Saturday, December 6, 2014

Popular Front: the situation in Gaza has deteriorated to an unprecedented level

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, confirmed, that the situation in the Gaza Strip has deteriorated to an unprecedented level and amounted to an end can not be tolerated or silence, threatening an explosion widely.

The Popular Front, one of the factions of the left-Palestinian, in a press release on Saturday, "It is time that Fatah and Hamas put national interests and concerns of its people and their rights and demands a substitute for partisan and private interests, which has exacerbated the suffering of the people, Gaza is slaughtered enemies and her children from a vein to vein and strangle and kill her and her children, it is a shame that the Palestinian hands are a direct contribution or indirectly increase the suffering of our people. "

Front and stressed the need to assume direct responsibility compatibility government, stressing the need to stop the political bickering and media mud-slinging between Fatah and Hamas immediately, because its continuation will increase the suffering of the citizens, calling for pressure by all means in order to lift the siege and open all crossings unconditionally as a major cause of exacerbate the situation with the need for the security services in the Gaza Strip detects the perpetrators of the recent bombings against Fatah leaders.

Site opposition delegation agreement «appeal Sudan» arrives in Khartoum

Arrived in Khartoum today opposition political forces in Sudan, who have signed an agreement on what is known as "Call of Sudan," the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa delegation.

The delegation includes Farouk Abu Issa chief of the opposition alliance, and Mary Sadiq al-Mahdi, Vice President of the National Umma Party, and Sarah critique of God, the head of the Political Bureau of the Umma, in addition to a number of other opposition party leaders.

The Sudanese government has announced, on Friday, rejected and not welcomed agreement "Call of Sudan" and considered it a new cartel cut the road to the national dialogue.

Said Haji Sulaiman, a leader of the ruling National Congress in Sudan, in a press statement on Saturday, the head of the Umma Party National Exhibition Sadiq al-Mahdi, and Farouk Abu Issa, chairman of the Alliance of National Consensus Forces, be placed under legal accountability due to sign a document "Call Sudan," according to the Criminal Law the country.

Said Haji Sulaiman, the opposition and the armed movements agreement is an attempt to show the existence and draw attention, he said, adding that the announcement behind a external action adopted by countries working against the interest of Sudan.

In a related context, the Ethiopian government has denied knowledge of the so-called "declaration of appeal Sudan", saying it will not allow any opposition activity for Sudan on its territory, and it did not make any call to the Sudanese opposition and have no connection with this Agreement.

Ethiopian Foreign Affairs said that the Sudanese parties, which came to Addis Ababa came at the invitation of the African mechanism of state sponsors of negotiations between the Sudanese government and some of its opponents, emphasizing the strength of the Ethiopian-Sudanese relations.

It should be noted, that the Sudanese opposition, represented in the National Umma Party led by Sadiq al-Mahdi, and the Alliance of National Consensus Forces, has signed an agreement with the RUF rebel group, which includes the Alliance of Darfur movements with the SPLM, Northern Sector, in the regions of Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and fired on the agreement, "Sudan appeal."

Mufti of Iraq: Shiite militias, the most serious of «Daash»

Accused Sheikh lifter Rifai, the Mufti of Iraqi homes, Shiite militias slaughter Sunnis in his country under the pretext of terrorism, saying it is no less dangerous for the organization of the Islamic state, while participants called for a conference of Al-Azhar to counter extremism and terrorism practical steps to deal with terrorism and extremism.

Rifai said there was no real government in Iraq, adding, "But there are more than 32 Shiite militia controlled throughout Iraq are no less dangerous than terrorism Daash, and the slaughter of Sunnis under the pretext of countering terrorism."

He explained Mufti Iraq, that these militias hired, and they kill and slaughter of identity, to the extent that there are areas of the population can not naming their newborns on behalf of age.

Rifai stressed that these "militias are burning houses and killing Sunnis and hang a picture Shiite figure, Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader of the Republic."

«Politics»: Turkey Kuwait provide the names of its citizens transiting to Syria

The newspaper "politics" of Kuwait reported that Turkish security forces began to provide the names of Kuwait Kuwaiti citizens who crossed into Syrian territory by Turkish crossings or in an irregular manner, and is suspected of involvement in the fighting there.

The newspaper quoted, under the title "Turkey provides Kuwait names transients citizens to Syria," the sources familiar with the Kuwaiti security talks - Turkish, conducted by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior of the Kuwaiti team Sulaiman Al-Fahad during the past few days with officials in the Turkish Interior, saying "there is a consensus between the two countries that the developments in the region affect the two countries directly were called to strengthen security cooperation, particularly in combating terrorism file. "

The newspaper pointed out, in a related context, that sources revealed to call the state security apparatus in Kuwait for a number of Syrian residents who received information indicating their involvement in the fighting in their country under the ranks of the opposition groups, indicating that it will be investigated to determine where they were Mnazavin under its banner and make sure not to association with any terrorist organizations.

«News»: the situation in the south of Algeria is concerned about the decision-makers

The newspaper "news" of Algeria said on Saturday morning that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika sent a top 3 officials in the Algerian security system to Ouargla Province to meet with officials of security in the south.

It quoted a source described Palmtalaa as saying: "The situation in the south has become a matter of concern in the capital for several reasons, the most important of the loose domestic situation twice in less than two months where erupted police protests in the state of Ghardaia 6 weeks before then Tڤrt municipality of the State of events Ouargla last week that resulted in the 3 dead, making the situation is a source of concern, especially with the instability on the border with Libya.

The newspaper pointed out that President Bouteflika sent a team Ahmed Gaid Salah, deputy defense minister and chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Abdul Ghani Hamel, Director General of National Security, and Ahmed Boustila, the national security chief, and their assistants to Ouargla Province after protests in the municipality Touggourt affiliate days ago, in which Men sparked fears of uncontrollable power situation in the south under repeated protests in more than one place with Maithirh situation on the border with Libya of concern for policymakers.

He revealed a senior security source, that his meeting Deputy Secretary of Defense in Ouargla, approved a special security plan to deal with the security threat posed by the possibility of military intervention west in Libya, as well as to deal with the humanitarian situation in the south-west of Libya, pointing out that the security meeting, which is when calls for extreme necessity for it, approved a security plan to deal with the possibility of land border exposure, sea or air Algerian assaulted area during foreign military intervention in Libya, or in the case of deterioration of the situation in this country, and decided a number of measures the most important mobilization of some sectors of the army and navy and air force .

Comes, Director General of National Security, Major General Abdul Gani Hamel and Commander of the National Security Major General Ahmed Boustila visits in the context of securing the South more.

The newspaper pointed out that the depleted sectors currently include the police and gendarmerie, border guards and forces reconnaissance in force air defense for the region and the special forces and ground forces on the land border with Libya air Algerian weapon, pointing out that a source familiar confirmed that the Algerian military leadership is facing great difficulty in the conduct of border security under the army's commitment to the doctrine of non-intervention abroad, which makes all sectors of the Algerian armed forces in the defense situation, a situation easily breached, and this is the problem that faced Algeria at the beginning of 2013 before the appointed Amenas process.

Clashes between the army and militants after the killing of a military

Clashes between Lebanese troops and gunmen broke out in "Jarrod Arsal" east of the country, in the early hours of Saturday morning, after the announcement of "Front victory" Syrian killed a Lebanese military custody.

The Front victory, has announced that it had killed Lebanese soldiers have been held since last August, near the Syrian-Lebanese border Kalamoon area.

The Front, in a statement, she decided to "carry out the murder of the Albzal", and threatened to kill another military did not announce his name, after the Lebanese government refused to barter in the military kidnapped file.

After the announcement of the front, the Lebanese army has stepped up its spread in the northern Bekaa, while cutting the people Albzal international road in the Bekaa Valley.

As people cut off several streets in the Bekaa region in eastern Lebanon, and saw the "Albazaliah," the military Lebanese village who announced the killing, riots and acts of violence.

Abu Mazen: Consultation with a draft resolution to end the occupation will end within days

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", said that consultations on the draft resolution, which will be presented to the Security Council to end the occupation will end within days.

Abbas added, during his inspection tour by Friday evening, in the city of Ramallah that the Palestinian leadership began days consultations in the UN Security Council before after going to the Arab League.

He said Abbas, that the consultations began earlier this month with all countries of the world, to come to an end within a few days, and then will certainly go to the Security Council.

He explained that the project includes ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, and capping a timetable for ending the occupation, with the capital of the State of Palestine East Jerusalem issues, and if the decision was made at the council will be to go to the negotiations.

And lose Palestinian President, during the tour, the conditions of the citizens in the city of Ramallah, and a look at their needs, and a curfew in the city's markets, and he shook hands with people and trust them and take photos with them

Algerian official: the opposition's demand to call presidential elections military coup

Confirmed Algerian Trade Minister, and the Secretary General of the Algerian People's Movement Ben Younes architecture, that claim coordinating opposition to organize early presidential elections as an attempt to involve the army in politics, a call for army coup against the president, noting that is the political opposition in crisis and the crisis is very serious, denying that this applies to Algeria.

Said Ben Younes, in an interview with Channel "country," the Algerian television on Friday that the group began trying to prevent Bouteflika to run for the presidency and then demanded the intervention of the army and then tried to go to a military coup and then medical coup and Media, but the Constitutional Council approved the candidacy Rebekah a group of other candidates, and competed in front of people, but this group has demanded the application of Article 88 of the Constitution, which states the vacancy of the President and that the President is unable management, stressing that this requirement is illegal and unconstitutional.

He added that the presidency prior periods mean the withdrawal of the president from the political arena, it can impose on the President? Some believe that the army is the only institution that can convince the President that, But he added: "I say to those who want to reach Muradid Palace across the tank, that this phase has ended."

Libby about the controversial document calls for discussing annexation «dignity process» to the legitimacy of the state

Description House of Representatives member of Abu Bakr his camel, the controversy over the document written last month show the signing of a number of MPs on the need to discuss the annexation of the entire "process dignity" to the legitimacy of the state, as a "non-controversial about partial justification is important."

He stressed his camel, in a post on his official Balfaspock on Friday, that the document was published and bear the signatures of some of Representatives but is an internal procedure does not reach in any way to be a formal procedure is attributed to the Council as a whole.

He attributed his camel reason for writing the petition in a timely manner to the lack of knowledge of the western region vice nature of the "dignity of the process" in the beginning.

He added, "but that even one of the deputies from the city of Benghazi itself raised her voice in one of the meetings, saying that no connection between the dignity of the process and the House of Representatives, described the dignity process as systematic action to combat terrorism in the city of Benghazi when perch terrorism on her chest and terrorized her family and appalled Emma terrorize" .

He stressed that with the passage of time it became clear that many of those who signed the draft of this paper and their point of view about the dignity of the process may have changed when they found that its principal role is to fight terrorism in Benghazi and in other parts of Libya, making a draft of this paper die automatically, did not live up because the intervention within the formal proceedings of the House of Representatives.

He warned his camel from the exploitation of this document is to promote some of the positions that are not in favor of home

Euro News: Kurds «Kobanî» vow to continue fighting against «Daash»

Kurdish peshmerga fighters vowed, through a video broadcast over the Internet, to continue the fight against militants Daash organization, is in the eye Arabs "Kobanî" city, located on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Network "Euro News," news European reported on Friday that the videos, which have not been confirmed yet independently, women Kurds fighting alongside men appear and show the impact of the destruction of the city and louder voices to the heavy gunfire, he says, a young Kurdish fighters' morale too high, and as long as the enemy Jihadist attack us we will continue to fight him. "

She network light on the siege imposed on Kobanî, for nearly three months, where he became its defense costs a lot, have been killed during the ongoing within the city conflict, hundreds of others were injured, and doctors are working in the most difficult conditions and innovate in the ambulance infected without possessing essential medicines and medical supplies other.

She Kobanî network, now is a heap, it is not long, the city was sheltering 10 thousand people, little remains of them, has become a constant threat to their lives. "

He says a man from Kobanî "We do not have nowhere to go nor underground bunker Nhtmi it was sending us back from the Turkish border and now live here under constant bombardment."

And carry Kobanî, strategic importance, but it has become a powerful symbol of the ongoing struggle against Muslim Sunni militants who seized control of rapidly over large areas of Iraq and Syria

4 Algerian soldiers injured in a bomb explosion on the border

Four Algerian soldiers seriously wounded by a bomb on the border between the states of Khanshalah and Tebessa during combing operations mountain areas.

According to Algerian sources, on Friday evening, he was wounded military personnel transferred to the military hospital of Constantine on board a military helicopter, while still combing the area continuing operations so far.

«Interpol» puts Wagdy Ghoneim name on the wanted list

Annexation of the international police "Interpol" name calling Wagdy Ghoneim of Egypt's most wanted list.

He said the international police in the merits of the application, "said Ghoneim judicially convicted for his involvement with the others for crimes of violence and murder, unlawful arrest, torture and causing bodily injury and possession and acquisition of firearms and ammunition without a license."

It is noteworthy that Wagdy Ghoneim, was convicted by the Supreme State Security Emergency Court and was sentenced to imprisonment of 5 years for aggravated money laundering, in addition to inciting the killing of demonstrators in front of the Federal Palace.

Minister of Supply: Egypt was delayed for minimum 50 years

Dr. Khaled Hanafi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, that Egypt is racing against time, to compensate for losses from the policies of what he described, faulty work, pointing out that Egypt late behind 50 years of evolution, which was witnessed by the rest of the world, because it does not benefit adequately from international agreements , concluded, and its geographical position.

This came during the events of the Egyptian Euro-Mediterranean Conference - Italian food, transportation, and logistics, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, Saturday, at the initiative of the Italian presidency of the European Union, and in collaboration with the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.

Gave Hanafi presentation during the conference on the projects, which operates Egypt to implement in the current stage, including the establishment of the Global logistics center for grain, and grain, food and goods in the port of Damietta, which aims to transform Egypt into a hub for logistic global, storage, and handling of grain, and the exercise of activities logistics, and value-added activities, trading volume up to about 65 million tons of grain annually, and food commodities.

The Minister of Supply, the project covers an area of about 3.00035 million thousand square meters, the project at a cost of around 15 billion pounds.

Italian Ambassador in Cairo: Egypt's support for the restoration of international prestige and Africa

Confirmed Maoritzy Masari, Italy's ambassador in Cairo, said that the visit of President Abdel Fattah Sisi recent Italy, reflecting the attention of Italy to strengthen cooperation with Egypt, stressing his country's support for Egypt, to restore the prestige of Africa, and internationally.

Masari pointed out that the Minister of Economic Development Italian will participate in the international, economic conference organized by Egypt during the month of February, especially after the events witnessed by the Italian side in the recent period of stable economic conditions, and political in Egypt, what will contribute to the consolidation of cooperation between the two countries.

During his speech at the opening of the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of the Egyptian - Italian food, transportation, and logistics, hosted by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, on Saturday, in the presence of Dr. Khalid Al-Hanafi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, and Ahmed Al-Wakil, head of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.

The Italian Ambassador, it was discussed joint cooperation with Egypt mechanisms during the last period, where it was activating a successful workshop in the fields of energy, logistics, pointing out that climatic shifts allowed in Egypt in the fields of renewable energy strongly, as well as its contribution to a rate ranging between 20 and 50% of agricultural crops because of the nature of the good climate in Egypt.

«Health»: Suvaldy achieved impressive results with 90% of patients

Dr. Gamal Esmat, Vice Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Viral Hepatitis, that nearly 90% of the results of the initial tests for patients with C virus, who underwent treatment drug Alsuvaldy, came negative for the virus, confirming that the drug has already achieved impressive results, pointing out that this The results are not final and must for the patient to complete the course of treatment, and after the show the final result.

Ismet said, in a press statement, the normal course of the patient, who gets the triple therapy, Alsuvaldy interferon and Alrebavern 0.3 months of treatment, and for patients with cystic and do not get interferon extends to 6 months.

He pointed out that the amounts Alsuvaldy available in Egypt now sufficient treatment 5 times the patients who received it, denying what is being said about the existence of a deficit in the quantities or the late arrival of the new doses, stressing that it is an organizational purely depends on the ability of the Commission to examine applicants patients for treatment and determine where applicable the treatment protocol, and the exclusion of cases which recorded a non-infected from the database, as well as the completion of the injured for all required tests.

Esmat explained that the Committee had begun to address the ethics committee of scientific research for approval to conduct clinical trials on the Egyptians patients regarding new treatment, Alharvony, to ensure its effectiveness, especially as it received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of type I gene, not the fourth is located in Egypt.

«Chambers of Commerce»: we need to change the agriculture, industry and trade laws

Ahmed confirmed the agent, the head of General of the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the government's keenness to cooperate with the European Union, and its commitment to the agreements signed between them, and overcome the obstacles to continue to ensure its implementation.

This came during the opening ceremony of the conference "Euro-Mediterranean, Italian - Egyptian", agriculture, food industry, logistics, on Saturday morning, in Alexandria.

He pointed out that the current laws governing the work of the areas of trade, agriculture and industry in Egypt, you need to change, saying: "We have to start work and stop talking."

He commended the President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the European Committee for Egypt aid, and its eagerness to hold a "conference" for the development of trade between the Mediterranean countries, calling on businessmen to support the government in the construction of mega-projects, such as the "axis of the Suez Canal."

It is worth mentioning that the conference "Euro-Mediterranean, Italian - Egyptian" involving, Dr. Khaled Hanafi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, and a representative of the Minister of Trade and Industry, and Mauristy Massari, the Italian Ambassador in Egypt, to discuss industrial investment development, and agriculture, between the Mediterranean countries Mediterranean, as a number of unions involved in it, such as: "chambers of Commerce, industries and Egyptian, European and rooms, room Alexandria, in cooperation with the Mediterranean rooms", the center of development projects the White sea, and the support of unions and chambers of the Euro-Mediterranean all.