Saturday, November 3, 2012

AssociatedPress 2/11/2012 - Today in History for November 2nd , Raw: Gas Lines Growing in New Jersey , Mood of the Nation: Boca Raton , Syria Rebels Said to Kill Captured Troops , Raw: Woman Claims $23M Prize Just in Time

Highlights of this day in history: President Harry Truman wins re-election in an upset; South Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem killed after coup; Howard Hughes flies his 'Spruce Goose'; Game show scandal rocks early TV; Singer k.d. lang born. (Nov. 2) Today in History for November 2nd Raw: Gas Lines Growing in New Jersey Gas lines are forming in much of New Jersey due to the damage from Superstorm Sandy. One line in Newark stretched two miles. (Nov. 2) Mood of the Nation: Boca Raton Jay and Vicki Baker from Boca Raton, Florida talk about their life before and after the 2007-2009 recession, and how it has influenced their views. (Nov. 2) Raw: New Yorkers Line Up for Food Food is in short supply for many East Coast residents, along with power and water following Superstorm Sandy. Long lines formed as food was handed out in Manhattan's Alphabet City on Thursday. (Nov. 2) Exasperation Builds During Sandy Recovery New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York's trains and subways have been recovering from Superstorm Sandy surprisingly quickly. Still, frustration is building in the region amid gas lines, food lines and ongoing power outages. (Nov. 2) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for: Friday, November 2nd: Progress and frustration in Sandy recovery; Christie pushes for faster storm recovery in NJ; Officials seeing few ballot mistakes in Miami; South Americans come out to celebrate Day of the Dead. Officials Seeing Few Ballot Mistakes in Miami Miami elections officials say they're seeing relatively few ballot rejections, despite increased absentee voting. (Nov 1) US Economy Adds 171K Jobs, Rate Rises to 7.9 Pct U.S. employers added 171,000 jobs in October and hiring was stronger over the previous two months than first thought. The unemployment rate inched up to 7.9 percent. (Nov. 2) Once a GOP Stalwart, Va. Now a Real Battleground President Barack Obama hopes to duplicate his 2008 win in Virginia. The state hadn't gone Democratic since 1964. Mitt Romney sees Virginia as a state he has a real chance of taking back for Republicans. (Nov. 2) Air NZealand Finds Magic in Hobbit Safety Video Air New Zealand is hoping to make passengers take note of their onboard safety announcement with a little help from their friends in Middle Earth. (Nov. 2) Big Words: Elephant 'Speaks' Korean An elephant in South Korean is imitating human speech, belting out a range of Korean words repeated by his human handlers. Researchers say 22-year-old Koshik is likely doing it to bond. (Nov. 2) Obama: Jobs Report Is 'Real Progress' Speaking to supporters in Ohio, President Barack Obama hailed the October job numbers as 'real progress', but says there is more work to be done. U.S. employers added 171,000 jobs in October. (Nov. 2) Gay Candidates Look to Gain Ground in Congress A record number of gay candidates are running for congress this year and they say their sexuality isn't a campaign issue. (Nov. 2) Romney: Unemployment Higher Than 4 Years Ago Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney blasted President Barack Obama's record on the economy and jobs. Romney says if elected, he'll bring real change on day one of his presidency. (Nov. 2) Voters in 3 Western States Mull Marijuana OK Voters in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon will decide Tuesday whether to make marijuana legal in their state contrary to federal law. The measure appears to be fizzling in Oregon, but measures in Colorado and Washington have support. (Nov. 2) Split Jobs Report Frames Election The last jobs report before Election Day gives both President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney something to campaign on: a modest surge in job-creation and an uptick in the jobless rate. (Nov. 2) Syria Rebels Said to Kill Captured Troops A new video appears to show Syrian rebels killing a group of captured soldiers, spraying them with bullets as they lay on the ground. Human rights groups say the gunmen may have committed a war crime. This video contains graphic content. (Nov. 2) Raw: Construction Starts on Inauguration Stands Outside the White House Friday, workers were erecting fencing on Pennsylvania Avenue, setting the groundwork for building the inaugural viewing stand and the camera platform in nearby Lafayette Park. (Nov. 2) Saving New York From the Next Storm Officials say building a flood wall in New York harbor could prevent future disasters and may become a necessity as climate change takes place. (Nov. 2) NYC Mayor: Marathon to Show 'Solidarity' At a news conference, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his decision to carry on with the marathon as a way to raise money and boost morale less than a week after Sandy flooded neighborhoods, knocked out power and killed dozens. (Nov. 2) Raw: Long Gas Lines Frustrate New Yorkers Gasoline became a precious commodity in New York City on Friday. Some drivers complained of waiting six to seven hours in line. The gas line for one station on Manhattan's west side stretched for 20 blocks. (Nov. 2) New Yorkers: Election Last Thing on Our Minds With the presidential election just days away residents in storm-stricken New York say going to the polls on Tuesday is not a top priority right now. (Nov. 2) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for Friday, Nov. 2: Last jobs report before vote; Romney says Obama re-election a threat; Low or no gas in New York; Elephant speaks. Raw: Canceled NYC Race Disappoints Runners More than 47,000 runners, most of them from outside New York, had been expected to take part in the world's largest marathon on Sunday. Now many of them say they're angry Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn't cancel the event sooner. (Nov. 2) Raw: Staten Islanders Feel Forgotten After Sandy Battered by Hurricane Sandy, people on Staten Island say much needed help is slow in coming. (Nov. 2) Raw: Woman Claims $23M Prize Just in Time A California grandmother didn't realize that she had won the lottery until someone texted her a photo of her daughter buying the ticket. The photo had been released by lottery officials searching for the mysterious winner of the May drawing. (Nov. 2)