denied the use of his forces explosive barrels, although some human rights organizations documented to be used.

Gen. Dempsey Dnford successor to the chief of staff of the American armies

US President Barack Obama intends to appoint Gen. Joseph Dnford, new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US, succeeding Gen. Martin Dempsey, according to US officials announced.

And the transfer of Radio Sawa US on Tuesday, for a request not to be named officials as saying that a formal announcement of the appointment will be later in the day in the White House.

And Gen. Dnford, aged 59 years, will become the highest officer in the US Army, and a prominent adviser to President Obama in the field of defense, currently serving as commander of the Marine Corps.

As Chief of Staff Gen. Dnford also will be the first of the new Military Adviser to the Minister of Defense Ashton Carter, and that at a time when US forces are facing new threats after the wars that Khadthma over more than a decade in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gen. Dnford has become a leader in October 36 for the Marine Corps, an elite force in the US Army, and before that he served as commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan (ISAF) and that between February 2013 and August 2014.

Dnford was born on December 8, 1955 in Boston, the northeastern United States, and became an officer in 1977, and succeeded to enroll in school Thunderbolt "Rangers", which is the physical exercises are among the toughest in the world forces, it is also a metaphor of the War College in the US Army, and holds a Studies graduate, first in international relations, and the second in political science.