Sunday, January 15, 2012

Full Show 1/12/12 : Gov Walker, Texas Ranger...Wrangling Koch $$$

Sam Sacks fills in for tonight's episode and discusses Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's campaign finance violations during his 2010 election race.

Full Show 1/11/12: Republicans propose HUGE tax cuts for 1%

Sam Sacks fills in for tonight's episode and debates conservative guest, Brian Darling on the Republican presidential candidates' tax cut plan for the 1% wealthy population in America.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Full Show 1/10/12 Why the New Hampshire Primary is an elaborate reality show...

Sam Sacks fills in for tonight's episode and discusses why the Republican
Presidential New Hampshire Primary is becoming more like a reality television show instead of a legitimate political race.

Thom Hartmann from Iceland - Where Banksters robbed the people blind

On the one hand, Iceland is the happiest country in the world, with a world-class health, educational, and social safety net system. On the other hand, they were just robbed blind by the Banksters - the direct result of privatization and deregulation. First around 2000 the national-owned banks were deregulated and privatized. Then the private owners ran them into huge debt and crashed. Now the Banksters who bought the banks want the people of Iceland to pay up for the bankers crimes. It's an amazing story...Thom explains calling in from Iceland.

Full Show - 1/9/12. Will Mitt be hit with a New Hampshire surprise?

Sam Sacks fills in for Thom Hartmann and discusses the possibility of Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney winning the New Hampshire republican primary. Later, Big Picture host, Thom Hartmann joins the show via Skype from Iceland.

Full Show 1/6/12 Conversations with Great Minds - Conversations w/Great Minds - Gunnar Tómasson - The Iceland Collapse

In tonight's Conversations with Great Minds, Thom Hartmann is joined by economist and financial expert, Gunnar Tómasson. He studied at Manchester University and Harvard University and then in 1966 joined the IMF. Born in Iceland, Tómasson understands his country's banking system collapse and its repercussions. Thom and Gunnar talk about the world's flawed monetary system and what governments need to do to repair the massive financial damages.

Conversations w/Great Minds - Gunnar Tómasson - The Iceland Collapse P. 1

For tonight's Conversations with Great Minds I sit down with Gunnar Tomasson. Gunnar was originally born in Iceland - but now resides in nearby Maryland. He studied at both the University of Manchester and Harvard University - before going on to become a senior staff member with the International Monetary Fund from 1966 to 1989. Currently - Gunnar is a financial consultant - and with global markets around the world in turmoil - and the nation of Iceland taking a unique approach to shoring up its' economy - he can offer some much needed insight into solutions to get us all out of this mess. He knows a thing or two about world economies, their debts and the revolutions that followed bankrupt countries. He'll cover the collapse of Iceland and what can we can learn from that.

Conversations w/Great Minds - Gunnar Tómasson - Worldwide Collapse P. 2

For tonight's Conversations with Great Minds I sit down with Gunnar Tomasson. Gunnar was originally born in Iceland - but now resides in nearby Maryland. He studied at both the University of Manchester and Harvard University - before going on to become a senior staff member with the International Monetary Fund from 1966 to 1989. Currently - Gunnar is a financial consultant - and with global markets around the world in turmoil - and the nation of Iceland taking a unique approach to shoring up its' economy - he can offer some much needed insight into solutions to get us all out of this mess. He knows a thing or two about world economies, their debts and the revolutions that followed bankrupt countries. He'll cover the collapse of Iceland and what can we can learn from that.

Have Tea Partiers turned in Tea Cups for Champagne Flutes?

Did the Tea Party express come to a complete halt? What ever happened to their patriotic rallies? In my daily take, I'll show you how they're living large right here in the nation's capital.

The Big Picture Rumble - 1% still sold on Corporate Personhood

Brian Darling, Human Events & Anthony Holm, Republican Strategist/Attorney & Eric Burns, Bullfight Strategies joins Thom Hartmann. With just days before the New Hampshire primary, Santorum gets testy with a college student's question and 1% Romney is STILL sold on corporations being people. and more....

Full Show 1/5/12 Has Governor Snyder Declared Financial Martial Law in Michigan? - Has MI Gov. Snyder declared financial martial law?

Thom gives his insight involving the current financial state of Michigan, one
year after Governor Rick Snyder's new law which replaced statewide city officials with hand picked "financial managers".

Has MI Gov. Snyder declared financial martial law?

Rev. David Bullock, Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Judith Browne-Dianis, Advancement Project join Thom Hartmann. We overthrew corporate rule in 1776 - and now Michigan is returning to it. Democracy in a republic is the will of the people being exercised through their representatives. For Rick Snyder to say he can replace Democracy with a $250,000/year "manager" is a crime against democracy. Especially when they're buddies of his or friends of his friends. It's like when the British East India Company used to run North America and spread the profits among its stockholders - who were members of the Parliament and the King. It should be illegal - unconstitutional - in America for a politican to strip a city or county of their elected officials. Let's hope the people of Michigan wake up fast and throw these corporatist bums out

Voter fraud is Voter fraud - Except for Republicans

Bill Pascoe, Citizens for the Republic (CFTR) joins Thom Hartmann. One of ALEC's biggest causes - is denying people the right to vote. Many of these right-wing voter laws that are requiring people to have voter IDs - were conceived at these same ALEC conferences - by Republican lawmakers working on behalf of corporate CEOs who don't like poor people voting in their best interests. According to the Brennan Center for Justice - 5 million eligible voters in America will be disenfranchised next election thanks to these laws. So - sadly - the effort appears to be working for Republicans - except for those like Newt Gingrich who didn't make the Virginia Primary ballot.

ALEC's disturbing level of influence

Anna Scholl, ProgressVA, joins Thom Hartmann. According to a new report by the advocacy group Progress Virginia - lawmakers in Virginia have outsourced their jobs to the shadowy, Koch brothers-funded, corporate think tank known as ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Council. In case you dont know what ALEC is - it's an organization that brings together corporate CEOs and lobbyists with elected lawmakers to come up with custom-made legislation that benefits big polluters, job outsourcers, and banksters, and hurts unions, poor people, and voters. And apparently it's found a friend in the Virginia General Assembly - where since 2007 - over 50 different pieces of legislation have been introduced that are exact carbon copies of ALEC written legislation. So what does it mean when corporate think tanks are in charge of writing out laws?

How a G-rated movie turns into an X-rated movie

In the end - Alvin and the Chipmunks - found their nuts after all.

The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Septophobically Ugly

The Good! Nancy Pelosi. As a result of the Defense of Marriage Act - same-sex couples aren't recognized by the federal government - and thus could be subject to deportation if someone in the relationship is not an American citizen. The Bad! Newt Gingrich. Serial adulterer and campaign huckster Newt - prides himself in knowledge of history. At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire yesterday - Newt used his so-called knowledge of the Founding Fathers to go after marijuana. And the very, very ugly. Herman Cain. Disgraced fake Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is back.

Thom Hartmann vs. Brad Smith - Occupy Citizen's United!

Brad Smith, Center for Competitive Politics, joins Thom Hartmann. Shortly - the nation will mark 2 years since the Supreme Court gave corporations the right to buy our elections. So why would a conservative law professor think this is a good thing? I'll ask Brad Smith, former FEC Chairman. Two hundred years ago, Thomas Jefferson warned us about a too-powerful Judiciary - saying it would place the nation under "despotism" and oligarchy" - concluding that the only "safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society" are with the people. Time to exercise that power - go to

The Secret "Shadow" Housing Crisis...

Michael Olenick, Legalprise, FindtheFraud, joins Thom Hartmann. 5 years after the Housing bubble burst - the housing crisis is still lingering. But could it be WAY worse than any of us imagine.

So, Oil barons just threatened the President of the U.S.

Speaking at a conference this week - Jack Gerard - the head of the American Petroleum Institute - which is the nation's largest lobbying organization for oil and gas corporations - told President Obama, "I think it would be a huge mistake on the part of the president of the United States to deny the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline...Clearly, the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest. A determination to decide anything less than that I believe will have huge political consequences." Do what the oil barons say - build the damn pipeline - or suffer "huge political consequences." The sad part is - in today's post Citizens United world - we have to take these threats seriously

Full Show 1/4/12 Lone Liberal Rumble - Lone Liberal Rumble - Social Safety Nets = Fascism? - Has Pastor Jeffress started the Crusades on Mormonism?

Full Show 1/4/12 Lone Liberal Rumble

Thom discusses the latest results from the Iowa Caucuses and debates the the GOP presidential nominees' intentions among his conservative guest panelists. Later in the show he breaks down the evangelical voter turnout with widely known Texas pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress.

Lone Liberal Rumble - Social Safety Nets = Fascism?

Pete Sepp, National Taxpayer's Union & Heather Cirmo, Conservative Strategist join Thom Hartmann for the Lone Liberal Rumble.

Has Pastor Jeffress started the Crusades on Mormonism?

Dr. Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas joins Thom Hartmann. Will Evangelicals Republicans vote for a Mormon?

The Good, The Bad, and the Very, Very, Nucivorously ugly...

The Good! Mike Huckabee. Exactly 4 years after he won the Republican Iowa Caucus in 2008 - the former Governor of Arkansas turned GOP TV talking head had some harsh words - words of truth actually - for the 2012 Republican field yesterday. The Bad! Pat Robertson. Yesterday - the televangelist went on his TV show the 700 Club to disclose a conversation he had with none other than God himself. And the very, very ugly...Peter Johnson, Jr. The GOP-TV talking head went on Fox-and-Friends this morning to bash what he called unfair scrutiny of the Republican race by left-wing media.

Is NYC about to toss out Corporate Personhood?

Mark Hays, Public Citizen, joins Thom Hartmann. Corporations spent millions of dollars influencing the Iowa caucuses - but how could this possibly be good for American politics? The New York City Council approved a resolution today calling on Congress to amend the Constitutions to strip out corporate personhood. New York City is now the biggest city in the nation to approve a recolution against corporate personhood - and joins several other cities America that have done the same thing - like Los Angeles, Oakland, Albany, Missoula, and Boulder, to name a few.

With Europe near collapse - why Germany is doing just fine?

The European Continent is quickly becoming a sinking ship - but for Germany it's full steam ahead. Here's a question for you - Why is it that with the European Continent in recession and on the verge of a catastrophic collapse - and with unemployment steadily above 8% in the United States and economic activity just creeping along - that GERMANY is doing JUST fine? Why is that amidst a tumultuous global economy - where Greece has an unemployment rate of 18% - and Spain a 23% unemployment rate - the German economy just marked its lowest level of unemployment in two decades? How are they doing it? Tune in.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Full Show 1/3/12 Will the Uncommitted Occupy Iowa Caucuses?

Thom discusses the possibility of the "Occupy Iowa Caucus" movement winning the Iowa Caucus over the Republican candidates.

Could the Iowa Caucas be a breeding ground for voter fraud??

Brad Friedman, The Brad Blog, joins Thom Hartmann. Who's screwed? Voters...except in Iowa. Tonight - Republicans are temporarily putting a hold on their war against voters. That's because Iowa is just one of nine states in the nation that allows for same-day voter registration - meaning people can go to the polls, register to vote, and then immediately vote all at the same time. Studies show that same-day voter registration boosts voter participation by as much as 7%. Also - Iowa will not be checking any voter photo IDs tonight as so many other right-wing states are now demanding. So does that mean - without all ict new voting requirements - the Iowa Causses could be a breeding ground for voter fraud?? Someone sound the alarm!

Is OWS now fighting back w/Drones?

Tim Pool, Occupy Wall Street participant joins Thom Hartmann. The Occupy Wall Street Movement celebrated the New Year by re-occupying Zuccotti Park late Saturday night. And the NYPD celebrated the New Year by arresting and pepper spraying occupiers. Roughly 500 patriots gathered in Zuccotti Park on New Years - in an effort to re-take the space, but police moved in to break up the occupation, after several demonstrators began dismantling the metal barricades surrounding Zuccotti. In all - 68 were arrested. But starting this new year - Occupy Wall Street patriots may have a new secret weapon to fight back against the NYPD's brutal tactics and constant surveillance. It's call the "Occucopter"!

Supreme Court says NO! to Corporate Personhood in MT

David Cobb, Move to Amend joins Thom Hartmann. Two years ago this month - the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that corporations are people and money is speech. There's been one national election since then - and corporations spent massive amounts of money - and Republicans won in a landslide. But now one state is pushing back against the idea that corporations should be able to buy politicians ahead of elections. And that's Montana. Last Friday - the Supreme Court of Montana took on the U.S. Supreme Court - and ruled that Citizens United only applies to federal elections - and thus Montana can do whatever it wants in its state elections - and put whatever restrictions they want on corporate electioneering. So the Montana Supreme Court kept intact a 100-year old election law that prevents direct spending by corporations in state elections. The judges argued that corporate election spending, "represents a threat to the 'political marketplace."' So what does this latest victory in the fight against corporate peronshood mean? Could this be a stepping stone to overturing Citizens United altogether?

The Good, The Bad & The Very, Very Latrantly ugly...

The Good! The U.S. Treasury building. Last week - the U.S. Treasury became the oldest building in the world to be certified LEED Gold according to the U.S. Green Building Council. The Bad! The Charlton Public Library. In an egregious case of over-reacting - the local library in Charlton, Massachusetts dispatched a police officer over the weekend to collect an overdue book from a five year old. And the very, very ugly...Eric Cantor. The House Majority Leader - and Boehner backstabber - did an interview with 60 Minutes this weekend - and had to be saved mid-interview by his Press Secretary.

Surging Republican Santorum thinks condoms should be outlawed?

Surging Republican candidate - and Internet meme - Rick Santorum added another radical position to his long list of radical positions. In an interview with ABC News yesterday - Santorum pushed back against a nearly fifty year old Supreme Court ruling - and said that states should have the right to arrest you for having or using a condom, even if you're married and using it in your own home. That's right - if Rick Santorum were dictator - he'd let states ban contaceptives.
No more condoms in Kentucky!
No more birth control in Alabama!

How Fracking caused an Ohio earthquake

Dr. Tony Ingraffea, Cornell University joins Thom Hartmann. There was an Earthquake in Ohio over the weekend - and you won't believe what caused it. We'll expose how oil and natural gas companies are leaving us - literally - all shook up

The Alyona Show 6/1/2012 - Tool time: NH Lets Kids Opt Out of Education - Bunny Ranch 'Pimpin' for Paul' - Viral Spiral: WTF I wanted an iPhone .........

MSM: Boeing Exec v. Employees

Jobs numbers have been released by the government for the month of December. And by the government's measurements, the numbers are finally good and unemployment has fallen to its lowest rate in three years. But the mainstream media rarely ever bothers to report on the U6 measurement which includes the underemployed that number is at 15.2%. First, we'll look back on a sad story that the media covered yesterday. A Boeing factory in Wichita, Kansas open since 1929 is going to close. With today's numbers, the mainstream media very quickly forgot about the plight of those workers in Wichita that just yesterday they were so concerned about. But they also don't bother to point out the absurdity of Boeing's reasoning for this factory closure, being the shrinking market for contractors because of defense cuts.

Do Job 'Creators' Think They Are Like God?

The jobs numbers that have come out for the month of December and the economy is said to have added 200 thousand jobs. The unemployment rate has fallen to 8.5% it's lowest in 3 years. The U6, which includes marginally attached workers fell to 15.2% the lowest since February of 2009. We're still a long way off, Nick Hanauer, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist discusses.

Wikileaks Supporters Lose Twitter Appeal

The government has been trying to get information on three Wikileaks supporters, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Jacob Appelbaum, and Rop Gonggrijp. These three supporters have been fighting a court order that's requesting their information on Twitter. This court order can be made even if the person of interest isn't suspected of any criminal wrongdoing. So even if the three supporters are innocent of any actions, their information can be obtained through 2703-d.

Bunny Ranch 'Pimpin' for Paul'

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Nevada's most famous legal brothel has announced its support for Ron Paul for President. Or as they like to put it, they're "Pimpin for Paul". Dennis Hof, Owner of the Bunny Ranch, and The Love Ranch and Cami Parker, a Hustler Centerfold join the show to discuss their support.

Tool time: NH Lets Kids Opt Out of Education

New Hampshire's government is totally ok with parents picking and choosing their child's courses, and putting them together like a Lego set. They just gave their seal of approval to House Bill 542, which would "require school districts to adopt a policy allowing an exception to specific course material based on a parent's or legal guardian's determination that the material is objectionable". Take a look at some things parents could be opposed to in schools.

8th Grader w/ Pellet Gun Killed by Police

A middle school in Texas is mourning the death of 15 year-old, Jaime Gonzalez after he was shot and killed by Brownsville police in the hallway of Cummings Middle School. Police were called after people at the school noticed that Gonzalez was carrying some sort of weapon on him that they said looked like a gun, but turned out wasn't. The police and shot and killed the 15 year-old.

US Bullies Spain on SOPA Like Laws

The Spanish government passed legislation known as the Sinde Law, something that many are comparing to SOPA, the Stop Online Privacy Act. Public opinion in Spain is heavily opposed to the bill, and in the fight to stop it, the head of the Spanish film academy even quit their position in protest. It turns out that the US government has been heavily pressuring them to do it. So is our government doing the bidding of the entertainment industry, and in turn bullying the world? AaronSwartz, Executive Director of Demand Progress weighs in.

Fireside: Lobbying Works, Just Ask Corporations

There are a lot of ways to look at money and our political system and see where the two are intertwined and attached at the hip so openly that it no longer becomes a question of where corruption exists, but more like, where doesn't it? A new study from the University of Kansas by Raquel Alexander and Susan Scholz decided to find one bill passed by Congress, where they could track the return on lobbying investment. This was the American Jobs Creation Act, a bill that gave multinational corporations a one time, obscenely large tax break. And it turns out the return on lobbying for those corporations were 22 thousand percent. So for every dollar that they spent on lobbying, the companies got 220 dollars in tax benefits.

Happy Hour: Tuba Theft?! Blame the Mexicans!

RT's Andrew Blake and Reason's Mike Riggs join happy hour to talk about a rule of change for immigrants applying for legal status, a plan in France to base grades off of their weight, a new Jon Huntsman ad, and stolen tuba's at Alyona's former high school.

Viral Spiral: WTF I wanted an iPhone

In this Viral Spiral; In this Viral Spiral; kids being total jerks about Christmas, a pigeon treadmill, a massive Black versus Chinese fight on New Years Eve in Canada, Grandma getting down to Usher, a serious mic check fail, a girl with amazing eyebrow talent, a puppy fail, an epic iPad slap and turtles high five.

WTF I wanted an iPhone:!
Pigeon treadmill:
Black versus Chinese restaurant brawl in Canada:
Grandma dancing:!
mic check fail:
Eyebrow talent:
Puppy dog fail:
iPad slap:
Turtle high five:

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The Alyona Show 1/05/12 - MSM: Defense 'Cuts' - Obama Brags About Defense Spending- Higher than Bush! ....

The Alyona Show 1/05/12

We'll take a look at the Pentagon's new strategic review. The President says that we're turning our focus away from counterinsurgency, towards the South Pacific. All while cutting hundreds of billions from defense. So what exactly does all of that mean? Then, the fight against Citizens United is gaining steam at the local level. The Young Turk's Cenk Uygur talks about what certain court rulings, and city council resolutions all add up to in the quest to get corporate money out of politics. Next, while the winter cold and nationwide evictions may have put a damper on the Occupy movement, they've got big plans for the spring. And then don't miss our happy hour.

MSM: Defense 'Cuts'

Today the President gave a press conference from the Pentagon, describing a new refocused strategy for our military, a leaner approach. This comes as the Pentagon will be forced to cut almost $450 billion over the next 10 years as Congress agreed upon last year. If we're in such dire economic straits federal and state jobs are being cut because the government needs to tighten its belt then why the hell are we still spending more on defense than we were at the end of the Bush administration?! Has everybody forgotten that in the last 10 years, since 9/11, our defense budget has more than doubled?

Obama Brags About Defense Spending- Higher than Bush!

We'll take a look at what a new US military strategy will actually look like. In short, President Obama described it as shifting away from land wars, and moving to air and sea. But who exactly are the threats that we're planning on countering with all of this? If you listen to the President; the Secretary of Defense, they call it an "Asia-Pacific" strategy. What do we want to call it? New America Foundation's Steven Clemons discusses.

Cenk: Anti- Citizens United Momentum Builds

It's now been nearly two years since the Supreme Court's Citizens United Ruling, where the doors were blown wide open for corporate cash to flow into our elections. But the chorus against this ruling is growing louder. In New York, the city council voted yesterday to call on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment overturning the ruling. Similar resolutions have been passed in Los Angeles, Boulder, Oakland, and Albany. The momentum is there, but what are the chances, this could actually work? TYT's Cenk Uygur weighs in.

Show & Tell: GOP's $$ in Iowa Worth it?

Last time we talked about the millions of dollars flooding into Iowa despite reports of low voter enthusiasm and asked if you think the money spent in Iowa is worth its political importance? Now, we talked about the US's new defense strategy outlined by Secretary of Defense Panetta and President Obama. Do you think this represents a real 'turning point' for the US military, or a continuation of the status quo?

Boston DA Subpoenas Occupiers Twitter Info

Should twitter hand over user information to law enforcement? That's the question being asked after the social networking site received a subpoena from the Boston District Attorney in mid-December. The subpoena calls on Twitter to access account information about two users with the twitter handles @poisonAnon and @OccupyBoston for leaking personal information about some Boston police officers at the height of the Occupy Boston movement. The DA is also looking for any account information on anyone who included #BostonPD and #Doxcake in their tweets.

Occupy Phase II: The Plan

It's now been about three and a half months since the Occupy movement began in New York last year. The winter cold is beginning to set in, and some of the numbers are dwindling in the remaining Occupy camps. But they're gearing up for what's being called Phase 2 of Occupy. This includes more targeted, specific actions across the country, and even an Occupy television show. Activist and writer Jesse LaGreca explains.

Tool time: Santorum, No $$ For 'Blah' People?!

Rick Santorum while campaigning in Iowa started discussing his opposition to welfare programs and said he didn't want to give black people other people's money but rather, he wants them to go out and earn that money for themselves. This has caused an uproar, and now he's doing some damage control. Take a look at what he's saying.

Happy Hour: Piracy as a Religion

RT's Jenny Churchill and Jim Hanson, military blogger at join happy hour to talk about the US's non-lethal weapon 'wish list' leaked online, Sweden recognizes Piracy as a religion, and Indiana to ban novelty lighters.

The Alyona Show 1/04/12 - MSM: Real People Speak on Elex - Romney represents 'worst aspects of capitalism'- Happy Hour: Ron Paul Supporter Censored by CNN? ....

The Alyona Show 1/04/12

Tonight we'll speak to the founder of the Alternative Banking Group. People keep saying that the Occupy movement isn't offering any real solutions, well this group of bankers, traders and lawyers, wants to help. Then, Glenn Greenwald joins us to discuss the notion that America supports Democracy in the Arab World. We heard it a million times during the Arab Spring, but is the jig finally up? Also the Taliban have announced that they'll be opening a political office in Qatar. The US will reportedly release a few Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay in return in hopes of negotiations. So are we really getting close to the end and is this a breakthrough, or more of a cave? And then don't miss happy hour.

MSM: Real People Speak on Elex

The results of Iowa's primary are in, with Romney taking the lead by only by 8 points, Santorum coming in second and Ron Paul in 3rd. But even when the mainstream media devotes all of their resources, all of their time to a single topic, they rarely ever provide any information or analysis of any value. They rarely discuss the issues that matter most to average Americans. So we went out to Occupy DC today to get their take on Iowa, on our political system overall, and of course, on the mainstream media.

Romney represents 'worst aspects of capitalism'

The Alternative Banking Group, considered a branch of Occupy Wall Street, includes current and former investment bankers, traders and even lawyers for the securities industry who want to offer their services and diverse ideas to the movement to help bring about real change. So can the group help the movement offer up some concrete demands? Carne Ross, founder of the Alternative Banking Group for Occupy Wall Street discusses.

Greenwald: 'US can only suppress democracy for so long'

Remember coverage of the Arab Spring, of Tahrir Square, and you'd get the impression that there's nothing they want more than for all peoples' of the world to live in freedom and equality. Only problem is no matter how the media tries to spin it, Democracy in the Arab world is the last thing that our foreign policy establishment wants. Salon's Glenn Greenwald weighs in.

You said it, I read it: #NDAA Poem

Alyona takes the time to respond to some of her viewer comments. We spoke about most of the media's utter disinterest with the National Defense Authorization Bill signed by Obama including a provision allowing for the indefinite detention of Americans. But in a signing statement, he assured the American people his administration would not use the provision. Take a look at what some of our dissatisfied viewers had to say. Next, is from a viewer who watched our Tool Time on Rick Santorum's statements that contraception is "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be." Plus more from our viewers.

US to Release GITMO Detainees to Taliban?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban announced that the Taliban would be opening a political office in Qatar, approved by Karzai, where the US hopes to engage in negotiations. According to the Guardian, in exchange, the US is ready to release high ranking Taliban officials from Guantanamo Bay. Matthew Hoh director of the Afghanistan Study Group discusses.

Tool time: Activist Fights for Bullies Rights!

David Fowler is a former GOP state senator for Tennessee and an activist who wants to protect people's bigoted views on homosexuality and now wants to propose a bill that would amend a current anti-bullying law in Tennessee. But rather than crack down on bullying, he wants to create a loophole in the current legislation. The bill would protect those who are bullying based on their religious, philosophical, or political beliefs so as long as the person who's doing the bullying isn't actually a physical threat to the victim, then that person would have the right to belittle another person because they're practicing religious freedom.

Happy Hour: Ron Paul Supporter Censored by CNN?

RT's Kristine Frazao and Townhall's Kevin Glass join happy hour to talk about a new Iowa video that's trying to prove people in Iowa are cool, CNN cutting off a soldier who was praising Ron Paul, an Obama, Mars conspiracy theory, and the ACLU wants West Virginia country to stop funding "Jesus Fest".

The Alyona Show 1/03/12 - MSM: Obama's 'Promise' on NDAA - Ron Paul Shows Left Ugly Truths about Obama? - US Arms Mideast Allies ......

The Alyona Show 1/03/12

Tonight we'll take a look at Iowa, and how it shows us where this campaign season will be heading. Let's just say that the big money is already rolling in for this very first primary vote. Then, while the overwhelming majority turns its back on SOPA and Protect IP, there are still a few out there touting this legislation and whether SOPA or Protect IP, even do anything to really counter it! And then don't miss happy hour.

MSM: Obama's 'Promise' on NDAA

Topic number one for the mainstream media these days has been the lead up to caucus voters in Iowa, heading for the polls today. But guess what, there are other big things going on in this country. President Obama went ahead and signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act. This is the same authorization act that also includes a provision for indefinite military detention. But you see here's what Obama did on the actual day that he signed it, after backing off of the veto threat, he went forward and decided to insert into the signing statement a promise that his administration won't allow this to apply to American citizens without trial first.

Ron Paul Shows Left Ugly Truths about Obama?

Today is the Iowa caucuses where only 20% of the state's population that is likely to vote Republican will come out, maybe, and cast a ballot that may or may not determine who the GOP nominee for the presidency will be. It's hard to say how much Iowa really matters in the long term, but that hasn't stopped SuperPAC's and the like from throwing insane amounts of money in. But who exactly has that kind of money right now and what should we make of this entire, Iowa show? Radio host David Sirota and James Poulos, Host of The Bottom Line on PJTV discuss.

US Arms Mideast Allies

Two notable arms deals have been signed by President Obama. One of them was a finalization of part of a 10 year, $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia which included helicopters, missiles, bombs, and delivery systems. However this element of the agreement says that the US will send 84 new fighter jets to the country, as well as upgrades for 70 more jets. The other accord was reached between the US and its Middle East ally, United Arab Emirates. These arms deals could be the latest precursor to waging war with Iran, and now the US could have the UAE on standby for backup.

Show & Tell: MSM bias against Ron Paul?

We covered the main stream media's full court press against GOP nominee Ron Paul and asked if you think this is the typical vetting process carried out against the latest frontrunner or does it reveal a MSM bias against Ron Paul? Now, we talked about the millions of dollars flooding into Iowa despite dwindling voter turnout. So do you think the money spent in Iowa is worth its political importance?

#1 Myth: SOPA Stops Piracy

Over the last few months we've documented for you, the growing opposition to SOPA and Protect IP. Those nice little pieces of legislation in the House and Senate that would allow the government to seek orders telling ISP's, ad networks, payment processors to blacklist websites considered rogue and dedicated to infringing activities. The Boston Globe for example, just last week editorialized in favor, stressing the billions in loses due to copyright infringement. We'll ask Cato's Julian Sanchez how much actually gets lost jobs and revenue wise and why these bills, won't stop piracy anyway.

Tool time: Santorum, contraception 'license' to do bad things in bed?

Rick Santorum during a recent interview with ABC's Jake Tapper was questioned about his views regarding contraception and he explained that the states should have the right to do that, and reiterated that it should be a state decision. You know it sounds like Rick is pretty passive on this issue, he says make it a state law and let it be handled that way. But it's funny that he's saying that, because in the past Rick Santorum has expressed desires to stop federally-funded contraception. Check out what he shares during an interview with, after he pledges to remove any chance that federal dollars would go towards abortion or contraceptives.

Happy Hour: Mountain Dew Dissolves Mice?

RT's Lauren Lyster and Comedian Tim Young join happy hour tonight to talk about Occupy 101 offered at Columbia University, Pepsi being sued by someone who claims he found a mouse in his soda, the Santorum Salad, a library sending the cops on a 5 year old for overdue books, and should twitter sensor terrorists?

Pathfinders: Hollywood producer reveals Russia's showbiz secrets 7/1/2012

Bob Van Ronkel knows everyone in Hollywood from Al Pacino to Angelina Jolie. In an interview with RT, he reveals how much some Hollywood celebrities make from their tours to Russia and how the country's show-biz works. A former owner Los Angeles restaurant owner, Van Ronkel is now a well-known promoter, bringing over 80 actors and bands to Russia in just eight years.

Silent Spring: Press gagged over Iraqi protests 7/1/2012

Since the last American troops left Iraq, the country is learning to manage its own affairs, but the consequences are proving fatal for some. A decade of conflict was meant to herald a move to democracy, but journalists there say intimidation and brutality against them is rife.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas worldwide 7/1/2012

Orthodox Christians worldwide are celebrating Christmas. About 5,000 believers attended the Orthodox Christmas liturgy at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow and associated celebratory services. The Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, with Christmas falling on January 7.

Video: Orthodox Christmas Mass in Russia's major Cathedral 6/1/2012

More than 30,000 churches and cathedrals across Russia have held religious services as Russia is celebrating Orthodox Christmas. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, has delivered the Christmas Eve Mass in the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

Strait of Hormuz powder keg: US-Israel to meet Great Prophet? 6/1/2012

The U.S. is moving thousands of its troops to Israel for a planned joint exercise. It comes against the backdrop of increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf over Iran's threat to block the crucial Hormuz Strait. Some analysts have voiced fears it could be part of a build-up to a military strike on Iran. RT's Paula Slier, who's in Jerusalem, quotes Israeli military as saying this would be the biggest military games ever.

'Opposition behind Damascus blast, lays ground for intervention' 6/1/2012

A deadly explosion targeting police has rocked a residential neighborhood in Damascus, killing up to 25 people. It's believed to have been a suicide bombing, with most of the casualties civilians. Syrian TV says the blast happened near a primary school. It comes as the leader of the country's biggest armed opposition group has reportedly called for President Assad's regime to be overthrown by military means. Meanwhile a former high-ranking army official who defected to the opposition has claimed the government was lying when it said the violence was caused by gangs aided from abroad. Author and Middle East expert Tariq Ali believes the opposition is responsible for the attack and they're laying the ground for a foreign intervention.

All paper bugs must die! 6/1/2012

Watch the full Keiser Report on Saturday.

Clash of Cultures: Ancient people desperate to keep identity

RT's team continues to explore Russia - and bring its most spectacular corners closer. This week we have ventured to part of the country's Far East - the Khabarovsk region. This is Russia's melting pot of cultures, with all sorts of customs and traditions mixed into an amazing blend. But as RT's Tom Barton discovered, sometimes it's hard to adapt old habits to the pace of modern day life.

First video of Damascus terror: Dozens killed in suicide attack

Syrian state TV says a suspected suicide bomber has killed at least 25 people in the capital, in an attack that was apparently targetting a police bus. The attacker detonated his explosives in central Damascus on Friday, killing and wounding dozens of people, Syrian state TV reports. The target of the attack appeared to be a bus carrying policemen - that's according to a Syrian official. Syrian TV showed the damaged bus that had bloodstained seats, and riot police helmets and shields scattered around. The government's blaming terrorists for the assault. The attack comes after Syria's opposition rounded on the Arab League observer mission on the violence in the country, urging the UN to approve a Libya-style no-fly zone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hard work & daily bread: 'We paid our workers to smile' 4/1/2012

Le Pain Quotidien is a well-known brand in London, Brussels and New York, but running the premium bakery in Russia presents an unparalleled challenge. Yet NX Bakery Group has succeeded against the odds. The company, which operates several bakery brands, has a turnover of $2 million a month. From finding local ingredients for their pastry to hedging against the unpredictable Russian weather,

Gangs & Punishment: London breeds fear culture 4/1/2012

Curbing gang violence is now one of the top priorities for Britain's leaders. But, for some, the effort will be in vain unless the government tackles an underlying culture of fear, as Laura Smith reports from London.

'Ron Paul is great, but won't win the ultimate vote' 4/1/2012

The U.S. presidential campaign is now underway in earnest, with the first contest to determine a single Republican nominee having taken place in the state of Iowa. In a tight finish, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the caucuses by just eight votes, narrowly edging out social conservative Rick Santorum. In third place is anti-war advocate Ron Paul. Iowa's polls are largely seen as setting the tone for the nomination race, by weeding out candidates. The eventual Republican nominee will be up against Democrat President Barack Obama in November's election. Former congressional aide and diplomat, Joel Rubin, believes it's Ron Paul who stands out from the rest, but is unlikely to get enough support from his fellow Republicans.

Escobar: US, Iran... 2012 will be hardcore 4/1/2012

ran has been holding naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz since December 23, and has threatened to close the key oil supply route if new US sanctions hit its exports. It later backed down. However, in an escalating war of words, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said that closure of the Strait would not be tolerated.

Pepe Escobar, Asia Times correspondent told RT the year 2012 would be a hardcore one, mainly because of the US-Iran tensions.

Expectations Fail: 'Obama misinterpreted his mandate' 4/1/2012

Having been elected on a wave of hope four years ago, Barack Obama now faces a significant drop in popularity among disillusioned Democrats.

Back then, a historic campaign turned US politics into a pop culture phenomenon. The Democratic candidate achieved unprecedented support, international fame and a record-breaking US $650 million in donations. Thousands of New Yorkers celebrated the victory, clutching an enormous American flag hand-sewn by Obama supporters.

Медведев: "Все у нас получится! С Новым годом!" 1/1/2012

Новогоднее обращение президента Медведева.

Митинг "За честные выборы" в Москве на пр. Сахарова 24/12/2011

На второй митинг «За честные выборы» на проспект Сахарова в Москве пришло, как и ожидалось, еще больше участников, чем 10 декабря на Болотную площадь. По данным ГУВД, проспект посетили не менее 29 тыс. человек, по данным организаторов -- до 120 тыс. Многие дают примерную оценку в 50-80 тыс.

Власть не выполнила требования, выдвинутые на Болотной, констатировали выступающие, протесты должны продолжаться. Следующий митинг назначен на февраль 2012 года.

All eyes on Iowa caucus: Will Ron Paul win? 3/1/2012

The Iowa Caucus is now underway. According to several media outlets the winning spot is up for grabs. Many Americans believe the candidate that wins Iowa wins the nomination. The top three candidates that have emerged in the GOP are Romney, Paul and Santorum. One of the three are guaranteed to win tonight. Minister Derrick Grayson, a Ron Paul supporter, joins us to share why he believes Ron Paul will come out victorious.

2012: NDAA, SOPA and 40,000 other oppressive laws take effect 3/1/2012

It's the new year and the US government has passed 40,000 new laws to ring in 2012. One of the most controversial laws that President Obama signed is the National Defense Authorization Act. The legislation allows for the indefinite detention and torture of someone suspected of being a member of al-Qaeda, including US citizens. Many Americans are concerned that their civil liberties are deteriorating and are giving up on their own government. George Hemminger, founder of Survive and Thrive TV, gives us his take on NDAA and SOPA.

Pepe Escobar: In 2012 US engages in new Cold War 3/1/2012

Iran has fired a test missile today in the Strait of Hormuz. This continues to add strain to the relationship between Iran and the US. A few months ago the International Atomic Energy Agency accused Iran of gathering materials to build a nuclear warhead. In retaliation the US has implemented sanctions against Iran and many claim a war against the two countries is brewing. Pepe Escobar, a correspondent for Asia Times, joins us to see what the new year will bring.

Iowa caucus: Angry Americans hit the panic button 3/1/2012

The Iowa Caucus is just hours away. For many, this is the first real gauge on who could potentially make it to the White House. The top three candidates that have emerged in the GOP are Romney, Paul and Santorum. Could Mitt Romney, the current front-runner, pull off a win in Iowa or will Ron Paul pull off an upset? Demetri Kofinas, senior producer for Capital Account, joins us to see who could take Iowa.

Moscow Out: Best of 2011 3/1/2012

2011 has brought many exciting events to Russian and International cultural calendars. On this week's special Moscow Out program, RT's Martyn Andrews and the team will be looking over some highlights of the past year -- the best bits from their episodes produced over the past 12 months. From the opening of the Bolshoi to daring stunts caught on film. If you didn't catch these exciting moments during the year, then don't miss our festive-themed "recap".

Moscow Out: Christmas Preparations 22/12/2011

Santa Claus is coming to town! On this week's Moscow Out edition, Martyn Andrews and his crew take a look at the final preparations for Christmas in the Russian capital. We go shopping for a "Yolka" (fir tree) and explore the festive wonderland of GUM department store, located next to Red Square. From the Nutcracker at the Bolshoi to New Year's Eve parties -- we bring you our selection of activities and eat Christmas dinner in style at one of Moscow's new high rise hangouts.

Russia's ups and downs in 2011: RT's round-up 3/1/2012

Aired on Dec 30, 2011. From cosmic failures to constitutional changes, RT looks at the events that shaped the year in Russia.

Green Revolution: RT sums up Russia's eco-initiatives 2/1/2012

An information flow is shaping the future of the environmental movement in Russia. For many grass-roots leaders, it is no longer about just staging protests, but rather about making a positive difference. From recycling initiatives to eco-houses, Muscovites are celebrating a year of progress.

Barman's Blooper: When RT mixologist thinks cam's not working 1/1/2012

Craving more New Year fun? Follow the behind-the-scenes adventures of RT's extravagant mixologist Beck Narzi -- the man full of tipsy humor and dizzying style.

Capital Account: Paul C. Roberts, "Ron Paul has his hands full trying to restore the Constitution"

The Iowa caucuses are tonight. Iowans will head to the polls to cast their first votes in the US primary season. The horse race is really underway here, but what real options do the American people have? What choice can they make that will have a positive effect on their financial future, not to mention their constitutional rights and civil liberties? It doesn't look to us like there is any leader who can unify the country. Obama had the political currency and the skill to do that 3 years ago, but he squandered it. So where does that put the rest of us now exactly? Feels kind of like the Twilight Zone, and we will bring in former assistant treasury secretary Paul Craig Roberts to tell us what he thinks. And speaking of the twilight zone, let's talk a bit about Iran. After all, it is center stage once again as the candidates look to out gun each other. Iran has threatened to act if the US navy moves an aircraft carrier into the gulf. This as New US and EU sanctions target the Islamic Republic. What doe this mean for Oil prices for you and I and is the US sabre rattling worth the cost? Well, again, we will speak to Paul Craig Roberts, an assistant treasury secretary under the Reagan Administration for answers to that questions. And lastly, with millions of dollars being spent by the GOP candidates and other groups in Iowa on TV ads, maybe we should all just fund one big ad, like the famous "daisy ad" which propelled Lyndon Johnson to the presidency in 1964 off the back nuclear war? Demetri Kofinas and Lauren Lyster debate this at the end of our show.

Word of the Day: Bystander Effect

he bystander effect or Genovese syndrome is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases where individuals do not offer any means of help in an emergency situation to the victim when other people are present. The probability of help has in the past been thought to be inversely related to the number of bystanders; in other words, the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help. The mere presence of other bystanders greatly decreases intervention. This happens because as the number of bystanders increases, any given bystander is less likely to interpret the incident as a problem, and less likely to assume responsibility for taking action. Of course these are statistics and may not fully represent actual occurrences, as there are percentages of error in any poll or statistic. We wonder if the American people are really bystanders in a political system that is on autopilot as it destroys our constitution, our economy, and our bill of rights. Has Barack Obama just let the criminals in our society loose to return and loot the crime scene some more as the rest of us look, placidly, upon the devastation?

Capital Account Viewer Feedback Special for Max Keiser (12/29/11)

The Capital Account team will be off for the week of December 26th -- 30th. During this time, we will be airing "best-of" episodes from all of our past shows, as well as special viewer feedback segments that have never before aired. In this episode, Lauren takes questions/comments in response to our November interview with Max Keiser on financial apartheid, gold, SDRs, and Germany 4.0. If you are a regular watcher of the show, you may be pleased to find that your questions and comments are also addressed in this video or in future ones.

Capital Account Viewer Feedback Special for Jim Rickards (12/28/11)

The Capital Account team will be off for the week of December 26th -- 30th. During this time, we will be airing "best-of" episodes from all of our past shows, as well as special viewer feedback segments that have never before aired. In this episode, Lauren takes questions/comments in response to our last Jim Rickards interview on dollar swap lines, financial repression, deficit spending, easy money and more! If you are a regular watcher of the show, you may be pleased to find that your questions and comments are also addressed in this video or in future ones.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Powerful Winds Torment Britain 3/1/2012

Powerful winds are pounding Britain, grounding flights, closing roads and forcing ferries to stay docked. A falling tree killed one person. (Jan. 3)

Egypt Holds 3rd Round of Parliamentary Elections 3/1/2012

Egyptians lined up in front of polling centers in nine provinces to cast their ballots Tuesday in the third and final round of the country's first parliamentary elections following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. (Jan. 3)

Palestinians Warn of 'New Measures' if No Peace 3/1/2012

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is threatening 'new measures' against Israel if a much-anticipated meeting in Jordan fails to make progress. (Jan. 3)

Police: Body Found on Queen's Estate Was Murder 3/1/2012

British police have opened a murder investigation into the discovery of a body on an estate belonging to Queen Elizabeth II. The body of a woman was found on New Year's Day. (Jan. 3)

Romney Hits Obama on Day of Iowa Caucuses 3/1/2012

On the day of the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney continued to hammer President Barack Obama. Romney said Obama has a failed presidency on the economy. (Jan. 3)

Raw Video: Mourners Protest Syrian Government 3/1/2012

Amateur video emerged on Tuesday that purported to show a large crowd taking part in a funeral procession in the Syrian town of Talkalakh. The men being buried were reportedly killed in the ongoing government crackdown. (Jan. 3)

Montana Avalanche Danger High 3/1/2012

Avalanches killed two snowmobilers and a skier over the holiday weekend. Montana authorities say they've witnessed a large amount of avalanche on mountain slopes in the state. (Jan. 3)

Iran Tests Missiles, Issues Warning 3/1/2012

Iran tests two long-range missiles, on the last day of its naval exercises. The country is threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, which would cut off a large percentage of the world's oil supply. (Jan. 3)

AP Top Stories 3/1/2012

Here's the latest news for Tuesday, Jan. 3rd: Many Iowans undecided on caucus day; Obama readying for re-election bid after vacation; Egypt holds 3rd round of parliamentary elections; NYC investigate possible bias crimes.

Heat Wave, Fires Bake and Burn Australia 3/1/2012

Approximately 100 fires are now under control in Victoria state, southern Australia. Australia is dealing with a brutal heat wave, strong wind and lightning strikes. (Jan. 3)

Raw Video: Third Post-Mubarak Vote in Egypt 3/1/2012

Egyptians lined up in front of polling centers in nine provinces to cast their ballots Tuesday in the third round of the country's first parliamentary elections following the ouster of Hosni Mubarak. (Jan. 3)

Raw Video: Rally to Support New N. Korean Leader 3/1/2012

North Koreans took part in a ritual rally in Pyongyang on Tuesday, to show support for their country's policies and new leader Kim Jong Un. Around 100-thousand people packed central Pyongyang's Kim Il Square, according to organizers. (Jan. 3)

8 Injured in 41-vehicle Pileup in Kentucky 3/1/2012

Police say eight people have been injured in a 41-vehicle pileup that shut southbound Interstate 75 for hours on a day when scattered snow showers pelted northern Kentucky. (Jan. 3)

Cowboys Top Cardinal in High-scoring Fiesta Bowl 3/1/2012

No. 3 Oklahoma State beat No. 4 Stanford 41-38 in overtime Monday to win the Fiesta Bowl. No. 6 Oregon won the Rose Bowl for the first time in 95 years. Other bowl winners included No. 12 Michigan State, No. 20 Houston and No. 11 South Carolina. (Jan. 3)

Raw Video: Huntsman Pins Hopes on NH Effort 2/1/2012

With the rest of the field in Iowa, Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman continues to pin all his hopes on New Hampshire, which holds the first primary Jan. 10. He spent part of Monday greeting voters in downtown Nashua. (Jan. 2)

Raw Video: Obamas Depart Hawaii 3/1/2012

President Barack Obama and his family wrapped up a low-key 10-day Hawaiian vacation Monday. Air Force One will touch down in Washington on Tuesday morning. (Jan. 3)

Today in History for Jan. 3rd 3/1/2012

Highlights of this day in history: Washington's army routs the British in the Battle of New Jersey; Manuel Noriega surrenders to U.S. forces; Jack Ruby dies; Author J.R.R. Tolkien is born. (Jan. 3)

Fire Attacks at NYC Homes, Islamic Center Probed 1/3/2012

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is condemning a firebomb attack on an Islamic center in New York City on Sunday. Police say it was one of four arson attacks, and they have released surveillance video and a sketch of a suspect. (Jan. 2)

Miles de norcoreanos muestran apoyo a su nuevo líder

Miles de norcoreanos han salido a las calles de Pyongyang en un acto de apoyo a su nuevo líder Kim Jong-Un.

Sin embargo el máximo dirigente no ha aparecido ante el público congregado. La marcha se realiza después de que los principales diarios estatales publicaran un editorial conjunto de Año Nuevo.

Se trata de un resumen del programa político para este 2012, que contenía un llamamiento al seguimiento absoluto del hijo y sucesor del fallecido líder Kim Jong-il.

Las autoridades de Corea del Norte, un día después de la finalización de la ceremonia fúnebre en memoria de Kim Jong-il emitieron un comunicado, donde advirtieron a "los necios políticos de todo el mundo" y a sus vecinos "marionetas" de Corea del Sur que "no deberían esperar ningún cambio de nosotros".

¿Qué herencia deja EE. UU. a Irak tras nueve años de guerra?

El año nuevo ha traído una nueva realidad para Irak. Una realidad sin las tropas estadounidenses en el país. El último militar norteamericano abandonó la nación de Oriente Medio el pasado 18 de diciembre. Pero aún queda por resolver la pregunta: ¿Qué herencia deja EE. UU. tras nueve años de guerra marcados por muertes, escándalos e investigaciones?

Tras la larga operación bélica de EE. UU. en Irak, los estadounidenses están seguros de que este país árabe sigue siendo el principal entre las naciones del Golfo Pérsico. Mientras tanto, los propios ciudadanos de Irak consideran que la ocupación tuvo un efecto negativo.

"La invasión de las tropas norteamericanas a Irak en 2003 y el grave error que cometieron empeoró la situación aquí. Las autoridades militares estadounidenses cometieron muchísimos fallos, especialmente en los aspectos civiles. Eso tuvo un efecto negativo", afirma el mayor general Hassan Salman.

La organización Irak Body Count ha calculado cuánto ha costado esta guerra en vidas humanas. En total, cerca de 162.000 personas murieron desde marzo de 2003 hasta diciembre de 2011. De todas ellas, casi el 80% son civiles. Las bajas en el Ejército norteamericano se estiman en unas 4.500.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Military Member Charged in Texas Explosives Case

Authorities have charged a member of the U.S. military arrested after trying to go through a security checkpoint at a Texas airport with explosives in military-grade wrapping. (Jan. 2)

Wash. Ranger Killed, 'person of Interest' Sought

A Mount Rainier National Park ranger was fatally shot following a New Year's Day traffic stop, and the 368-square-mile park in Washington state was closed as dozens of officers searched for the armed gunman over snowy and rugged terrain. (Jan. 2)

Today in History for January 2nd

This is a recap of significant events on this day in history. (Jan. 2)

Iran Test Fires Medium-Range Missile

Iran's navy says it has test-fired a medium-range surface-to-air missile in international waters near the strategic Strait of Hormuz. It's Iran's latest show of strength in the face of international criticism over its nuclear program. (Jan. 1)

AP Top Stories

Here's the latest news for Sunday, Jan. 1: Gingrich says GOP race wide open; More cars burn in L.A.; Iran claims to fire surface-to-air missile; Starting 2012 all wet.

No Holiday Pause for Iowa Caucuses Campaign

While many Americans spent their News Year's watching football and recovering from parties, most of the GOP presidential candidates remained on the trail ahead of Tuesday's Iowa caucuses. (Jan. 1)

El equipo ruso Kamaz Masters recibe con entusiasmo las novedades del Dakar 2012

El equipo de camiones rusos decacampeón del Rally Dakar, Kamaz Master, ve con entusiasmo la nueva edición latina de la competición que arrancó junto con el 2012.

Casi medio millar de vehículos, entre cuadriciclos, motos, automóviles y camiones, iniciaron la competición en Mar del Plata (Argentina) para llegar dentro de dos semanas a Lima, capital del Perú que se incorporó a la ruta este año.

El camión es uno de los vehículos más difíciles de manejar en esos terrenos tan variados del rally: desiertos, dunas y montañas. Para equipo Kamaz, "el nuevo territorio que se ha abierto en la competición en Perú será un nuevo desafío", según las palabras de su director técnico, Semión Yakubov.

Pero Perú no es la única novedad para los rusos. Tras la retirada del siete veces campeón, Vladímir Chaguin, su rol lo asume el nuevo líder del equipo, Eduard Nikoláyev. "Esperemos que este Dakar les pueda dar mayor experiencia a los nuevos pilotos y al equipo nuevas figuras y nuevos nombres", dijo Yakubov.

Por suerte, los nuevos miembros del Kamaz podrán contar con el apoyo del veterano Chaguin, cuya nueva tarea dentro del equipo será precisamente compartir su experiencia con ellos.

Irán prueba con éxito misiles de medio alcance 'tierra—aire'

Dentro de un simulacro, en el Estrecho de Ormuz y aguas adyacentes, Irán realizó un lanzamiento de prueba de un misil de medio alcance 'tierra—aire', diseñado para derribar objetivos poco visibles. El mando de la Armada persa reportó que fue cumplido con éxito.

Uno de los comandantes de las maniobras 'Velayat 90', el almirante Mahmud Musaui destacó que el tipo de cohete probado está equipado con las tecnologías más avanzadas para impactar con alta precisión contra blancos en movimiento y dotados de sistemas antirradar. El alto mando agregó que esta prueba es la primera para el misil, que "fue diseñado y ensamblado íntegramente, a partir de los avances en materia de producción, en Irán".

Se espera que próximamente las Fuerzas Armadas de la República Islámica realicen otros lanzamientos de este equipamiento y otras modificaciones de armamento misilístico. Dos días atrás el mando militar persa advirtió que llevaría a cabo la prueba de un misil de largo alcance la víspera de la Nochevieja, pero luego suspendió sus planes.

El último en recibir el 2012 es el continente americano

Millones de personas alrededor del mundo le dan la bienvenida al 2012. Los habitantes de Australia y Oceanía fueron los primeros en festejar la llegada del año nuevo y pedir un deseo mientras el reloj marcaba las 00:00. Luego llegó el turno de los países del sureste de Asia. El 2012 iba ganando terreno. Europa recibió al novato con los brazos abiertos. Luego, el 2012 dio un salto a través del Atlántico y tocó la puerta del continente americano.

Los ciudadanos de todo nuestro planeta ya se han podido felicitar! Los últimos que lo hicieron fueron los habitantes de la Samoa Americana y del atolón "Midway" de EE.UU.

Bienvenido 2012: celebraciones del Año Nuevo en el mundo

Millones de personas alrededor del mundo le dan la bienvenida al 2012. Los habitantes de Australia y Oceanía fueron los primeros en festejar la llegada del año nuevo y pedir un deseo mientras el reloj marcaba las 00:00. Luego llegó el turno de los países del sureste de Asia. El 2012 iba ganando terreno. Europa recibió al novato con los brazos abiertos. Luego, el 2012 dio un salto a través del Atlántico y tocó la puerta del continente americano.