Saturday, November 12, 2011

Word of the Day: Monetize

If you want to know how the Federal Reserve performs the financial alchemy of turning debt into cash -- here's all you need to know about monetization in under three minutes.

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Michael Pento: French bond yields surge in eurozone crisis, Germany next? (Part 1)

The eurozone debt crisis appears schizophrenic, or at least the markets and the headlines in response are. The front page of the Financial Times reads "Markets Undermine Eurozone Rescue Bid." Only hours later the headline changes to: "Markets Rally as Eurozone Debt Fears Ease." We put the schizophrenia aside and the obsession with every move of investors and traders, and figure out what's really going on here with an analyst whose forecasts on the eurozone have played out. We talk to Michael Pento, President of Pento Portfolio Strategies.

Italy the next Eurozone victim?

Silvio Berlusconi has resigned after seventeen years in power. Berlusconi's resignation will make way for the new Prime Minister who many Italians hope will be able turn things around for Italy. Is Italy's economy strong enough to withstand the debt crisis? Sara Firth gives us her report.

America's new red scare

As China continues to rise in the ranks of the global economic stage, is there any reason for the U.S. or the West to be threatened? Some in the U.S. seem to think so. RT's Adriana Usero digs deeper and examines these attitudes.

APEC hordes Hawaii

Over 20,000 people have gathered in Honolulu, Hawaii to be a part of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Tomorrow 21 countries will meet to discuss key economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Anastasia Churkina, RT correspondent, gives us the latest from the APEC and fills us in on what topics will be discussed.

US veterans battling homelessness

In 2010, over 75,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans were on the streets. Many don't have money to have a place to stay or get the medical attention they need. Many vets say the US Department of Veterans Affairs lacks the resources to provide all vets with adequate care. Matthew Hoh, Iraq war veteran and former US State Department Official, joins us to discuss what is plaguing US veterans.

Ancient spirit and might preserved by indigenous people of Altay

The Altay is one of Russia's highest-lying regions and a place where many cultures mix.

The Telengits are one of the most ancient peoples inhabiting the Mountains of Altay.

They came to the Altay region more than 5,000 years ago but settled down only 200 years ago.

For centuries these nomadic people were valued as excellent warriors -- and until the modern day their traditions and customs are carefully preserved amid the divine natural beauty of Siberia.

Первые секунды землетрясения в Турции с уличных камер

Вечером 9 ноября в провинции Ван произошло землетрясение магнитудой 5,6. Его эпицентр находился в уезде Эдремит. Погибло семь человек, спасено около 30. Большинство из них проживали в четырехэтажном отеле "Байрам", где размещались представители Красного Креста и журналисты. Всего, по разным данным, пострадали более 50 человек.

Русский Warcraft: Медведев - орк, Путин - тролль

Дмитрий Медведев пообещал "включиться" в популярную он-лайн игру "World of Warcraft" в случае, если появится ее российская версия. Такое обещание президент дал на встрече со своими сторонниками - представителями сетевых сообществ в Москве.

Медведев и Меркель запустили "Северный поток"

Президент РФ Дмитрий Медведев, канцлер Германии Ангела Меркель, премьер-министры Нидерландов Марк Рютте и Франции Франсуа Фийон, а также еврокомиссар по энергетике Гюнтер Эттингер в немецком Любмене открыли символический вентильный кран газопровода, по которому Россия будет поставлять газ в Европу, минуя транзитные страны.

US or Them? China the Bogeyman

p for debt stricken countries. But the rise of the Asian giant with its financial might is not met with open arms by the US. As Adriana Usero explains.
Dr Caroline Heldman from Occidental College in Los Angeles says China may become the new enemy for politicians in Washington.

Poland riots video: Clashes with police on Independence Day in Warsaw

of right-wing and left-wing demonstrators after Independence Day observances Friday turned into clashes in which police were attacked by leftist and right-wing marchers.

The November 11 celebration marked the day in 1918 when Poland regained its independence after having been carved up for 123 years by Prussia, Austria, and Russia.

Banks rob savers in slow motion!

Watch the full Keiser Report E209 on Saturday... This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss George Osborne's admission that he has no power over bankers and that the population will always have to pay for their crimes. Max and Stacy also discuss the 'slow motion train robbery' of low interest rates and the use of trending topics on Twitter as price propaganda. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser interviews Senator Mike Gravel and his direct democracy initiative and how it could empower the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Dictators by Nature: 'EU enters death agony'

And with the fate of the Eurozone, and perhaps even the EU, now squarely in the hands of Italy and Greece - concerns are growing. But John Laughland, the Director of studies at the Paris Institute of democracy and cooperation, believes that too much blame for the crisis is being put on the weakest nations.

Orange Fresh: Circus cycle carries on in Ukraine

The mid-2000s rule of Ukraine's Orange coalition was among the stormiest and most divisive in the post-Soviet space. The arrival of centrist President Yanukovich last year was to end all that, yet the legacy of instability still stalks Ukraine. ­The era of the Orange leadership in Kiev was marked by protests and clashes on the streets, matched only by brawls inside the Ukrainian parliament.

CrossTalk: China Chin-Up

Are we heading into a China-centric world? Will it threaten or benefit the West? Will China bail out the eurozone, and how will Europe repay? Can China offer the world a new political and economic model?

CrossTalking with Oded Shenkar, Doris Naisbitt and Greg Autry.

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Facebook Switching to Opt-In Privacy Controls?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Trade Commission is nearing a settlement with Facebook that would protect user's information. It'll essentially require the popular website to create widespread opt-in practices. If this settlement is agreed upon, it would be a huge step in the right direction.

Viral Spiral: Cop REALLY wants to tase someone

In this Viral Spiral; police chase a candy thief but he ends up taking himself out, a cop really wants to tase someone, a crazy environmentalist goes off on a truck owner, a news anchor has a massive fail, a dog has an interesting trick, a cat is really suspicious, the best dodge ball move ever, and finger parkour

Happy Hour: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 breaks records

RT's Andrew Blake and Warren Rojas, Heard on the Hill columnist for Roll Call are on happy hour tonight to talk about everything from a racy United Russia political ad to the Pyramids closing for 11-11-11 due to rumors of rituals.

Fireside: The 1% that fights our wars

On this Veterans' Day, Alyona looks at another 1% that the rest of the country has such a distance from. We'll take a look at a piece that will be coming out in Time Magazine later this month by Mark Thompson where he looks at the number of troops that have fought in our wars since 9/11 in and around Afghanistan and Iraq. That number is about 2.4 million, exactly 1% of the 240 million Americans over the age of 18. Don't let this 1% be separate from the other 99% of us.

Twitter to hand over Wikileaks Associate Info

A federal judge ruled that Twitter will have to reveal information about three of its account holders, in an investigation pertaining to Wikileaks. In court, the petitioners argued that their IP addresses should be considered private information and that the demand was too broad and unrelated to WIkileaks, but the judge begged to differ. So what does this ruling mean for online privacy? EFF's Trevor Timm discusses.

Tool Time: NYPost "Libel" of OWS

The New York Post since the Occupy Wall Street protest began has tried to smear the movement. But their smears have now gone to a new level. The headline reads "NYPD sends elite detectives to Wall St. protests". We'll tell you about how the Post accused OWS protesters of vandalizing the new 9/11 Memorial site at Ground Zero. And how Salon's Justin Elliott points out it's libel.

Hartmann: There are no Free Market Fairies...

We might be on the verge of an unprecedented global economic meltdown. But if you watched the Republican debate and are really, really gullible - you might think there's an easy fix to all our troubles. From the European debt crisis - to the jobs crisis here at home - to the health crisis - to the looming energy crisis - to the housing crisis - to the student loan debt crisis - you name the crisis - there's a one-size-fits-all solution to it - and all the Republicans on stage last night didn't shy away from talking about it. That solution - let the so-called "free market" work.

53 million people uninsured? The free market will fix that!

Greece and Italy are about to drag the entire global banking system into a depression? The free market will fix that too!

Student loan debt topped a trillion bucks for the first time? Leave it up to the free market to fix it.

Republicans have one talking point - just one solution to all our problems - and that's by hyping up the power of the so-called free market - or in Herman Cain's case - hyping up the power of his 9-9-9 plan AND the free market. But let's think about that for a moment - what exactly does it mean? What does "let the free market work" really mean? Does it mean to remove government - and deregulate everything? So when the Republicans talk about letting the free market work - they might as well be saying let the free market fairies wave their magic wand and everything will be just fine.

Hartmann: Your Take/My Take - What is a "me" vs. "we" society?

Your Take, My Take is the segment of the show when we answer your questions, comments, criticisms and opinions heard on "The Big Picture"

Hartmann: Don't OCCUPY a Chertoff X-Ray Porno-Scanner

In this week's Geeky Science - the TSA says that their porno-scanners have less radiation than a banana, but some top scientists are casting new doubts on that claim. Personally - I think I'll take my chances with the fruit

The Good, The Bad, And The Very Very Erythrophobically Ugly

The Good! Occupy Denver. The Mayor of Denver has been demanding that the occupying patriots in the city choose a leader - so they did - Shelby - a three year old border collie. The Bad! John McCain. The former Maverick Senator turned shill for corporations - is pushing a new bill to let corporations bring back all the money they've stashed away in offshore bank account to dodge paying taxes. And the very, very ugly...Brian Kilmeade. This morning on GOP TV's Fox and Friends - Kilmeade explained what a parent's worst nightmare is. No it's not hearing that your child is in jail or injured - instead it's hearing that your child joined Occupy Wall Street..

Hartmann: New Voter Suppression - Bite their Face Off

Count the voters - or down for the count? An Ohio voter is recovering today - after a poll worker attacked him on Tuesday and nearly bit his nose off

Hartmann: Republican debate...more than one oops?

Karl Frisch of Bullfight Strategies & Sam Sacks, Progressive Strategist join Thom Hartmann. The GOP presidential primary debates are back in full-swing. And there was no lack of entertainment at last night's debate on CNBC - although substance was hard to come by. I was completely shocked off the bat with the question on Italy - it was clear the moderators knew far more about the issues than the candidates on stage - through the entire night - why are there no serious questions about whether or not these guys are qualified to be in the White House?

Hartmann: OWS Berkeley - nights sticks violently shoved into their stomachs

Joshua Holland, AlterNet & Yvette Felarca, Participant-Occupy Cal (Berkeley) & Sarah Seltzer, Alternet all join Thom Hartmann. A new video of police brutality at another 99 percent protest in California has surfaced. And we'll be joined by a patriot who was caught in the middle of it all. More video surfaced today of police brutality against peaceful patriots. Those were young women in the crowd who were having nights stick violently shoved into their stomachs. Meanwhile in Oakland - where police brutality was taken to another level two weeks ago when two-time Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen was critically injured and sustained brain damage after police fired a tear gas canister into his head - there are fears that another violent police crackdown could be looming. Yesterday - members of the city council - joined by the local chamber of commerce - held a press briefing - bashing the Occupy Oakland movement - and calling for it to be broken up immediately. With all the violent police action against American patriots who are exercising their first amendment rights around the nation - sadly - Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave.

Hartmann: Is Italy too big to fail?

Antonio Tricarico, Italian NGO CRBM (Campaign for World Bank Reform) joins Thom Hartmann. There've been big shakeups at the top in Italy and Greece. Is a change of leadership enough to save the "too big to fail" European nations from collapsing? Or will more cuts and more auterity measures rip apart the Eurozone?

Full Show - 11/10/11. Republican Debate...More than one Oops?

Thom breaks down the lows and embarrassing moments of the GOP debate with his guest panelists. Later in the Daily Take, Thom gives his take why the GOP are unrealistically relying on "magic" to repair the economy.

Thom Hartmann Breaks Down Joe Walsh's Big Fat Lie

Joe Walsh was telling - screaming - the same old lie that the banksters, their bought-off Republican Members of Congress, and pundits on GOP TV - a.k.a Fox so-called News - have been telling for years now. And that is that Wall Street wasn't responsible for the economic crash - that the government - and too much regulation - was responsible - and that poor little Wall Street is just a victim of misguided government policy. It wasn't regulation that caused this mess - that's a lie!