Friday, September 2, 2011

War contractors scamming US government

A year ago today the war in Iraq was declared to have been over, but the US continues to have troops stationed in Iraq. Due to the presence of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, tax payers continue to supply the private contractors who have received military contracts. There has been over $60 billion spent in the past decade to support the troops, but how much of this money has been used appropriately? Michael O'Brien, author of America's Failure in Iraq, gives us some insight from an ex-contractors point of view.

Homeless by choice in the Big Apple

RT's Anastasia Churkina tells the story of Yusef Ramelize -- a graphic designer who goes homeless in the Big Apple for one week every year to bring attention to the growing numbers of homeless people in the America.

Hundreds arrested in front of the White House

For more than a week hundreds have gathered outside the White House to protest the Keystone pipeline. The planned pipeline will cost approximately $13 billion according to the Some critics claim Canada is trying to jump into the oil export business and others say that this will reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Brant Olson, communications manager for Rainforest Action Network, tells us what could happen if this pipeline is built and at what cost.

Lew Rockwell: 'We stand to face hyperinflation'

More and more economists are saying we are heading back to a recession and consumer confidence has plunged to new lows. While the concern sweeps the country there are some reports that the Federal Reserve would be doing some quantitative easing in September, but who does this benefit? Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, tells us who will gain from the quantitative easing.

Criminal banks run the world and the FED is the largest Kinkos in the world