Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Financial Times Divisions and resentment of Marina and inflame anger Brotherhood in Egypt

Financial Times newspaper said, that the violence witnessed in Egypt in the second anniversary of the revolution appears meandering transition to democracy deep attributed the cause of the chaos in the country to the absence of political consensus and the wide divisions between Islamists who rule and the liberal and leftist opposition. The British newspaper, the anniversary of the revolution and the controversial judgment Port Said for the massacre case, have fueled chaos in depth in the failure of the new political elite to form a consensus paves the way for vital reforms and boost confidence in the country's democratic transition. And see that both the President Islamic and liberal opposition seem deaf about noise Political in the street, rushed allies Marina Islamists quickly, to throw blame unrest on foreign conspiracies, and adds that the response of National Salvation Front was bad, like the government, has issued a set of demands concerning elections Parliamentary political opportunism is the anger of the youth of the Islamic government practices. In the streets, has become the protesters' demands more prevalent and the players more ambiguous, has lost part Spirit civil live the revolution with the emergence of the so-called movement of plaque blocks, which clashed with the police, political scene, which is characterized by polarization has become more split, under the infiltration of groups vague power vacuum. Most observers agree that the practices of the Muslim Brotherhood caused malaise and resentment present, Following the coming to power of the military council marginalized Marsa, but squandered the goodwill by issuing the constitutional declaration that granted autocratic powers, and pay a non-consensual constitution. The paper emphasizes that any confidence can be Marsa or Islamist allies had won, already faded and the main key of the revolutionaries and liberals and leftists, who voted for him in the elections, have become resentful and angry.

The Independent: Violence does not bode well for the future of Egypt .. The country's rulers have shown a special talent in the poor timing .. Marina errors due to his lack of experience in politics or government and not in front of him plenty of time before the election

Suspended the newspaper said in an editorial on the situation in Egypt, and said under the title "violence which does not bode well for the future of Egypt," It's not new that regime change is often chaotic whether momentum from the outside as it was in Iraq or at home as is the case in Egypt, competing innumerable, and relying on calm transition which is not a struggle in such circumstances is the trail of recklessness. The opinion of the newspaper that the shift in Egypt unleashed violence in unexpected places, Vmlab football has become a kind of war zones, and relay the newspaper, saying, "The rulers of Egypt showed a special talent in poor timing," judgments on the issue of Port Said Stadium came one day of the second anniversary the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak's rule, an occasion which exacerbated the divisions in the country, and this anniversary led people to the protests, some violent, where people expressed dissatisfaction with President Mohammad Anchorage. The opening to the timing of the provisions was not Tumble only by the authorities, has raised uncertainty cancel the first trial of former President Hosni Mubarak, with progress Mubarak in age and deteriorating health, it is difficult to imagine any decision is less likely to raise political passions and enhances spirit of common purpose that Egypt needs badly. And describes the newspaper that mixed signals and errors explicit partially due to the lack of experience in Marina politics and governance after decades was the Muslim Brotherhood exist where the best in the area "Twilight," but that those errors quickly increase disappointment popular, the economy is still in tatters and tourism is still in the doldrums and violence are hardly addressed, and is not progress, both in the elimination of unemployment or increase public services, and failures, which reflected negatively on the effectiveness of government. The newspaper concluded its editorial by saying, that some of the recent violence reflects undoubtedly effects freedom sudden, but there is no luxury of time in front of Marina, with legislative elections scheduled in the next spring, the marina still has to convince voters that the government can improve their lives and that there better ways of settling disputes instead of resorting to street violence.

European expert: declaration of emergency may carry the risk of igniting the situation more

Newspaper dealt with the current situation in Egypt, and the announcement by President Mohamed Morsi state of emergency for 30 days in the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismailia. The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the opposition expressing frustration at the announcement and carrying the President and his policies and not to take a position of responsibility violence, and said that the state of emergency was very little, too late. Said Khaled Dawoud spokesman National Salvation Front, saying that we believe that the President is completely responsible for the conflict, and in all parts of Egypt almost see resentment of his policies, he is not only interested in the Muslim Brotherhood, and continued David, saying, "The violence, especially in Port-expected full and then could have been prevented, but was slow in Marina reaction, when violence occurred on Friday, it was all what the president did is writing its note on the social networking site Twitter. " On the other hand, the paper quoted Elijah Zaaroan expert of the European Council of Foreign Relations, as saying, "The decision to declare a state of emergency risked igniting position more, Valdme calls to further bloodshed." The European expert notes that other methods available to Marsa no problems, and demonstrates that any political approach taken by the Marina to calm the situation in Port Said probably carries the risk of angering the group does not bear anger ultra whether in Cairo or the judiciary or the police.

The Guardian: American journalist told narrowly survived an attack crowds in Tahrir

The newspaper published an article for the Cairo-based U.S. journalist of Sally Basc, told how it escaped with difficulty from a crowd that tried to assault her in Tahrir Square last Friday. Says Basc she arrived with one of her friends to Tahrir Square in ninth on the evening of Friday, and were trapped inside the field hospital, when they arrived at the edge of the field of Talaat Harb Street refusal of some men of the party constitution to allow them to enter the field, saying they can not protect them, and said to them, A men it was difficult to rescue women who are assaulted by a mob. Now inside the hospital, there was a wall behind us, relay Basc, and a fence on our left and barbed wire between the two closed the only way, she adds that her friend Gamila Ismail, a political activist stopped the driver of a ambulances working in the field and told him about the situation and try to come to one them but Ambulances were in the opposite direction of the field, and there was no room to move through the crowd. It listed American journalist how it was to save a number of women from the crowd that attempted assault, and how was the attack on some of the posts in the course of Egyptian women to change and most of them women over forty, and I talked Basc intervention men from the group Black Community to the rescue and a number of other women, said They were wearing black masks and carrying long knives and jumped over the fence located on Asarhn. Basc says it is impossible to know well who they were, but they joined protects them, and some of them tried to save a woman was stripped of her clothes in the field. The novel comes with another report published by the newspaper on exposure at least 25 women to sexual assaults in the clashes, which witnessed Tahrir Square, the activists said localities. The activists say that crowds of men surrounded women Almnazlat, and harass them and trying Tarathen, some women have been stripped of her clothes and there and one was raped. The newspaper quoted Zahra Murtaza night, a spokeswoman for one of the groups of anti-sexual harassment, which was founded in November last year to rescue the victims of the attacks in Tahrir Square, saying that last Friday was one of the worst days we have seen in terms of sexual assault. She Murtaza told the newspaper that all cases were very bad but the worst case we dealt with involved the use of a weapon white used in parts of the body of a woman who was assaulted, and dealt the group with 16 cases, while dealt group guards Liberation, a group other anti-harassment, with nine other cases, making the total cases with 25 teams received reports of nine other incidents. The woman was raped in the novel was published Liberation Terrible what happened to her on the Internet. Says The Guardian, The Who is behind these attacks is not selected, but the group against harassment believes it is organized by the oppose the protests, said Murtaza she believes that these attacks must be and it Organization because they occur in the most times in specific places in the field and using the same means. She added that the testimonies collected by similar attacks occurred in 2005, which was believed to behind are the secret police. It quoted the Guardian one of the victims of attacks, which refused to disclose the identity saying that it happens very quickly, and said, "suddenly found six men beside her hand and six others from the other side, and began Akhaddhun skin, and says that it was not just sexual assault but it appeared as if they want to hurt her. "