Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zimmerman Statement: 'You're Going to Die'

Jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial on Monday heard a recording and a reading of the statement from the neighborhood watch volunteer describing his fatal encounter with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. NOTE: Graphic language. (July 1)

The Politics of Pot: Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Dramatic shifts in public opinion about marijuana legalization are forcing both lawmakers and the public to deal with clashing federal and state policies. (July 1)

Obama on Firefighters: 'We Are Heartbroken'

Speaking in Tanzania, President Obama called the deaths of 19 firefighters who died battling an Arizona wildfire 'heartbreaking.' Obama also said there have been 'high level discussions' between the US and Russia on Edward Snowden's extradition. (July 1)

Raw: Coast Guard Seizes Cocaine Worth $19M

The Coast Guard says cocaine confiscated by U.S. authorities off the coast of Costa Rica is worth roughly $19 million. The 1,250 pounds of cocaine was offloaded at the Coast Guard base in Miami Beach. (July 1)

College Student Loan Rates Set to Double

Competing Congressional plans to fix student loan interest rates miss July 1 deadline as millions of students grapple with over a trillion dollars in debt. (July 1)

Helicopter Pilot Says He's No Hero

Pilot of sightseeing helicopter was just doing his job during emergency landing on Hudson River in New York. (July 1, 2013)

Raw: Protests in Egypt Mount Against Morsi

Protests against Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi continued Monday in Tahrir Square and at the headquarters of his Muslim Brotherhood. Protesters stormed and ransacked the Islamic group's building after clashing overnight with Morsi supporters. (July 1)