Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Agreement on early elections in Israel .. The difference on the date

Blocs leaders agreed in the Knesset, "the Israeli parliament" on Wednesday morning, to conduct early parliamentary elections on March 17 next year.

She said the Israeli media that the masses of the Likud and the Jewish House had asked to identify the elections on March 10, while the opposition Labor Party called for to take place on March 17, the Arab Parliament, they called for the postponement of the elections to next April.

It is expected that the Knesset vote later in the day on the same solution.

Prime Minister of Austria taking part in a trilateral meeting with his Slovenian and Croatian

Travels Chancellor Werner Vayman Prime Minister of Austria, early next week, to Croatia to take part in a trilateral meeting with his counterparts collections Tsoran Milanovic Croatian, Slovenian and Miro Serar, next Tuesday, the coastal resort of Opatija, which is located northwest of Croatia.

The heads of the governments of the three countries will discuss a number of issues of mutual interest at both European and international issues, and matters bearing political and economic dimensions, where the suffering of the three states of increasing unemployment and rising constant rate in the rate of inflation and the decline in economic growth, size, raising fears economists, who Ithspon to enter European countries in recession and economic contraction.

Austria is the most important countries that have contributed in support of Croatia's accession to membership of the European Union, believes that Croatia's accession to the EU is a new beginning for the future of the country of Austria considers important and influential in the Balkans region.

China, Australia agree to increase military cooperation

China and Australia have agreed to increase cooperation and strengthen military ties during a meeting between Deputy Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, the Thang Long and the commander of the Australian Defence Force Mark Binskin and secretary of the Australian Defence Richardoson Dennis, who is currently visiting China to conduct an annual strategic dialogue on defense.

The two countries have decided to develop their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership when Achttamanma bilateral negotiations on a free trade agreement on the seventeenth of November last year.

According to official Chinese sources have praised the development of relations between the two countries, pointing out that there is a high level of mutual political trust level, also stressed the importance of military ties as part indispensable in bilateral relations, and stressed that the Chinese and Australian militaries have strong ties and exchanges of high-level and the forces of cooperation.

He added that the two sides pursuant closely in the search when the plane went missing Malaysian MH-370 as well as peacekeeping operations and counter-terrorism exercises and joint training and educational exchanges.

Britain condemns the attack on the town of Mandera in Kenya

The British government on Tuesday condemned the armed attack on the town of Mandera in northeast Kenya, which left 36 people dead.

The Minister for Africa Foreign Office James Dodrig "I am appalled," Tuesday "attacks in Mandera, Kenya province, killing 36 people, and in the town of Wajir, where one person was killed and many wounded," he said. "I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of those who died."

The minister continued, "there is no place for such violent acts which have no meaning in our societies, and the United Kingdom continues to stand by the Kenyan government in the fight against terrorism, and in their efforts to bring those responsible for these atrocities to justice, in accordance with international law."

It is noteworthy that young Somali extremist movement has claimed responsibility for the attack, vowing to launch other operations.

Heavy rains in California after months of drought

Poured rain on California on Tuesday, after months of drought, caused Banzlaqat soil, flooding, and summoned the evacuation operations in some areas.

Were warnings of floods in all parts of California, "the western United States," the Orange area until Aosemet National Park, where the forest fires gutted green spaces in some of the hills and mountains.

In Glendora a suburb of Los Angeles and Camarillo and Silverado Canyon area of Orange Order of more than 120 people to evacuate their homes.

And cause the flow of mud all over Los Angeles to close some of the main and secondary roads.

And were without power for 11 thousand and 300 of Orange residents for about an hour because of lightning.

Such a heavy rain, which will continue until Wednesday to help alleviate the severe drought that prevails California three years ago, but the meteorological said that the elimination of drought requires more rain.

Greek police clash with protesters in Athens

Officials said that the Greek police fired tear gas to disperse dozens of demonstrators who threw firebombs at police and set fire to cars and garbage containers in central Athens.

The clashes erupted after a march to support someone announced his rebellion and had been sentenced to prison on charges of robbery in the first and prevented from attending lectures at the university, and began Nikos Romanos "21 years" on hunger strike since November 10 and is receiving treatment in hospital.

Police said some shops and three cars and a bus, and one had been damaged during the violence that erupted four days of the anniversary of a teenager by police for the killing in 2008, before which led to the worst riots in the country years ago.

Calm returned later to Exarchia neighborhood, heavily guarded by police as witnessed riots in the past.

Pentagon: Iranian fighter jets launched strikes on al «Daash» in Iraq

The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that Iranian fighter jets, launched strikes on jihadists organization Daash, in Iraq in recent days.

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense John Kirby, "We have indications that they are" Iranians "launched air raids by the Phantom F--4 during the last days."

UN: 21 million people, women, men and children who are victims of slavery

International Labour Organization of the United Nations said in its latest statistical There are 21 million people of women, men and children who are victims of slavery, deprived of the right to live and work in freedom and dignity and equality.

In his message on the occasion of the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, which is corresponding to the second of December of each year, called Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said the United Nations News Centre, on Tuesday, world leaders, businessmen and civil society alike to "Deportation brutal practices "human trafficking and sexual exploitation, child labor, forced marriage, forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict.

The Secretary General said, "You have to governments, civil society and the private sector stand together and to eliminate all contemporary forms of slavery, including forced labor," he said, adding: "Not a day passes without women being trafficked and sold and detained in brothels, not a day goes by without young girls are exposed to forced marriage or sexual abuse or exploitation as domestic workers. "

"The men are still being held there, away from their families, in secret factories where they work under the contracts of adhesion to meet with meager wages and opportunities for far-fetched to pay off their debt someday."

The Secretary-General praised all efforts that help to raise awareness about this issue, pointing to the Indian campaign "Kailash Satyarthi," which won this year's Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Pakistani student Mlala Yusufzai for its activities in the fight against child slavery in India.

Ban Ki-moon urged Member States, businesses and institutions and other donors to support the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery even civil society able to implement key projects for the rehabilitation of the victims and the harm inflicted upon them.

For his part, Guy Ryder, Director General of the International Labour Organisation, "We need to address the root social and economic causes of modern slavery, such as the traditional systems of land leasing, as well as sources of employment unregulated and employment practices," he said.

"We need to improve means of access to education and skills for people who live in poverty and suffer from discrimination, we must fight against the suppression of workers who seek to join the trade unions, and we must ensure that law enforcement is the most powerful to stop the trafficking in human beings forever."

In a related development, experts in the field of human rights made their views also on the occasion of the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, calling for action to combat all modern forms of slavery and enhance the effectiveness of laws and policies implementation, experts said, citing the International Labour Organization estimates that about 168 million children are engaged in child labor , and is more than half of them dangerous work, and some of them in slavery-like conditions in mines and quarries craft.

Experts stressed the importance of setting clear goals to eliminate all forms of slavery or practices similar to slavery, including trafficking, child labor and sexual exploitation, in the negotiations for the adoption of the goals of the post-2015 development.

The ILO estimates that forced labor generates illicit profits of $ 150 billion a year, come two-thirds of those profits from exploitation, mainly women and children involved in the sex industry, entertainment, and slavery also bring profits for unscrupulous employers in agriculture, construction, manufacturing and mining and domestic work and other sectors which humans are exposed to forced labor.

The fight against slavery in the modern era to address the environment on a larger scale through the adoption and promotion of comprehensive protection systems for the child, able to reduce risk factors and to ensure early detection of child victims, and some companies and institutions around the world have taken several measures to eliminate forced labor, and the there is a growing movement of citizens who claim to put an end to repression and discrimination against the citizens of their country.

Pentagon: it is up to the White House to announce the candidate for the post of defense minister

Refused Admiral John Kirby, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, "Pentagon", on Tuesday, to comment on the news about the nomination of a new defense minister, replacing Chuck Hagel, who resigned recently.

Kirby said, in a press statement at the Pentagon, the US president is the only one who can announcement of this decision, pointing out that it is up to the president and the White House to determine the date of this decision and the announcement of the candidate for the job name.

The news has been conflicting earlier about the intention to nominate US President, Barack Obama, Vice former Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, to the Crown as Minister of Defense, where he told Senator Jim Aenhovy, a senior member of the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate, that President Obama has chosen to Ashton for his nomination for the post of Secretary of Defense, while the White House refused to comment, saying that Carter is a leading candidate for the job.

It is worth mentioning that Carter left the Ministry of Defence in December last year after serving as deputy defense minister during the reign of former Minister Leon Panetta and the minister resigned Hagel.

European Court of Human Rights condemning Turkey for discrimination against Alevis

Condemned the European Court of Human Rights Turkey, Tuesday, discrimination against the minority Alawite not to grant the role of worship the same position as the role of worship and other religious denominations.

The Alawites ratio ranging between 15 and 20% of the population of Turkey's 76 million people, and they have a range Shiite religious rituals differ from the Sunnis, who see it as a counterattack.

The head of the upper Foundation, said that Turkey discriminate against community by refusing to recognize the "combination" of their own homes places of worship are exempt from the consumption of electricity fees, and accumulation on the upper Foundation 289 182 euros "of $ 358 586" dues electricity consumption since 2006 in which the institution applied for the first time a petition for the exemption.

Issued composed of seven judges at the European Court Authority headquarters in the French city of Strasbourg decision is contrary to the rule of Turkish courts ruled that "the combined houses" is not the role of worship on the basis of the view that the Turkish religious body Alawite sect is not a religious sect.

According to a summary judgment, "the court ruled that the plaintiff suffered institution to different treatment without an objective or logical reason and that exempting religious places of electricity consumption fees in Turkish law applied in a manner similar discrimination on the basis of religion."

The court competent to hear the European Charter of Human Rights violation, which has been ratified by Turkey in 1954 claims, the Court did not rob them of any penalty but gave the Turkish state and the plaintiffs Alawites 6 months to submit a proposal that includes recognition of compensation for discrimination.

Warning Polish on David Cameron's plan to prevent subsidies immigrants

Rafal Tersascovsky, Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland, warned that Poland would not accept the proposal of David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, to stop immigrants EU for subsidies for 4 years.

In his remarks to CNN, "BBC", Tersascovsky said that any plans to discrimination on grounds of nationality is a "red line issue."

David Cameron admitted that his plans require a European support in order to succeed, the official added that Poland was ready to oppose these proposals they are submitted.

The Vice Foreign Minister of Poland, "If one wants to get all the benefits prescribed by the list of EU and treats immigrants from the EU differently, for example, non-payment of subsidies only after 4 years of their stay in Britain or the return of persons who do not find a job, it will be against all existing laws in the EU, it is clear that it would be a red line for us. "

And went on, "Polish government is ready to talk about the abuse of existing systems and extradition, but to be honest this is not the problem is, this marginal problems when it comes to changing the rules in the European Union, when it comes to social support, and when it comes to undermine the existing laws, obviously, we will respond strongly oppose it. "

Said David Cameron, last Friday, that the plan, which aims to reduce the coming of the EU immigration to Britain will require adjustments in the European treaties.

Cameron said, through the presentation of measures to curb immigration from EU countries: "There is no doubt that the whole plan will require some modifications to the treaties and I am confident of our ability to negotiate about it."

Officials in the Prime Minister said they are confident that Cameron's plan to prevent the arrival of immigrants from the EU through the denial of access to benefits and advantages in Britain for a period of 4 years, subject to negotiation and deter tens of thousands of moving to Britain.

Netanyahu dissolve parliament after the dismissal of six Israeli ministers

Dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked six ministers of his government, including Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Finance Minister Yair Lapid, so in the latest chapters of the crisis experienced by the coalition government led.

For its part, Reuters news agency quoted a statement from the prime minister Netanyahu and Livni dismissed, however, and announced that he will seek to parliament and early elections as soon as possible.

Earlier, Netanyahu said he might call early elections if continued differences within the coalition government components, especially between him and Lapid, who heads the party "out there" Central future.

And warned Netanyahu's ruling coalition partners to go to early elections if not obey, and provide support for his policy, he added At statements to members of his party's parliamentary bloc Allicod- he did not receive the minimum of support given to the members of the cabinet ministers as they did not meet their obligations.

He also said: "These ministers I demand to stop the conspiracy and to refrain from attacking. Ask them to appear behind the right policy for the country's leadership in the fields of security and economy and reduce the cost of life in all areas. If they accepted it was needed, we continue together. If they refuse Fsnstkhals results and go to the voters."

In contrast, however, announced his refusal to call early elections, said at a meeting of his party that he refuses to block such a move "because it will lead to paralyze the economic facilities and defer the reforms that we have embarked on their application."

He pointed out, however, to confirm that Netanyahu that the bloc "There is the future of" ready to continue to perform its functions, Netanyahu is demanding the support of "the state budget draft and the draft law requiring young couples exempt from paying value added tax on the purchase of the first apartment."

The Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, "who is close to Netanyahu" may be called prior to the holding of early elections if the members of the ruling coalition wrangling continued.

And rips differences Netanyahu government because the proposed budget for next year, and policy toward the Palestinians in the occupied Jerusalem and the Jewish State Law Project, which critics say discriminates against Arabs and he lands 48.

The last elections were held in January 2013, and provides for Israeli law to hold elections every four years, but can solve the Parliament before that date if a majority of the votes it deems it.

He pointed poll -ncherth Haaretz Alahd- that despite Netanyahu's popularity declined, that is sure to win the fourth term if the election is conducted these days.

Hamas: the collapse of the Netanyahu government's evidence of the triumph of the resistance in Gaza

The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" considered that the collapse of the Israeli coalition government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, evidence of the triumph of the resistance in Gaza.

A spokesman for the movement Sami Abu Zuhri, a news brief statement Wednesday, said that the collapse of the Israeli coalition government an additional indicator of the victory of the resistance and the defeat Netanyahu in Gaza.

Israel launched a war for a period of 51 days on the Gaza Strip during the period from July 8 to August 26 the last two left 2160 Palestinians dead and about 11 thousand wounded, as well as the destruction of infrastructure and thousands of homes. In contrast, resulted in the deaths of 70 Israelis, including four civilians, and the remaining soldiers and wounding more than thousand others.

Netanyahu announced yesterday the dismissal of the Minister of Finance and President of the Party of the future there Yair Lapid, the Justice Minister and Chairperson Tzipi Livni Movement Party on the background to continue criticizing the Israeli government.

Netanyahu said at a press conference that he issued a decree calling for early elections as soon as possible, in addition to solving the Knesset, and the dismissal of all of Livni and hand.

He resigned ministers partisan movement and there are future ministers and 6 out of 22 ministers after Netanyahu's decision to dismiss Livni and Lapid, who were opposed to the adoption of the government to the Jewish state law.

It also caught the differences between Netanyahu and Lapid about budget items, where the latter refused to impose taxes on apartments for young couples.

3 civilians injured in an armed attack in Baghdad

Wounded three civilians, including a woman, were injured in an armed attack in the southern city of Tikrit, which is located 160 km north-west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The channel quoted Alsumaria News News on Wednesday, a source in the Iraqi police as saying that unidentified gunmen opened fire with machine guns at a car she was traveling in the family, as it passed on the international road link between Samarra and Baghdad, wounding three civilians were wounded, including a woman.

The source, who requested anonymity, that the injured were taken immediately after the attack to the hospital for treatment, while the security forces deployed in the area to be secured from any possible attacks.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi capital Baghdad, witnessing violence almost continuously, is detonated car bombs and improvised explosive devices and the adhesive, resulting in the killing and injuring dozens of people and elements of the security services, as well as for other incidents bear character criminally, as well as kidnappings in order to obtain ransoms.

Egypt condemns Lebanon terrorist incident against army

Ambassador Badr Abdel-Aty, Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, on Wednesday, expressed condolences Egypt to Lebanon government and people for the victims of terrorist attack against the Lebanese armed forces in the border town of Ras Baalbek.

The spokesman also expressed the conviction of Egypt full of the incident in the strongest terms the terrorist, again emphasizing the seriousness of the spread of the phenomenon of terrorism, and the need to intensify regional and international efforts to eliminate them.

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese Army Command, on Tuesday, that an army patrol came in the desolate area of the head of the Baalbek region, while conducting a mission control, gunman ambushed by a terrorist group, the clash took place between the rotating elements of the terrorist group, resulting in the death of six soldiers and wounding another non-hazardous.

Israeli forces arrest 13 Palestinians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests, on Wednesday morning, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, while stormed the Askar refugee camp east of Nablus, injuring a number of Palestinians with rubber bullets and cases of suffocation during their opposition to the occupation soldiers.

In Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men from the town of Mount Scopus, south of Jerusalem and two Fady Azmy Abdo, 28, and Jamal Ahmed Abu Tir, 28, after raiding their homes, and that after it was yesterday, Mohammed Abdel-Salam Abdo 12-year-old in front of his home in the town were arrested after assault it.

In Bethlehem, occupation Ammar Yasir Amour forces arrested a 16-year-old, Loay Habis Amour 15 years, Musa Mahmoud Amour 15 years, the brothers Mohammed Samir Amour 20-year-old Ahmed 15 years, Alaa Sami Amour (15 years, Amar Nasri Amour (15 years), Moataz Khadr Amour 16 years, Moses Cevdet Amour 13-year-old Ahmed Mahmoud al-Amour 15 years and Qusay Mahmoud Amour 15 years, after raiding homes of their relatives and inspected.

In the Askar refugee camp east of Nablus, a number of citizens were injured during their opposition to the occupation soldiers, where the occupation forces fired firing sound and tear gas and rubber bullets towards citizens, which led to the injury of the young Abdullah becomes dead rubber in the foot, and the injury of many suffocation.

It also prevented the Israeli occupation forces this morning students Sawiya secondary school milk from entering the pretext of throwing stones at their patrols.

He said the school director Adnan Hajj Hussein, in a statement, said that dozens of soldiers surrounded the school, which is located on the main road between Ramallah and Nablus, and prevented students from entering the grounds presented occupation patrols stones.

Shell terminated the life of a government official central Benghazi

A spokesman for the evacuation of the hospital for surgery, burns and accidents in Libya said after a shell landed on Ben Younes residential neighborhood in the city of Benghazi, Libya, center, the 6 wounded injured in the explosion died of their wounds by trying to save them in the operating room, to reach the death toll to 10 people as a result of the death of 6 the injured succumbed to their injuries while lying wounded eight in the intensive care departments, according to the medical source said, according to Sky News channel broadcast an Arab.

The spokesman added that four wounded admitted to the intensive care unit in the evacuation hospital and serious condition, while the transmit 4 others to care units outstanding in the center of Benghazi Medical However, a military source said that "the missile was aimed at the Department of care in the evacuation of the hospital in which the number of wounded Libyan army forces pro-brigade retired Khalifa Haftar, but it missed its target and hit a number of innocent civilians.

The source explained that among the dead Anwar stomping Drissi public ceremonies device in the previous transitional government headed by Abdul Rahim Cape official, and that "among the dead, the remains of two people in addition to the six people from the Hun tribe residing in that area."

It is noteworthy that stomping made a trip for a long treatment in Turkey after an explosive device planted under his car last year in a failed attempt to assassinate him, but it caused the amputation of one of his legs, while his brother was assassinated by unidentified gunmen earlier this year after he left a mosque after prayers.

Lebanese minister warns of the indifference of the international community about the Syrian refugees

Rashid confirmed Derbas and Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs, that the persistent indifference by the international community over the issue of Syrian refugees may lead to serious consequences for the host countries and the world.

He said Derbas, in a press statement, on Tuesday, commenting on the decision of the World Food Programme to stop aid to the displaced Syrians, said that "for the Lebanese opportunity to overcome adversity and the imposition on the international community to focus on them again, pointing out that he has repeatedly warned against the international actors that there are cooler in the file displaced Syrians.

The United Nations Mission in Libya: organizing a tour for National Dialogue December 9

With Libya and the United Nations mission announced on Tuesday its intention to organize a tour for National Dialogue Libyan December 9th of this month.

The mission said in a statement on Tuesday, it continued with many of the parties involved, to try to find ways to end the political and security crisis in Libya through dialogue.

The statement added that, from this point, and after consultation with the Libyan parties, will call on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya to a new round of political dialogue on 9 December, and will be issued a detailed announcement in this regard during the next few days.

And confirmed the mission, that there is a consensus among the various actors, that the only way forward is through a comprehensive political dialogue addresses the crisis, in order to stop the fighting and end the suffering of civilians, and to ensure that the political process back in the transitional phase to the track, and the preservation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya and national unity .

Experiencing Libya politically divided with two governments headed by Abdullah bending and Omar Hassi and bicameral legislature are elected House of Representatives, the National and the General Conference of the outgoing, who decided at the end of last August to resume its activity, despite the end of its mandate and assigned Hassi formation of saving the government.

House of Representatives recognized by the international community is to take him and the government emanating from the cities of Tobruk and white-east of the country temporarily based since August, after the dawn of the control of forces to the capital, Tripoli, Libya.

Constitutional Chamber has ruled Libya's Supreme Court on the fifth of November, the dissolution of the House of Representatives as a result of the excesses of the Constitutional Declaration, which called for the election, which was rejected by the Council and considered a political decision was taken at gunpoint.

Air Force commander of the forces «Haftar»: «shield Libya 3» movement of mustard gas from Jufrah

Dean said Air Marshal Saqr Jeroshy Chief of Staff of the Libyan Air Force, "" The Shield Libya 3 "forces started moving the gas," mustard "of stores Jufrah, Sabha and Scud missiles to the city of Misrata, western Libya," - he said.

He announced Jeroshy in an intervention on the channel "dignity" on Tuesday, the Libyan Air Force will perform targeting forces Shield 3 in order to avoid any disaster at the use of such weapons.

Tunisian Labor Union calls for calm in the run-off presidential election

Hussain Abbasi, Secretary-General of the General Union of Tunisian Workers, the Union is keen to continue to provide social calm atmosphere during the second round of the presidential election as the work on the supplied during the legislative elections and the first round of the presidential elections.

He called Abbasi, said in a statement on Tuesday, all parties which have contributed to the provision of the previous climates to secure the elections in the best of circumstances, to continue their efforts for the success of the second round for the remainder of the transition period.

He said that the quadrilateral meeting sponsor national dialogue touched on the dates of the elections and the preparations for its success, saying that the legislative and presidential elections took place in an atmosphere of calm and transparency, integrity and democracy.

Bashir Meets Foreign and International Cooperation Minister Tanzanian

Met with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, on Tuesday evening, Foreign and International Cooperation Minister Bernard Mamba in Tanzania, in the presence of the Foreign Minister Karti.

Foreign and International Cooperation Minister of Tanzania, in a press statement, that the meeting touched on the bilateral relations between the two countries, pointing out that the meeting was fruitful and constructive and objective to strengthen those ties.

He added Bernard, he made a presentation to President Bashir about talks hosted by the city, "Arusha" Tanzania between the parties to the conflict in the state of South Sudan, praising the efforts made by Khartoum to solve the problem of southern Sudan, said: "President al-Bashir expressed satisfaction with the talks Arusha between the parties to the conflict in the south ".

The Foreign and International Cooperation Minister in Tanzania, the country who support the comprehensive national dialogue launched by President Omar al-Bashir.

Lebanese army: 6 soldiers killed in ambush gunmen today

Lebanese army announced that six of Askarier killed and one wounded in the clashes that took place today between a military patrol and a group of terrorist elements Jarrod head of Baalbek in northeastern Lebanon area.

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese Army Command, said on Tuesday that an army patrol came in the desolate area of the head of the Baalbek region during its mission control, gunman ambushed by a terrorist group, the clash took place between the rotating elements of the terrorist group, resulting in the death of six soldiers and wounding another military wounded non-hazardous.

And subsequently brought in additional military reinforcements to the area, and military units have taken the appropriate field procedures.

Future bloc: Initiative Hariri does not mean retreat from the dispute with Hezbollah

Stream "Future bloc confirmed" that the initiative announced by the Prime mainstream Saad al-Hariri, in which to prepare for a dialogue with the "Party of God" that will cool the tension and space stressed to discuss ways consensus to elect a new president for Lebanon to overcome the feeling of the presidential site constitutes continuing threat to political stability, security and economic in the country.

She explained bloc after a meeting on Tuesday, headed by MP Samir Jisr, that the initiative does not bear any retreat from the basic positions, which has been and remains a matter of dispute with the party, and specifically the role and the role of the gun illegal in most of the area in and outside Lebanon, and in particular in Syria through his participation in the fighting alongside the Syrian regime in the face of his people.

It considered that the Hariri initiative as an opportunity and an open window to be grasped and benefit from, the service of Lebanon and its people and the supreme national interests.

Mass and amazed positions "Party of God" which allows for the same negotiation and exchange with respect to Bmslihya, and obscures it from the government to restore the military abducted across a relentless media campaign, arguing that "this policy, which Hezbollah and practices followed by undermining the credibility of the government, which participates and cripple its capabilities and cast doubt on the extent seriousness, in more than one thing. "

In this area, the bloc encourages the Government to negotiate to free the abducted soldiers and to find a solution to the tragedy experienced by the families affected.

And denounced, saying: "speech threatening, hateful and aggressive, issued by the new President of the Staff of the Israeli army to destroy Lebanon in any future battle," arguing that "this speech reveals once again Israel's intentions to destroy Lebanon because it is contrary to the experience in which apartheid and rape against the Palestinian people exercise in land and soil. "

It also condemned "the Syrian regime continued in the extermination of his people's policy, which was the most recent horrific massacre in Jassim District in Daraa, which claimed the lives of dozens of Syrian citizens," pointing out that the Syrian regime is continuing the policy of comprehensive genocide confirms the known facts, which says that the current system is last in Syria and the Syrian people must achieve the same completion of the rule of evil, genocide and destruction. "