Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full Show 1/3/12 Will the Uncommitted Occupy Iowa Caucuses?

Thom discusses the possibility of the "Occupy Iowa Caucus" movement winning the Iowa Caucus over the Republican candidates.

Could the Iowa Caucas be a breeding ground for voter fraud??

Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog, joins Thom Hartmann. Who's screwed? Voters...except in Iowa. Tonight - Republicans are temporarily putting a hold on their war against voters. That's because Iowa is just one of nine states in the nation that allows for same-day voter registration - meaning people can go to the polls, register to vote, and then immediately vote all at the same time. Studies show that same-day voter registration boosts voter participation by as much as 7%. Also - Iowa will not be checking any voter photo IDs tonight as so many other right-wing states are now demanding. So does that mean - without all ict new voting requirements - the Iowa Causses could be a breeding ground for voter fraud?? Someone sound the alarm!

Is OWS now fighting back w/Drones?

Tim Pool, Occupy Wall Street participant joins Thom Hartmann. The Occupy Wall Street Movement celebrated the New Year by re-occupying Zuccotti Park late Saturday night. And the NYPD celebrated the New Year by arresting and pepper spraying occupiers. Roughly 500 patriots gathered in Zuccotti Park on New Years - in an effort to re-take the space, but police moved in to break up the occupation, after several demonstrators began dismantling the metal barricades surrounding Zuccotti. In all - 68 were arrested. But starting this new year - Occupy Wall Street patriots may have a new secret weapon to fight back against the NYPD's brutal tactics and constant surveillance. It's call the "Occucopter"!

Supreme Court says NO! to Corporate Personhood in MT

David Cobb, Move to Amend joins Thom Hartmann. Two years ago this month - the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that corporations are people and money is speech. There's been one national election since then - and corporations spent massive amounts of money - and Republicans won in a landslide. But now one state is pushing back against the idea that corporations should be able to buy politicians ahead of elections. And that's Montana. Last Friday - the Supreme Court of Montana took on the U.S. Supreme Court - and ruled that Citizens United only applies to federal elections - and thus Montana can do whatever it wants in its state elections - and put whatever restrictions they want on corporate electioneering. So the Montana Supreme Court kept intact a 100-year old election law that prevents direct spending by corporations in state elections. The judges argued that corporate election spending, "represents a threat to the 'political marketplace."' So what does this latest victory in the fight against corporate peronshood mean? Could this be a stepping stone to overturing Citizens United altogether?

The Good, The Bad & The Very, Very Latrantly ugly...

The Good! The U.S. Treasury building. Last week - the U.S. Treasury became the oldest building in the world to be certified LEED Gold according to the U.S. Green Building Council. The Bad! The Charlton Public Library. In an egregious case of over-reacting - the local library in Charlton, Massachusetts dispatched a police officer over the weekend to collect an overdue book from a five year old. And the very, very ugly...Eric Cantor. The House Majority Leader - and Boehner backstabber - did an interview with 60 Minutes this weekend - and had to be saved mid-interview by his Press Secretary.

Surging Republican Santorum thinks condoms should be outlawed?

Surging Republican candidate - and Internet meme - Rick Santorum added another radical position to his long list of radical positions. In an interview with ABC News yesterday - Santorum pushed back against a nearly fifty year old Supreme Court ruling - and said that states should have the right to arrest you for having or using a condom, even if you're married and using it in your own home. That's right - if Rick Santorum were dictator - he'd let states ban contaceptives.
No more condoms in Kentucky!
No more birth control in Alabama!

How Fracking caused an Ohio earthquake

Dr. Tony Ingraffea, Cornell University joins Thom Hartmann. There was an Earthquake in Ohio over the weekend - and you won't believe what caused it. We'll expose how oil and natural gas companies are leaving us - literally - all shook up

The Alyona Show 6/1/2012 - Tool time: NH Lets Kids Opt Out of Education - Bunny Ranch 'Pimpin' for Paul' - Viral Spiral: WTF I wanted an iPhone .........

MSM: Boeing Exec v. Employees

Jobs numbers have been released by the government for the month of December. And by the government's measurements, the numbers are finally good and unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate in three years. But the mainstream media rarely ever bothers to report on the U6 measurement which includes the underemployed that number is at 15.2%. First, we'll look back on a sad story that the media covered yesterday. A Boeing factory in Wichita, Kansas open since 1929 is going to close. With today's numbers, the mainstream media very quickly forgot about the plight of those workers in Wichita that just yesterday they were so concerned about. But they also don't bother to point out the absurdity of Boeing's reasoning for this factory closure, being the shrinking market for contractors because of defense cuts.

Do Job 'Creators' Think They Are Like God?

The jobs numbers that have come out for the month of December and the economy is said to have added 200 thousand jobs. The unemployment rate has fallen to 8.5% it's lowest in 3 years. The U6, which includes marginally attached workers fell to 15.2% the lowest since February of 2009. We're still a long way off, Nick Hanauer, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist discusses.

Wikileaks Supporters Lose Twitter Appeal

The government has been trying to get information on three Wikileaks supporters, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Jacob Appelbaum, and Rop Gonggrijp. These three supporters have been fighting a court order that's requesting their information on Twitter. This court order can be made even if the person of interest isn't suspected of any criminal wrongdoing. So even if the three supporters are innocent of any actions, their information can be obtained through 2703-d.

Bunny Ranch 'Pimpin' for Paul'

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Nevada's most famous legal brothel has announced its support for Ron Paul for President. Or as they like to put it, they're "Pimpin for Paul". Dennis Hof, Owner of the Bunny Ranch, and The Love Ranch and Cami Parker, a Hustler Centerfold join the show to discuss their support.

Tool time: NH Lets Kids Opt Out of Education

New Hampshire's government is totally ok with parents picking and choosing their child's courses, and putting them together like a Lego set. They just gave their seal of approval to House Bill 542, which would "require school districts to adopt a policy allowing an exception to specific course material based on a parent's or legal guardian's determination that the material is objectionable". Take a look at some things parents could be opposed to in schools.

8th Grader w/ Pellet Gun Killed by Police

A middle school in Texas is mourning the death of 15 year-old, Jaime Gonzalez after he was shot and killed by Brownsville police in the hallway of Cummings Middle School. Police were called after people at the school noticed that Gonzalez was carrying some sort of weapon on him that they said looked like a gun, but turned out wasn't. The police and shot and killed the 15 year-old.

US Bullies Spain on SOPA Like Laws

The Spanish government passed legislation known as the Sinde Law, something that many are comparing to SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act. Public opinion in Spain is heavily opposed to the bill, and in the fight to stop it, the head of the Spanish film academy even quit their position in protest. It turns out that the US government has been heavily pressuring them to do it. So is our government doing the bidding of the entertainment industry, and in turn bullying the world? AaronSwartz, Executive Director of Demand Progress weighs in.

Fireside: Lobbying Works, Just Ask Corporations

There are a lot of ways to look at money and our political system and see where the two are intertwined and attached at the hip so openly that it no longer becomes a question of where corruption exists, but more like, where doesn't it? A new study from the University of Kansas by Raquel Alexander and Susan Scholz decided to find one bill passed by Congress, where they could track the return on lobbying investment. This was the American Jobs Creation Act, a bill that gave multinational corporations a one time, obscenely large tax break. And it turns out the return on lobbying for those corporations were 22 thousand percent. So for every dollar that they spent on lobbying, the companies got 220 dollars in tax benefits.

Happy Hour: Tuba Theft?! Blame the Mexicans!

RT's Andrew Blake and Reason's Mike Riggs join happy hour to talk about a rule of change for immigrants applying for legal status, a plan in France to base grades off of their weight, a new Jon Huntsman ad, and stolen tuba's at Alyona's former high school.

Viral Spiral: WTF I wanted an iPhone

In this Viral Spiral; In this Viral Spiral; kids being total jerks about Christmas, a pigeon treadmill, a massive Black versus Chinese fight on New Years Eve in Canada, Grandma getting down to Usher, a serious mic check fail, a girl with amazing eyebrow talent, a puppy fail, an epic iPad slap and turtles high five.

WTF I wanted an iPhone:!
Pigeon treadmill:
Black versus Chinese restaurant brawl in Canada:
Grandma dancing:!
mic check fail:
Eyebrow talent:
Puppy dog fail:
iPad slap:
Turtle high five: