Thursday, November 20, 2014

Niger to send aircraft to the border with Mali after an attack by gunmen

Military sources, said that Niger sent military helicopters, to its western border with Mali, on Wednesday, to deal with unidentified gunmen crossed the border to attack the town built a banjo.

He added that the residents of the attackers arrived in on motorcycles and trucks, in the afternoon and then exchanged fire with the Nigerian security forces, was not immediately clear whether the clashes are still continuing.

He pointed resident of a nearby village, who asked not to be named: clashes with the armed forces and there was an exchange of gunfire in which heavy weapons were used.

Protection of President Obama official admits failing device

Acknowledged Joseph Clancy, Acting Director of the Secret Service to protect US President Barack Obama, said Wednesday that his device failed to implement the security plan on Sept. 19, when he managed a veteran fighters in Iraq from entering the headquarters of the President.

He underwent Clancy accountable to the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives, after several lapses of landed elite police reputation, which includes about 6,500 component, assigned specifically to the protection of the president and 26 other people permanently.

Clancy told the House of Representatives, "rather than to be the organization, which prides itself on secrecy and courage to work behind the scenes, we are now in the spotlight, it was for this adverse effect on the morale of the security and practical elements, with potential serious consequences in both cases."

Clancy pointed out that the series of events "during the past few years indicate that we, even though we strive for perfection, you may fail in limited cases to maintain our reputation," adding to infiltrate the White House "unforgivable."

He added: We made a mistake in the procedure did not take adequate precautions, in reference to the incident which occurred on September 16 in Atlanta, when private security element gunman entered the elevator with President Obama. ".

France is investigating the appearance of the second of its citizens within the fighters «Daash»

Attorney General announced the French, Francois Moulin, the investigation into the appearance of the second young Frenchman named "Michael dos Santos", within the video to regulate "Daash" terrorist, between the perpetrators of the death sentences on the Syrian soldiers.

It quoted "Reuters" news agency, the Attorney General French, on Thursday, that Santos, who is 22 years old, from the city of "Hambyny-sur-Marne", near the capital, Paris, joined the ranks of the Mujahideen in Syria, during August 2013, and had no criminal record.

The mayor of his hometown, and added that his mother informed the judicial authorities and the police some time ago about the extremism of her son, and that "Michael" is known about him, his involvement with terrorist elements in Syria, and the exercise of violence.

And the opening of the French prosecutor, a preliminary investigation targets within the ranks of the French "Daash", guilty of murder by an organized gang with respect to terrorist acts, and the formation of criminal groups, initiate investigations of the General Directorate of Homeland Security.

"Reuters" and revealed that the French were involved in 1132 to go to Syria and Iraq, 376 of them are still there, including 88 women and 10 minors, and 226 in transit, and the death of 49 in war zones.

Said Sebastien Pietrasanta, in charge of the socialist anti-terror law in France: of these young people from comes from a small village like "Normandy", and some of them come from the big cities, the door is wide, and the young Michael Santos, no precedents to him, except for a misdemeanor driving without a license, and try to escape, and changed his religion to Islam, when he was 17 years old through the Internet.

It is noteworthy that the French intelligence identified "Maxime Ouchar Norman", in 2011, who paid between October 2012 and May 2013 two trips to Mauritania, to attend classes in Koranic education institutions Salafi, then returned to France, to set off them to Syria in August 2013, under the guise of work humanitarian, and then published pictures uniformed fighting through "Facebook", and called for young people to join the ranks of the Mujahideen.

Nigerian army restores the cities of Boko Haram

10 Nigerian soldiers were killed during attacks by the army and militia supporting him, and resulted in the restoration of small towns, captured by the extremist group Boko Haram, last week, the country's northeast.

The death toll was not known in the ranks of the extremist group, said residents and fighters loyal to the government that the army supported by militias of civilians and fishermen, and recovered the cities of Gombe Gong.

Said Philip James, spokesman for the fishermen's union in the state of Adamawa, northeast Nigeria, "liberated from Gombe and Hong Boko Hramen thanks to the joint efforts of our men and soldiers. The escaped Boko Haram fighters and soldiers persecuted the Jews and anglers.

And attacked hundreds of soldiers and a large number of militia elements and fishermen cities Monday, supported by the chase planes, and fierce battles that killed 10 soldiers and an unknown number of Islamists.

Boko Haram and seized at Gombe and Hong, last Thursday, and forced hundreds of residents to flee. The army said the ongoing operations in northeast Nigeria aimed at "clearing the area of terrorism

Create four new nuclear plants in the «Bushehr» Iran

Said Ali Akbar Salehi, the Iranian President and Assistant Head of the Atomic Energy Organization, the establishment of four new nuclear plants in Bushehr, in the framework of the protocol signed with Russia in this regard.

He noted in remarks to Iranian TV, on Wednesday, that the establishment of the stations come in implementation of the decision of the Islamic Shura Council, which eliminated the production of 20 thousand megawatts of energy Alkahrodhirah, in the framework of the Twentieth development plan, which ends in 2025.

He pointed to what he said last year, that this year will witness the signing of the new agreements, the establishment of plants in the field of energy Alkahrodhirah.

He continued: After difficult talks we had with Russia, signed a protocol last week in Moscow, to create four new plants in Bushehr, southern Iran. However, Salehi did not specify any dates for the start-up of the four stations.

It is noteworthy that there is nuclear cooperation between Iran and Russia, where the recent construction of the reactor, "Bushehr" and the two sides signed last week a package of agreements on the construction of 8 new units, for the production of Taqhaldhirah in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Person arrested near White House

Police announced the US secret, arrest a person near the White House, yesterday, after the payment of suspicious behavior to search his car and found the gun and ammunition.

A spokeswoman for the secret police, Nicole Minor, he was arrested on "Er.jy. Kafim", aged 41 years, and after that approached a confidential police personnel, and told him that someone from Iowa, told him to go home White.

American spokeswoman explained, that Kafim not waving any threat, but that his behavior suspicious prompting police to search his car, where they found a gun and ammunition.

Attention was charged with possession of firearms without a license, in addition to other charges will be announced.

It is noteworthy that several attempts occurred in the past few months, to penetrate imposed on the White House security procedures, and jumped AL in addition to attempt to penetrate one of the rooms inside the White House.

Security Council adds «Ansar al-Sharia» Libyan blacklist

The UN Security Council announced at its meeting yesterday, the Libyan add Ansar al-Sharia to the black list.

The Libyan parliament has announced in a statement issued last August, that the organization "Ansar al-Sharia" forces "the dawn of Libya", which has been fighting Khalifa Haftar forces, terrorist groups.

The council said earlier that "groups that are moving under the name dawn Libya and Ansar al-Sharia outlaw terrorist groups and fight for the legitimacy of the state", pointing out that these are "a legitimate target for the forces of the Libyan National Army, which we support with all our strength to continue the war even force it to end hostilities and handing over their weapons. "

Hammond welcomes the United Nations decision to ban two terrorist groups in Libya

Welcomed the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Wednesday evening, the United Nations decision to ban the two groups Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi, Derna and Ansar al-Sharia Almsaolten for acts of terrorism in Libya, including bombings, abductions and killings.

The British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, "I welcome the action taken by the United Nations sanctions imposed on Al-Qaeda, which was announced on Nov. 19 to ban the group Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi and Derna group Ansar al-Sharia."

He added, "Both groups were linked to al-Qaeda, and are responsible for the acts of terrorism in Libya, including bombings, abductions and killings."

The British minister went on "This decision sends a clear message that the international community will take action against extremist groups in Libya, which threatens the peace and security of Libya and the region," calling on all Libyans to renounce all that these two groups symbolize him.

"The United Kingdom urges all parties in Libya to stop fighting immediately and to support the mediation efforts of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Bernardino Leon, to ensure a broad dialogue includes everyone with a number of parties involved in Libya."

Times: China and Russia agree to build an alliance to counter US influence

The newspaper "Financial Times" reported the British issued, said on Wednesday that China and Russia have pledged to strengthen their military cooperation and conduct joint naval exercises to counter US influence in the Asia - Pacific, amid mounting voices that warn of impending occurrence of a new Cold War.

The newspaper pointed out in a report posted on its website, that Sergei Shoigu, Russian Defense Minister, expressed during his recent visit to Beijing, where he met with his counterpart, Chinese Prime Minister Li Ke Chiang, expressed his country's concern of US attempts to strengthen the political influence of military in Asia and the Pacific.

Shoigu said: "Our cooperation in military fields of great potential and that the Russian side is ready to develop across the widest possible range, we consider that the formation of a collective security system of the regional chairman of the joint goal of our efforts."

The newspaper pointed out that the Russian delegation, a comparison between the current pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong and so-called "color revolutions" in former Soviet Union countries, including Ukraine, which China and Russia declared that what is happening in which occurred as a result of provocative acts by the United States and its allies.

Deputy Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov ready Moscow also confirmed in Beijing to help contain the peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong.

She said, "Financial Times": "It is a while escalate hostilities in the east of Ukraine and Russia's neighbors growing concern of rising Moscow's desire to enter a new war battles, Beijing confirmed that the relationship with Moscow has become better than it was in the past.

She added: "The current situation in Europe to pay the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to warn that the world is on the brink of a new cold war, a sentiment echoed by officials in Belarus yesterday.

British newspaper and saw that Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is now seeking, which faces the prospect of new sanctions on his country by Western nations, to get closer to China until he proves to the world that economic choices in front of him and the strategy confirms that it is not completely isolated from the global arena.

Security reports: Terrorists in Daash more than 200 thousand

Security reports that fighters who are fighting in the ranks of Daash can not accurately estimate Oadeddahm. She pointed out that security experts confirmed that the number may exceed 200 thousand terrorist, due to a terrorist organization recruited large numbers of people living in areas either by threatening to seize them or carrots. He said that a report by the International errors contributed to the strengthening of the power of these organizations, the United Nations failed to clearly define terrorism and terrorist organizations defined under the pressure of some countries, and the failure of others.

On the other hand, the Secretary-General of the United Nations praised, Ban Ki-moon, the Security Council resolution adopted on Aug. 20, about stopping the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq and Syria, pointing out that the numbers of these amounted to 15 thousand fighters from 80 countries. He said Ban Ki-moon during the Security Council meeting on terrorism that terrorist groups such as al-so-called "Islamic State", and "Front victory," and "Boko Haram", and "young people" in Somalia, they continue in their nefarious deeds and causing at subsidized millions stressing to take the international community and the United Nations all necessary measures to prevent the financing of terrorist organizations measures.

Russian fears of a chemical in the hands of the Libyan terrorists

Russia's representative in the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, said that the duplication in dealing with terrorism is unacceptable, pointing out that the weapons and support for the Syrian opposition called a moderate fall, however, the terrorists.

Churkin said in his speech before the Security Council, said on Wednesday that the terrorist threat that threatens several nations came overlooked because of who was present toward terrorist groups.

Churkin said that the so-called regulatory state and Islamic Front victory and other terrorist groups were active in the Middle East for a long time, and was also derives its strength from the support and funding provided by external parties. He added that when these groups are fighting Syrian government forces were not pose a threat, according to some countries.

On the other hand, Churkin warned of the consequences of the existence of the risk of terrorist access to Libya's stockpile of chemical weapons. He pointed out that the proceeds from the sale of oil by terrorist organizations up to $ 3 million per day.

He called on the UN Security Council, during its meeting held in connection with the fight against terrorism, States to dry up funding for the organization of the so-called Islamic state and other extremist groups, and in particular sources of money related to the sale of oil, and refused to pay the ransom and tighten security checks and others.

The report recommended that the United Nations, which was aired during the meeting, the imposition of new sanctions, but with reference to the sanctions alone are not enough to counter the global terrorist threat. The members of the Council, in an open discussion, expressed concern that the new wave of fighters are younger, more diverse and skill in the use of social media to reach to attract thousands of foreigners.

Malaysian Prime Minister: We seek to strengthen our relations with developing countries

Najib Abdul Raziq, Malaysian Prime Minister, stressed that his country continues to cooperate with other developing countries in order to create a more prosperous to provide more opportunities for the children of the peoples of these countries economic environment.

The news agency quoted "Bernama" in Malaysian news broadcast via its website on Wednesday, for Abdel Razek said: "The developing countries that are seeking to cooperate with others on climate change recognizes that the economy and the environment can thrive together."

Abdel-Razek said that "developing countries are no longer associated with old ideas and ideologies, such as some industrial countries, and Malaysia believes that the advancement of technology can provide an opportunity to the people and not to threaten each other."