Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Putin: Do not threaten anyone and will not be dragged into a geopolitical tricks

, Announced the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the day that Russia does not threaten the security and will not be dragged into a geopolitical tricks. Putin stressed the peaceful nature of Moscow's foreign policy, and its determination to defend the sovereignty of Russia and the security of allied nations.

In a meeting on the development of the Russian armed forces to be held in the city of Sochi, southern Russia on Wednesday, the Russian president said: "We are not threatening anyone, and no plan being sucked behind the geopolitical games or plots, especially in the conflict, regardless of who wants to pin us back out and the methods used to it." . He added that there is a need to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia, and the security of its allies. Putin pointed to the importance of coordination between all the organs of power when dealing with issues related to the security of the country.

On the other hand, Putin pointed out that in recent years has been in Russia develop an integrated system of military planning and auditing positions of the military administration, in addition to adopting a plan for the Defense of the Russian Federation early last year.

The Russian President has conducted days before a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Army Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov, and the leaders of other military, addressing a group of Russian troops in the Crimea southwest Russia and the leadership of a new strategy of the armed forces in the Arctic region.

8 militants killed in a raid US drone northwest Pakistan

Security officials announced on Wednesday, killed eight gunmen in a raid by a US drone in North Waziristan tribal troubled.

According to Pakistan, "Geo News" channel, the plane targeted a gathering of militants in a village located 60 km from the town of Miranshah, the capital of Waziristan, on the border with Afghanistan.

A security official in today's remarks: "The aircraft fired two missiles, killing at least eight militants and wounding two others, and there may be other bodies by the bombing."

Comes that the air strike in the wake of a raid by Pakistani fighter jets, killing 20 militants suspected of belonging to the Haqqani network of the Taliban, which was accused by the CIA Afghan being behind the suicide bombing at a volleyball court Paktika state of Afghanistan last week, which killed more 70 people and injuring 60 others.

Indian foreign ministry denies any official talks with Pakistan

Declared Mr. Okprdin, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, on Wednesday, that there is no plan to hold "informal meeting" between Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif.

The news agency quoted "Endo Aichiyan News Service" for more debt as saying: "I did not plan any structured meeting between the President and Zarina and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, simply because we have not received a request in this regard."

He added that the largest religion "Modi held a series of bilateral meetings will discuss technical issues with all of our colleagues in the SAARC summit," he said, adding: "technical meetings will be conducted and the results will be shared once it is finished later in the evening."

He explained that the opening session of the SAARC summit was a chance for Modi to develop a vision about what he feels he should be the approach to the development of regional cooperation in South Asia.

He largest religion, saying that "Modi select priorities ranging from the link between cultural cooperation and even the use of science and technology for the benefit of our citizens, also confirmed Modi on the evil of terrorism and how the collision of our societies."

Speaking on the statement Modi, on Wednesday, the largest religion said that "this issue had to be raised to its importance, where we will not forget what happened and we will follow up this issue, which is located on the top of our agenda."

Argentine President publicly shown for the first time in more than three weeks

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez appeared, for the first time in public since entering the hospital by more than three weeks of being infected with a bacterial infection in the colon.

The "Fox News" Network of America, said on Wednesday that Fernandez spoke at the annual meeting of the Argentine Chamber of Construction.

It is noteworthy that the President of Argentina has suffered from various health problems during the past few years, and among those problems last year Fernandez underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in the brain and stopped for a few days of work last month because of sore throat.

Obama describes the demonstrators mandate of the US Ferguson b «criminals»

US President Barack Obama strongly condemned the acts of violence that took place in which Ferguson tense following the acquittal of white police officer killed a young black last August.

And the transfer of the American Radio "Sawa," Today "Wednesday," Obama said in a speech in Chicago, said that the burning of buildings and setting fire to cars and the destruction of property and expose people to the risk of criminal acts.

He explained that there are constructive ways to express their frustration, acknowledging the existence of a strong feeling among many of the categories that the laws do not always apply in the same way and fairly.

In turn, Jay Nixon of Missouri Gov. central United States revealed that the number of military personnel of the National Guard in Ferguson double three times.

The governor said during a press conference the day after the decision of the jury in the case that it will spread altogether 2,200 National Guard in the area because he must protect life and property.

The jury's decision to protests in other US major cities, and ignore those who took to the streets in Ferguson calls for restraint by President Obama and others.

US military decides to deploy tanks in Eastern Europe

US general said on Tuesday that the army would deploy about 150 tanks and armored vehicles in a number of NATO countries, some of them in Eastern Europe to participate in military exercises.

The project is part of the process of "Atlantic Razulf" designed to reassure the Baltic states and Poland worried about Russian moves in Ukraine, as well as the deployment, soldiers will be sent on a regular basis for several months to participate in joint exercises in these countries.

He said Gen. Ben Hodges currently stationed in Estonia told AFP that nearly fifty armored vehicles arrived and deployed a hundred Abrams tank and Bradley in Germany and other countries, and also when American soldiers participate in military exercises.

He said Hodges, who took up his post commander of US forces in Europe three weeks ago that "the soldiers will arrive to participate in military exercises and then come back, but the equipment will remain in place."

He considered that the benefits of these arrangements, "it is more economical," the transfer of tanks and armored vehicles across the Atlantic before every military exercise, said in this context, "I will discuss a range of options such as the distribution of this equipment, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States."

The United States has 29 000 military permanently stationed in Germany, Italy and Belgium, but Washington has increased Almntiharin many soldiers in the region, referring to Russia and NATO partners.

Charge for young Americans support organization Daash

Announced that the US Department of Justice, on Tuesday, the indictment of two young Americans, one of them is currently in the Middle East along with the jihadists, for providing support for the organization Daash.

Said John Carlin, Assistant Minister of Justice said in a statement, said Abdi Noor "20 years" and Abdullahi Yusuf "18 years" because they are accused of "religiously providing material assistance to a terrorist organization", ie Daash.

Will represent Abdullahi Yusuf in front of the court in Minneapolis, where a large Somali community, but Abdi Noor, he went on May 29, to Turkey, where he expressed a lot of jihadists and access to Syria.

And the return is expected on June 16, but "no longer," according to the ministry, was stopped by police Abdullahi Yusuf while he was in the Minneapolis airport on May 28 on his way to Istanbul.