Sunday, November 4, 2012

AssociatedPress 4/11/2012 - More Power, Gas Woes Around NYC After Sandy , Nanny Charged in NYC Child Stabbing Deaths , Today in History for November 4th

The lights were back on Saturday in lower Manhattan, but joy over that contrasted with deepening resentment in the city's outer boroughs and suburbs over a continued lack of power and maddening gas shortages More Power, Gas Woes Around NYC After Sandy Nanny Charged in NYC Child Stabbing Deaths The nanny who allegedly stabbed to death two children in her care before trying to kill herself was charged with murder, police said on Saturday. She was charged after she was interviewed in the hospital, police said. (Nov. 4) Today in History for November 4th Militants storm the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and seize its occupants; Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated; Soviet troops move in to crush the Hungarian Revolution in Eastern Europe; Baseball hall-of-famer Cy Young dies; Rapper and producer Raw: Egypt's Coptic Church Chooses New Pope Egypt's ancient Coptic Christian church named a new pope on Sunday, chosen in an elaborate ceremony where a blindfolded boy drew the name of the next patriarch from a crystal chalice. Bishop Tawadros will be ordained Nov. 18 as Pope Tawadros II. (Nov. 4) Atlanta Police Helicopter Crash Kills 2 Officers A police helicopter flying low over Atlanta on a nighttime search for a missing 9-year-old boy plunged to the ground in a neighborhood of shops and apartments, killing the two officers aboard, authorities said Sunday. (Nov. 4) NY Gov: Cold Will Make Damaged Homes Unlivable New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says cold temperatures will leave "tens of thousands" of people whose homes have been damaged by the superstorm needing other places to live. (Nov. 4) Romney Pledges Bipartisanship in Final Push Two days ahead of the election, Republican Mitt Romney is renewing his pledge to work with Democrats on Capitol Hill if elected. (Nov. 4) Obama: "You Know I Tell the Truth" President Barack Obama told thousands of people lining the streets of downtown Concord, New Hampshire that voters can trust what he tells them, as opposed to what he says are the repackaged ideas of rival Mitt Romney. (Nov. 4) Romney: Obama Victory Would Mean More Gridlock Campaigning two days before election day, Republican Mitt Romney told a Cleveland, Ohio crowd that re-election of President Barack Obama would mean more partisan gridlock in Washington. (Nov. 4) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for Sunday, November 4th: Obama has edge in electoral votes; Obama says he'd work across party lines; Romney says he'd defeat key Democratic measures; Blindfolded boy helps pick new church leader. Bloomberg: 'Cold Is the Next Big Problem for Us' New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says falling temperatures are creating additional worries for people who have lost heat. Meanwhile, the city's public schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday. (Nov. 4) Raw: Roughly 950,000 Still Without Power in NJ Roughly 950,000 homes and businesses in N.J. remain without electricity in the wake of Sandy. Many gas stations in the central and northern part of the state continued to see long lines of motorists. (Nov. 4) Cold Weather and New Storm Add to Sandy Woes Shivering victims of Superstorm Sandy are experiencing new worries as cold weather settles in across the New York metropolitan region, and another powerful storm is forecast for the middle of the week. (Nov. 4) In Florida, Obama Hits Romney on 'Change' Label Campaigning in Florida, President Barack Obama told supporters that his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, doesn't represent change in the 2012 election. Obama told them, "you know what I mean, and I mean what I say." Romney: 'We Can Make It Happen' Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney told Virginia voters on Sunday night "I need your vote." Romney and President Obama are fighting hard for votes in Virginia, which polls show to be a toss-up. (Nov. 4)

AssociatedPress 3/11/2012 - Today in History for November 3rd , Romney Starts Last Weekend of Campaign , Free Gas for New Yorkers, Obama Visits FEMA

Highlights of this day in history: Iran-Contra scandal begins to unfold; Chile's Salvador Allende takes office; Carol Moseley-Braun is first black woman elected to U.S. Senate; Former pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura elected Minnesota governor. (Nov. 3) Today in History for November 3rd Romney Starts Last Weekend of Campaign Mitt Romney is criticizing President Barack Obama for urging Americans to vote as the "best revenge." (Nov. 3) Free Gas for New Yorkers, Obama Visits FEMA President Barack Obama said Saturday that "there's nothing more important than us getting this right" as he visited the headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for an update on superstorm recovery efforts. (Nov. 3) Obama: I'm Still the Candidate for Change President Barack Obama says voters need to be able to trust their president because they can't predict what challenges he'll face in office. (Nov. 3) N.J. Gov. Christie: Need to Move Toward Normalcy New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says while it will take time to recover from Superstorm Sandy residents in New Jersey need to to begin the process of returning to normalcy. (Nov. 3) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for Saturday Nov. 3: Power slowly returns to New York; Obama campaigns in Ohio; Romney hits New Hampshire, Iowa; kenya settles U.S. election with bullfight. NYC Mayor: Gas Shortages Could Go on a Few Days Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that fully resolving the shortages at gas stations could take a few days. Bloomberg spoke at a briefing Saturday. (Nov. 3) Romney Sprinting to Finish in Key States After months of campaigning at a normal pace, Republican nominee Mitt Romney set out on a frenzied, all-out campaign push to win over voters in eight of the battleground states that will decide who becomes president. (Nov. 3) Obama: 'We've Got More Work to Do' President Obama told voters in Iowa that he kept his promises to end the war in Iraq, provide health insurance for millions and bring Osama bin Laden to justice. He traveled to Dubuque Saturday in a final push for Iowa's six electoral votes. (Nov. 3)