Sunday, November 30, 2014

Found «drug» factory near the British police headquarters

Police found in the British South Wales area, near the headquarters of the plant to plant hemp used in drug production.

The news channel Sky News Arab News on Sunday, a spokesman for Britain's security forces as saying that the security forces have raided a store near their headquarters after they doubted in his order despite the fact that thermal survey done by a security helicopter did not find any suspicious activity there.

He pointed out that the security men found after the raid on the large amount of cannabis, which is used in the production of narcotic substances, adding that factory owners are now in custody, without referring to the number or any other specifics about their identity.

Kabul police chief's resignation with the escalation of armed attacks in Afghanistan

Kabul's police chief has resigned from his post on Sunday, following a series of armed attacks in the Afghan capital, witnessed the last two weeks.

He said police spokesman Hashmat Stankzay The General Zahir Zahir said the Interior Ministry that he no longer wants to fill the position and interior minister before his resignation as quoted by Sky Naosalabaria channel.

The Kabul has seen a surge in attacks by Taliban militants in recent months have targeted many of them foreign nationals and security installations.

Pictures .. violent clashes between police and demonstrators in front of «Erdogan's White Palace»

University Students Union organized a demonstration near the new presidential palace, known in the media as the "White Palace Erdogan" the Turkish capital, Ankara.

According to Turkish NTV station on Sunday, the protesters were chanting slogans denouncing the creation of spending state funds and the people on the palace with 100 rooms and was built on an area of 200 thousand square meters, an area greater than 30 times the White House area, as it is the biggest of the famous Palace of Versailles in France, was the palace building on the land of forests on the outskirts of Ankara, overlooking the huge forest of Ataturk, at a time when Turkey is suffering from an increase in unemployment, poverty and the spread of corruption and bribery in the country rate, they said.

Private news station added that the security forces used tear gas to disperse the students who were planning to continue their march in front of the presidential palace and arrested 22 university students.

She drew the station to resort to the use of police violence against students openly, and showed footage of policemen punched a student detainee bleeding blood from his nose and mouth.

The Bulent Arinc Deputy Prime Minister and official spokesman of the Turkish government spokesman, had made inflammatory statements during his response to opposition MPs questions in committee discussion of the new fiscal year budget in 2015 parliament, particularly with regard to the White Palace, which was planning to create it to be the seat of the prime minister, but he has become used to party President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a palace for the presidency, has recently emerged that he built without a building permit, according to the Turkish news agency Cihan Thursday.

He said Arinc, "We have been spending beyond billion TL 1.37 billion Turkish Liras, equivalent to US $ 600 million for the establishment of this palace, and if you say that it is not reasonable to all this amount disbursed, we can discuss that, yes, the money is not a little, because the palace was established a special style and materials specially produced using professional labor, all of these things are true, but they are expensive and extravagant. "

Arinc said, "I also reject the wasteful, I was asking about the water that runs without the benefit during the period of my presidency of the parliament did not use government housing and this profile is optional, and the figure is really high, it could be discussed."