Thursday, March 3, 2011

The assassination of Pakistani Minister for Minorities by unidentified gunmen

The assassination of Pakistani Minister for Minorities by unidentified gunmen

Gunmen assassinated in Islamabad yesterday, Wednesday, and Pakistani Minister for Minorities Shahbaz Bhatti, the police official said that the minister came under fire during the passage of his car in a high-end neighborhoods in Islam a father.

The official added that Bhatti had intended to leave his house when unidentified gunmen opened fire on his car.

The Bhatti had referred repeatedly to the receiving death threats because of his position on the law, a second Pakistani official being filtered against the backdrop of the law, which criminalizes insulting to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and the Bhatti is the only Christian in the government of Pakistan, calls to amend the law of atonement in the country

"Maariv": Israelis are demanding dismissal of "Barack"

"Maariv": Israelis are demanding dismissal of "Barack"

Said the head of the National Union in the Knesset, "Jacob Cats", that "malice and hatred and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the direction of the settlers had exceeded all red lines, it may reach the spot in the day that the instructions given to fire live ammunition Soppem."

The newspaper, Maariv, Israel Katz's remarks came during a press conference held yesterday in the Knesset after the evacuation point farm "Gilad" settlement random yesterday and the subsequent clashes between Israeli troops and settlers and the army used rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators.

Katz said: "The head of the Israeli government dismissal of Defense Minister Barak immediately", note that the meeting included a number of Israeli ministers, as well as members of Knesset for the National Union Party and the Likud and the number of settlers from the farm, "Gilead," who were wounded by rubber bullets during the events.

He also attacked members of the Knesset by the Minister of Defense and Homeland Security Secretary, saying, "It was located in the West Bank, about 330 thousand settlers are on the rise, high-annually the equivalent of 20 thousand people, and Defense Minister Barak, Egypt on their exclusion, and the first time brought through against the settlers weapons fatal and serious

Former Israeli ambassador accused Netanyahu to derail the peace process

Former Israeli ambassador accused Netanyahu to derail the peace process

Criticized the former Israeli Ambassador, South Africa, the Netanyahu government policies in the region, and said that he resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because he no longer felt comfortable about the policy.

The Financial Times newspaper quoted the letter of retirement issued by Ilan Baruch, saying he believed that the Council of Ministers to handle the current situation emigrated diplomatic efforts towards a permanent peace agreement. Accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to derail the peace process.

He added that since the current government took over the leadership of the country two years ago, the members abort any political progress by refusing calls to withdraw from the West Bank and to ignore international peace efforts

Security Council holds a meeting to discuss the crisis in Côte d'Ivoire

Security Council holds a meeting to discuss the crisis in Côte d'Ivoire

Diplomats at the United Nations The UN Security Council members hold today, Thursday, an emergency meeting to discuss the tensions in Côte d'Ivoire.

The diplomats made it clear today that the members of the Security Council will discuss the attacks perpetrated against the soldiers of the international mission there and triggered clashes between supporters of outgoing President Laurent Gbagbo and Ouattara good rival team recognized by most of the international community as a legitimate president.

The radio said that the concern is rising following a decision of the African Union extended the mandate of his mission, consisting of five African heads of state for another month, in order to complete their mission and access to resolve acute political crisis, which Tchehadha Côte d'Ivoire, pointing out that the diplomat on the council described the decision as "extremely worrying".

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned of Côte d'Ivoire plunged into a civil war, also condemned the recent attacks against peacekeepers of the United Nations by forces loyal to Gbagbo.

It is worth mentioning that Gbagbo's forces had fired on the experts gentiles when they went to the airport (Yamoussoukro), to confirm the arrival of the helicopters, which according to some reports they received from Belarus earlier

Clinton:" Iran is seeking to influence the Arab and communication revolutions of the opposition

"Clinton:" Iran is seeking to influence the Arab and communication revolutions of the opposition

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that Iran is seeking either directly or through intermediaries to communicate with the opposition in Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen in an attempt to influence.

This is the first time Clinton has addressed in detail the reasonable efforts made by Iran to interfere in the ongoing popular protests three months ago in the Arab countries and toppled the governments of Egypt and Tunisia, and threaten the regimes in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Oman.

Clinton said before the Committee on federal spending in the Senate, "They are using Hezbollah (the Lebanese) to connect to allies in Hamas, who call their turn with allies in Egypt, adding that" we know what they call the opposition in Bahrain and they are involved too in the opposition movement in Yemen. "

She added that the United States In an attempt to cope with the movements of Iran, the diplomatic contacts and other links with opposition groups in the Middle East and North Africa, pointing out that "the majority of people want to help them but not to play a major role and therefore the challenge is based on the way in which we offer the assistance they require without to be seen who wants to control the appearance of revolution. "

They pointed out that Clinton Shiite Iran is trying to increase its influence, although it is not a natural ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Sunni Islamist group in Egypt, yet it supports the long-Sunni Hamas in the Gaza Strip border with Egypt

Two U.S. soldiers killed in the shooting Frankfurt Airport

Two U.S. soldiers killed in the shooting Frankfurt Airport

Two soldiers were killed from the U.S. Air Force, was killed and two others seriously wounded on Wednesday when he was a young man from Kosovo fire on them at the airport in Frankfurt, West Germany.

And fired on the bus, the U.S. military while standing in front of the arrival hall the second largest airport in Germany, and on board U.S. soldiers arrived by air from England before heading to the U.S. base at Ramstein, 140 km from the airport.

The General Command of the U.S. Air Force in Germany in a statement: "kill Mlahan and two others wounded in a shooting today, Thursday, at the airport of Frankfurt International," the statement added that the German authorities arrested the shooter, and that an investigation of the incident, and the interior minister said the Hesse German Boris saw that a soldier was killed outside the bus and the other inside.

The German police have arrested inside the arrivals hall on the second shooter is supposed, a young man in the twenty-first session, originally from Kosovo, had been living in Frankfurt, according to Minister Ryan. The investigation began with the shooter. Police cordoned off the German site of the attack and the transfer of Jerihan to the hospital, did not say police spokesman Andrei Stormit the severity of injuries, nor the number of military personnel who were on the bus.

He was President Barack Obama regretted the incident and sadness following the attack, in a speech in front of reporters in the White House. Were made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel "sincere condolences to the families of the victims," during a press conference with Portuguese Foreign Minister Jose Socrates. She said that her government would do all it can to uncover the circumstances of the attack. He also Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle in Ukraine condemned the attack.

In Pristina, announced a senior security official told AFP on Wednesday that the young Kosovar origin, who shot and killed two U.S. Air Force in Frankfurt Airport Albany from the north of Kosovo, the source said on condition of anonymity, "according to our information called Corporal Aouka one of the Mitrovica region ( north), "he said" has no record, which means that he did not face problems with the law before, but we are still verifying. "

The Government of Kosovo for the condemnation of the work of the "ugly", and confirmed that the perpetrator acted "alone" and did not yet know the motives of the attack and said the newspaper "Der Spiegel" on its website that investigators tend to the hypothesis of a deliberate attack against U.S. soldiers, as they seek to verify the certificates confirmed that the striker shouted "Allahu Akbar" before opening fire. The Web site said investigators had found him on the arms and ammunition.

Frankfurt Airport is located about 120 km from the U.S. base at Ramstein in Germany. The Americans have several bases in the Frankfurt area used for the logistical support for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Was planning the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States partly in Hamburg, northern Germany. In March 2010, four Islamist convicted of plotting against U.S. interests in Germany, after being accused that they were preparing to attack similar attack in 2001

Vienna director freeze funds and deposits Gaddafi

Vienna director freeze funds and deposits Gaddafi

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Austrian central bank to open an investigation about a man close to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who turned to Vienna, according to Austrian press reports.

He said ministry spokesman Alexander Chalinberg The Minister of Foreign Affairs Michael Spendeleger request on Wednesday evening by the Central Bank of Austria studied the freezing of deposits Mustafa ministries in Austria, explained the spokesman Mustafa ministries "have a deposit and suspected of being deposited to the account of other persons in the Libyan regime."

The newspaper "Die Presse" conservative magazine "News" that Mustafa ministries, vice president of Libya's sovereign wealth fund, "the Libyan Investment Authority," in charge of the management and deposits Gaddafi in Austria, has left Tripoli and took refuge in Vienna on 21 February.

The newspaper quoted a former close of the Libyan leader did not mention his name, that Mustafa ministries in charge of management of the funds Gaddafi in Austria and that of the previous close at about $ 30 billion, mostly in the framework of institutions.

For its part, quoted the Journal News for a financial agent to Gaddafi, a British citizen who preferred not to be identified, said Mustafa Ministries is "representative of Gaddafi in Austria which manages a large number of investments and establish institutions and buy real estate."

Chavez presented to the Gaddafi international peace mission

Chavez presented to the Gaddafi international peace mission

Search Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is an international peace mission to settle the dispute in Libya, as announced by Communications Minister Andres Izarra Venezuela on Wednesday. The minister said in a message on his website on Twitter: "We get talks between Chavez and the leader Gaddafi about the proposal to send a peace mission to Libya," but gave no further details.

The Chavez may view the formation of an international peace mission from several friendly countries in order to mediate between the Libyan leader and the rebels, with the conviction of any foreign military intervention, saying it would be "a disaster". "What if we send Marines instead of airplanes, good-offices mission to help our brothers to stop killing each other."

German Interior Ministry confirms deaths of two U.S. soldiers

German Interior Ministry confirms deaths of two U.S. soldiers

Announced "Boris Ryan" and Interior Minister German state of Hesse, the gunman killed two U.S. soldiers shot and wounded two others seriously wounded, were inside a bus owned by the U.S. Army near the airport of Frankfurt.

Ryan added that the armed citizen from Kosovo appeared to a young man in 21-year-old, referring to the tightening of security around.

For its part, confirmed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a joint press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister, "Jose Socrates," killing the U.S. soldiers, "she said, do not know the details, but I want to express how dysphoretic we must do everything in our power to discover what happened."

The channel Russia Today, the spokesman for Frankfurt airport, confirmed occurrence of fire on a bus belonging to the U.S. Army, in front of Building No. 2, noting that initial reports suggest that the assailant broke into the bus before it starts shooting at the soldiers.

An official in the U.S. military, the fire killed two people, one bus driver, in addition to injuring two others, said that the soldiers who were exposed to fire are members of the Air Force base "for Aknhit" in the United Kingdom, and they were on their way to travel through one of the commercial flights, and not using military aircraft