Thursday, November 1, 2012

AssociatedPress 1/11/2012 - Raw: Stranded Cruise Passengers Reach Boston , Raw: Ryan Trick-or-Treats With Family , High Tide Causes Major Flooding in Venice

The passengers on board a Norwegian Gem cruise ship finally reached dry land in Boston on Wednesday, after Superstorm Sandy kept them from docking in New York. (Nov. 1) Raw: Stranded Cruise Passengers Reach Boston Raw: Ryan Trick-or-Treats With Family Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan took his children trick-or-treating on Halloween in Janesville, Wisconsin. (Nov. 1) High Tide Causes Major Flooding in Venice Parts of Venice, Italy including the famous San Marco Square, were flooded on Wednesday. A high tide forced tourists to wade through the city in knee-high waters. (Nov. 1) For Giants Fans, Players, a Dream Come True San Francisco Giants fans at Wednesday's parade said their team's World Series championship was a dream come true. Giants players feel the same way. (Nov. 1) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for: Thursday, November 1st; Recovering NY; NJ devastated; Campaign resumes; High tide causes major flooding in Venice. Raw: Post-Sandy Traffic Gridlocks NYC New York is trying to resume its normal frenetic pace Thursday, getting back much of its vital subway system after a crippling storm, but is still slowed by gridlocked traffic. (Nov. 1) First Flight Lands at LaGuardia After Sandy The first flight since Hurricane Sandy hit landed at LaGuardia Airport in New York City at dawn Thursday. All the major airports in the region are now operational. (Nov. 1) Raw: Salmon Swimming Upstream on Road Salmon are seen swimming upstream on a road near Seattle, Washington. A dog walking along catches one of the fish in its mouth, then moseys along the watery road. (Nov. 1) NYC Subways Return, Commuters Happy New York City subways partially returned to service Thursday, with trains running north of 34th street. (Nov. 1) Gas Lines Stretch for More Than Hour Residents trying to gas up in New Jersey are in for a long wait. Lines at stations that have power stretched for more than an hour in the parts of the state hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. (Nov. 1) Raw: New Yorkers Wait on Long Lines for Buses Hundreds of New Yorkers stood on long lines for buses outside of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., just days after the superstorm paralyzed public transportation around New York City. (Nov. 1) Gobs of White Foam Spew Onto Tokyo Street A small truck rams into a fire sprinkler pipe in Tokyo, spewing mounds of fire-extinguishing foam onto a major street. Firefighters waist-deep in foam shoveled, kicked and poured water on it in an attempt to clear the area. (Nov. 1) The Ground Game: Crucial to a White House Win? Days before the election, both campaigns are focused on their crucial ground games. And for good reason. With the race balanced on a razor's edge, the keys to the White House could hinge on which campaign does it best. AP's Kelly Daschle reports. (Nov. 1) Romney: Obama Doesn't Understand Business Mitt Romney said Thursday that President Barack Obama doesn't have a clue about how business works. The Obama campaign shot back by saying that Romney doesn't know what he's talking about. (Nov. 1) Obama: 'Work Is Not Done Yet' President Barack Obama is closing the final days of the presidential campaign by declaring that rival Mitt Romney is not the agent of change he portrays himself to be. ( Nov. 1) Nat'l Guard Searches for Survivors in N.J. Town The New Jersey Army National Guard prepared to search for those left behind on the barrier island of Long Beach. One Long Beach resident emotionally recounts the devastation she has witnessed since the storm. (Nov. 1) Mood of the Nation: North Carolina Ray Arvin of Mineral Springs, N.C. talks about his family's life before and after the 2007-2009 recession, and how it has influenced their views. (Part of a series) Bloomberg: 500K Customers Still Without Power New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city death toll from Superstorm Sandy is at least 37. Also he says that mass transit and power are coming back slowly. (Nov. 1) Raw: Trees Fall During Storm, Fire Starts A man in Wantagh, New York captures the wrath of Sandy's arrival, with trees falling, hitting cars and then starting a fire. (Nov. 1) Atlantic City Barber: 'We've Been Fortunate' Residents of Atlantic City in New Jersey have begun the long process of clearing up the storm damage left by Sandy. With gas supplies scarce, many stations closed up shop. Casinos also remained closed on Thursday. (Nov. 1) Missing Staten Island Brothers Found Dead Police on Thursday said two brothers, ages 2 and 4, who were swept away Monday night when waves of water crashed into an SUV driven by their mother in Staten Island were found dead. (Nov. 1) Raw: Deli Owner Shares Hot Water, Food in NJ Jim Breitling is a deli owner in Long Beach Island, NJ who has a working generator. In the days since Sandy, Breitling has been donating food to the local fire and police departments. He's also offered residents a place to get hot water. (Nov. 1) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for Thursday, November 1: Obama, Romney refocus on election; Manhattan to be lit up again by Saturday; Ex-Penn St. president charged; Gobs of white foam spew onto Tokyo street. Raw: W. Va. Digs Out After Sandy Dumps Snow West Virginia's governor plans to ask President Barack Obama for a federal disaster declaration to help residents and businesses in the areas hardest-hit by Sandy. Some communities have seen nearly 3 feet of snow. (Nov. 1) New York Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Obama New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg backed President Barack Obama on Thursday, saying the incumbent Democrat will bring critically needed leadership to fight climate change after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. (Nov. 1) Superstorm Won't Stop NYC Marathon With mass transportation still crippled in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the New York City Marathon is still good to go. (Nov. 1) USC Reels From Halloween Party Shooting A Halloween shooting outside a student center building on the University of Southern California campus has left a young man in critical condition and 3 others wounded. (Nov. 1) N.J. Coastal Resident: Sandy Magnificent, Scary The Associated Press gained first view ground access to some of the devastated New Jersey barrier islands. On Long Beach Island, the National Guard moved in as some people who stayed during the storm told their tales. (Nov. 1)