Sunday, December 7, 2014

Iranian official: the Islamic countries to unite to counter extremism

A senior Iranian official stressed that the Islamic countries should strengthen their unity to confront extremist movements and a private organization "Daash" excommunicating.

Hussein added Amir Abdul Allahaan, Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran's Arab and African Affairs, said Iranian channel "Press T" quoted on Sunday that Islamic countries are currently facing a dangerous parallel, namely the Zionist regime and the movements incitements, where they are in fact two sides of the same coin.

He stressed that the face of these dangers, particularly the organization of "Daash" in both Iraq and Syria and the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine requires unity and vigilance by the Islamic Ummah.

The Iranian official warned that extremist movements and incitements targeting the unity of Muslims, asserting that scientists and academics, writers must play an important role in shedding light on the dimensions of the threats facing the Muslim world today.

Sore throat Obama

Barack Obama, the US president held on Saturday, some medical tests in one of the US military hospitals in Maryland, after a chronic infection in the throat during the past few weeks.

Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, said that Ronnie Jackson's doctor was US President Obama has been recommended to conduct some medical tests at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Maryland.

He attributed the US President's doctor, the cause of the inflammation to the acidic reflux, pointing out that the results of tests and X were all normal.

And the transfer of the White House for US President doctor saying that the speed of the arrangements to conduct medical tests, which lasted about a hundred minutes, came because the schedule allowed the president have made today and not a result of any urgent order.

It is worth mentioning that President Obama, aged 53, has conducted medical discoveries in May, where the results showed that his health is excellent.

Mugabe up his wife in the ruling party and leave the vacant post of successor

Ascended Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, aged 90 years to his wife highest positions in the ruling party ZANU-PF, "National Front", but in order to fill senior positions vacant, to prolong concern about the lack of a successor.

He was elected Chairman of the oldest countries in Africa and the only leader Zimbabwe has known since independence from Britain in 1980 without a competitor during the meeting held by the ruling party every five years, putting it on track to contest the next presidential elections in 2018 when 94-year-old.

After isolating Mujur Joyce, vice president last week, which was only three months since the personal front-runner to succeed him, Mugabe said he needed more time to examine the candidates of the Politburo, the highest decision-making body and the posts of MPs.

He told about 12 thousand members of the party gathered in a spacious marquee erected in the center of Haray "I do not want to rush must therefore patience by the middle of next week by Wednesday or Thursday will issue a declaration."

It was upgraded Grace, Mugabe's wife, for the presidency of the Association of Women, which has influence in the culmination of a political rise fast began three months ago and adopted to some extent on the offensive overt harsh on Mujur.

At the beginning of the conference, which lasts three days, accused Mugabe Mujur, "treacherous group" led in a bid to end his rule, which began 34 years ago to crush a For any direct political ambitions were probably has.

Most analysts say that the absence of Mujur, the conference paved the way for the rise of Emmerson Mnangagwa and Justice Minister, one of the militants loyal to Mugabe, known as the "Crocodile" to rehabilitate himself to take over in the event of the death of Mugabe

America will retain the largest troop in Afghanistan amid rising violence

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Saturday that the United States would delay pulling up to a thousand of its troops from Afghanistan until next year in recognition of the great challenge that still represented by the Taliban.

Hagel confirmed officially a change in the United States plans to withdraw troops, and said that additional forces are necessary because the delay in the signing of security agreements, has hampered plans to increase troops from other countries.

But he also pointed out that the upsurge in Taliban attacks in Kabul during the past two weeks was a little ongoing need for the presence of foreign workers.
Said Hagel, who arrived in Kabul on an unannounced visit in advance, "the recent wave of Taliban attacks showed that the international community should not hesitate to support Ki Afghanistan be stable, secure and prosperous."

Hagel said that the combat mission led by NATO in Afghanistan will end officially in two weeks, severe shortage in the number of foreign troops, but will support the troops that will remain "combat brigades" to support the Afghan soldiers.

He said the United States also will retain strongly to fight al-Qaeda there.

Hagel said, at a joint press conference with Afghan President Ashraf Abdel Ghani "have not forgotten what that has brought America to Afghanistan a decade ago."

"And we will take appropriate action against the Taliban members who directly threaten the US and coalition forces in Afghanistan or provide direct support for the base."

Gen. John Campbell, commander of international forces in Afghanistan, said last week that the continuing role of the United States will include a limited air support for Afghan soldiers.

Said Hagel, who resigned last week under pressure from US forces may only go down to 10,800 troops and not to 9800 troops as originally planned, and the extra troops remain until the first few months of 2015.

Hagel said in his last visit to Afghanistan as defense minister, "but the president will not change the mandate of our troops or schedule tasks in the long term to be towed."

It seemed confident that the United States will get the support of the rest of the member states of NATO in the next few weeks, allowing a reduction in US troops to 9800 troops.

Venezuelan president: racism in the United States worsened under Obama

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that racism in the United States worsened during the first black president in the history of management.

Maduro and subjected to criticism from President Barack Obama's government, in recent weeks because of its treatment of political opponents to the inside.

Maduro said, that the cases that occurred in the recent killing of police for blacks in the United States splendor.

His network Telesur television, "the fact that he is influential." Highlighting the killing of Eric Garner as "brutal."

The Garner has appeared in a video which is breathing with difficulty as a result of police choke him.

Maduro said, "It sounds as if that racism in the United States exacerbated the arrival of Obama himself.

"I am sorry to some extent, I respect Obama personally, but I think it is a prisoner of the real powers in the United States and decided not to fight." He is tired and exhausted. "

In continuation of US relations Venezuelan strained since the late President Hugo Chavez took office in 1999 criticized the Obama officials, prison protest Venezuelan leader Leopoldo Lopez since last February, and charged last week for Maria Kurnia Machado, a figure other opposition of plotting to kill Maduro.

Maduro said that this hypocrisy and face specific charges of the US Embassy in Caracas.

"They are behaving dangerously, enter the US embassy began unbearable, I live Relations

«Obama» conducted medical tests because of some health problems

Saturday conducted by US President Barack Obama, some medical tests in one of the military hospitals in "Maryland" America, after a chronic infection in the throat during the past few weeks.

Said Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, that Ronnie Jackson, the US President's doctor had recommended an Obama some medical tests in the "Walter Reed" Army Medical Center in Maryland.

He attributed the private US President doctor cause inflammation to the acidic reflux, pointing out that the results of tests and X were all normal.

And the transfer of the White House for US President doctor as saying: "The speed of the arrangements to conduct medical tests, which lasted about a hundred minutes, came because the president schedule allowed commissioned on Saturday and not a result of any urgent order."

It is noteworthy that President Obama, aged 53, has conducted medical discoveries in May, where the results showed that his health is excellent

EU draws «Last Call» the parties to the conflict in Libya to accept dialogue

EU face what he considered the "last call" for all parties to the conflict in Libya to accept dialogue as a solution to the conflict.

The mouthpiece of the High Representative and Security Policy of the European Union Catherine saw, in a press statement published in Tripoli today ahead of the second round of dialogue between the Libyan parties starting in Ghadames, sponsored by Bernardino Leon next Tuesday, that the European Union once again urges all parties urgently to start dialogue .

Confirmed Catherine saw, all parties need to come together with Bernardino Leon important at this critical stage, and to refrain from any form of violence that would torpedo efforts to reach a settlement.

A source in the European Council has said for the "middle gate" that all communications made in the Belgian capital for the past few days, with the participation Bernardino Leon.

Confirmed that the tour of Ghadames 2 dialogue as a last chance for the remaining front of the Libyan parties to extract a settlement under international auspices be solid and viable

American newspaper: Iran launched air strikes in Iraq puts Washington in a dilemma

"USA Today" newspaper American spotted reports that Iranian aircraft launched air strikes on targets to regulate "Daash" in Iraq this week, which raises the likelihood that there is an exchange of intelligence between Iraq and Iran, a development that puts the United States in an awkward position between ally and enemy of the other for a long time.

The newspaper quoted, in a report reported on its e-mail on Saturday, Michael Rubin, a military researcher analyst at the Institute, "American Enterprise", as saying that Iran were not able to hit targets without access to intelligence information reliable and that can be obtained from the Iraqi government, which confirms the existence of close ties between the governments of Iraq and Iran, which leads them both Shiites.

He explained Rubin, it is also possible that Iraq passed the information obtained from the United States, where the US military has established centers of joint operations in Baghdad and Erbil, where exchange US officers and Iraqi information and coordinate to launch US air strikes against al "Daash."

He added that the second possibility is that Iran has entered Iraqi airspace without permission, which indicates that the central government in Iraq remains weak and vulnerable to Iranian interference.

She drew the American newspaper to the US military denied having made any coordinate attacks with Iran, despite the fact that the two countries share a common enemy targeting, tanker spokesman for the US Department of Defense, "Pentagon" John Kirby said, "We have not any coordination with the Iranian army."

She explained that the organization Daash, which is one of the forces that are trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, which is supported by Iran in the nearly three years of war and civil, despite US opposition to the Assad regime, but they now see that Daash poses the greatest threat, making the organization extreme, a common enemy of both Tehran and Washington.

The newspaper found that this puts Washington in a dilemma diplomat, where she invited a number of Arab allies to join the international coalition against Daash, including Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, the Arab Gulf states consider Iran as a major threat any alliance with Iran or any cooperation between Washington and Tehran will not support

Netanyahu calls on Kerry to release spy Pollard

He appealed to Benjamin Ntiaho Israeli Prime Minister, on Saturday, John Kerry and US Secretary of State, the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, "60-year-old," the detainee to the United States, after reports that his health is deteriorating.

The newspaper "Jerusalem Post" Israel, the news reported on its website that Netanyahu demanded Kerry during a telephone conversation between them yesterday, using his influence in the release of Pollard.

She pointed out that Netanyahu spoke seemed to Kerry before receiving the latest information about the health of Pollard, after being taken to hospital yesterday Friday for treatment after he lost consciousness, improved his condition, where he will soon return to the prison supervision by the medical officers in that lies the building him.

The wife Esther Pollard has said that his condition is no longer life-threatening, and is expected to undergo surgery in the near future.

A spokesman for the Pollard family's initial report about his transfer to the hospital, however, said that the cause of loss of consciousness Pollard has not been set yet.

And Pollard, Israeli spy arrested in the United States by more than a quarter of a century and sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of spying for Israel's refusal to head over US release.

Obama is suffering from a sore throat

The White House announced yesterday that President Barack Obama is suffering from a sore throat, and that he went to the "Walter Reed" Military Hospital for tests.

He said the White House spokesman, said in a statement: "Due to the presence of time available to the president in his yesterday afternoon, he recommended his personal physician (Capt.), Dr. Jackson to go to Walter Reed to perform some diagnostic tests."

He added, "according to Dr. Jackson said the examination, which was decided in a hurry can be performed as President he wants and there is no face of the wheel."

Biden: There are tactical differences between America and Israel

US Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged that there are tactical differences between the United States and Israel, but said that there was no disagreement in the strategic visions between the two countries.

Biden stressed, in a speech on Saturday, in front of Saban's annual conference held by the Brookings Center in Washington, that the United States has a strategic commitment to maintaining Israel's security, noting that President Barack Obama's administration supports Israel the security in an unprecedented way.

He said that the current US administration has supported Israel's right to defend itself, by itself, where she presented to Israel is estimated at 17 billion dollars since Obama took power in military aid, a larger volume of aid provided by the United States, any State.

Said Biden, during the conference, which was held under the name "Surf Storm: The United States and Israel in the turbulent Middle East", that the majority of Israelis and Palestinians want to achieve peace, and that the United States recognizes that a two-state daunting task solution, but it must continue to try.

"The fastest way to destroy the negotiation process is to deny the possibility of achieving a political settlement to reach the two-state solution or worse to allow the growing of provocation and the cycle of violence."

Biden criticized the settlement expansion policy, and the demolition of Palestinian homes of relatives of those involved in acts of violence against Israelis, describing the policy of collective punishment, and called for the need to put an end to achieve justice by force.

With regard to Iran, Biden reiterated that the United States will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon, and said that "this will not happen under our eyes."

He explained that he has been exaggerated in the US stance on Iran, and said that "the initial agreement, which was reached last year, has made significant progress in the freeze uranium enrichment and the Iranian reactors."

He pointed to the approval of the extension of the negotiations with Iran with the aim of reaching a comprehensive final agreement to Bslmah Iran's nuclear program, and rejected Biden's idea of imposing new sanctions on Iran, and said he was not the right time to take such a step, and called to give a chance to complete the negotiations, and stressed that the United States will continue to put pressure on the Iranians, as it has enough strength to reach a final agreement on Iran's nuclear program, he said.

Death of young Kurds in mysterious circumstances in Turkey

Kurdish protesters killed a young man in the eighteen years of age, on Saturday evening, in mysterious circumstances during violent clashes with police in southeast Turkey, where the majority of the Kurds.

According to witnesses, the victim is likely Ozdel killed when riot police responded to throwing stones during a rally in the city of Aokachikova near the Iraqi and Iranian borders.

A group of people in a demonstration in several neighborhoods in eastern Turkey, to commemorate the deaths of three people during the riots and violence; and signed on December 6 last year, where demonstrators deliberately to close some of the ways in which set up a roadblock.

The demonstrators attacked the security forces; throwing stones and firecrackers on them, what necessitated police intervention; using tear gas and water cannons to disperse them.

And wounded one person with a firearm in the "Osceniort" District elimination during the demonstration, was taken to Iuksk UVA Hospital, the last throes where, where police then started an investigation on a large scale, in which neighborhood where the incident occurred, as taken strict security measures around the hospital.