Monday, May 4, 2015

Kerry exclude Israel to hit Iran without consulting Washington

Ruled out John Kerry, and US Secretary of State, the possibility of a military strike by Israel to Iran without consulting the United States at first, but he did not rule out the possibility of Israel's resort to the military option.

In conducted an interview with Israeli Channel and broadcast by the newspaper "Times of Israel" on its website, sought Kerry to allay Israeli concerns about the nuclear deal emerging with Iran .. rejecting some of the concerns arising from the "hysteria" of the potential agreement, said that the nuclear agreement will not affect the US options to counter any potential effort by Iran to build atomic weapons .. pointing out that he did not believe that Israel surprised the United States; attack on Iran before the prior consultation with Washington, as this has serious implications possible.

He added "I tell every Israeli that we today have the ability to stop the Iranians if they decide to move quickly towards the production of a bomb, and certainly I guarantee that we will have in the future, the ability to know what they are doing, so that we can stop them if they want to move towards a bomb."

Netanyahu was a fierce critic of the agreement recently reached with Iran, which provides for easing of sanctions in exchange for reducing its nuclear program is controversial.

He stressed Kerry to criticize the deal is not in place, and emphasized that the deal stating Israel categorically .. pointing out that the emerging agreement "will protect Israel in the truth," and pledged that his country "Israel will never frustrate" .. He pointed out that the United States remains at all its options, including the military option, to rein in Iran's nuclear program.

Kerry and shed light on the forces and hard support of the US administration to Israel, saying "every week take a step towards the defense of Israel in many international forums."

He denied that Netanyahu's speech before Congress, has sparked a crisis in US-Israeli relations, saying "I do not think there is a crisis" Although Kerry Washington angrily recognition of the procedure, which was based on the order of that speech.

Stones to attack a subsidiary of Turkey's Nationalist Movement Party Bus

People threw stones and metal balls on a bus to Abdullah Bayram, the candidate of the National Movement for the city of Siirt in southeastern Turkey Party, while doing propaganda campaigning for the parliamentary elections on June 7 next.

The "" station, on Monday, that the attack led to the occurrence of material damage by bus where smashed the back but did not succeed attack any human damage.

Light Jean-Turk, head of the right-wing party branch and pointed from the city of Siirt, in remarks to reporters, that his party would like to contest the elections in an atmosphere of safety without paying attention to the provocative acts, adding that his party officials reported the incident the security forces.

Darfur take intensive security measures on the border with South Sudan

It embarked East Darfur, western Sudan, to take inspection procedures and intensive campaigns to control all deployed on the border strip link with the State of South Sudan points.

Colonel Tayeb Abdel Karim, and to the east of Darfur, in a press statement on Monday, he drew Motamedi border localities with South Sudan, the intensification of military presence at the entrances and exits of sweeteners, to prevent the infiltration of Employees rebel movements fleeing to the cities, after battles "Goz Dnju" between the army and elements of the Sudanese rebels in southern Darfur.

He stressed Abdul Karim, the local border commissioners will supervise the inspection procedures, pointing out that the inspection campaigns will continue to ensure clear the area from the remnants of the rebels.

He revealed the Governor, on the arrangements for the development of a comprehensive and joint security plan between East Darfur and the rest of the other states bordering the State of the South, to secure the roads, asking citizens to report immediately if they find any infiltrating groups.