Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Russia: International Alliance will triumph over Daash

The official Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Ukashević said, that the international coalition will not be able to achieve success in the war on al "Daash" terrorist on Syrian territory, in the absence of coordination with Damascus.

The news channel Russia Today, about Ukashević saying: "Terrorists consolidating their project in part of the territory of Syria, and the International Alliance did not solve the problems in Kobanî" he said, adding that the coalition against blows to the city of Raqqa densely populated, and it is difficult in the absence of independent sources of information to identify suffer more Daash or the civilian population, and in all cases there is no hope in achieving victory over the terrorists without expanded coordination with the Syrian government.

On the other hand, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Moscow believes that the mission is to continue to help Damascus in the face of terrorism and support efforts to achieve a diplomatic settlement of the Syrian problems, according to the principles of the Geneva statement, issued in June 2012, and through extensive dialogue without dictating external and preconditions.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the date for the meeting of representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition has not yet been determined, pointing out that the representatives of the Syrian opposition forces have different positions on the settlement of the dispute, that the more significant opposition participated in this meeting to represent the largest, the better.

Likud opposition supports the proposals to bring forward the elections

Israeli Likud Party decided to support the opposition to bring forward proposals for the election, which is scheduled to be voted on by the Knesset on Wednesday, in the preliminary reading.

He said, "Voice of Israel" radio on Tuesday, is expected to take the party "There is the future," a similar decision.

For his part, predicted deputy minister Likud Ophir Cconnes, that the elections will be held next March, accused of participating in the coalition government parties, especially "There is the future", it has not stopped since the start of the mandate of the current government's action against the Likud against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policy.

Russian Air Force to get 150 new aircraft in 2015

Colonel Igor Klimov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that the Russian Air Force will receive during 2015 more than 150 new helicopter.

Klimov said, in a press statement, said that the Air Force will take delivery of fighter jets "Su-30 SM," and "Su-30 M-2", and "35 Sukhoi S", and "MiG-29 SMT."

You'll also receive fighter bomber aircraft "Sukhoi 34", and aircraft training and fighting "Yak 130," airplane "The 148", and cargo planes "Il-76 MD-90", and aircraft helicopter Ka-52, Lome 28 that, Lome 8a MTV Xi, Lome 8 M TBR, Lome, 35 M, 26 Lome, Luca 226, and INSAT or ".

For his part, Radio "Voice of Russia" site said that the Russian Air Force will get the air defense systems of the type "S 400", and "Pantsir S", and radar "Nebo M, and gamma, and Soubaca, and Bodluot."

Killing 36 of the quarry workers in an attack by unidentified gunmen in northern Kenya

At 36 of the quarry workers were killed near the town of Mandera, located in northern Kenya in an attack by unidentified gunmen.

It quoted the BBC, "BBC" on Tuesday, the Kenyan police sources as saying, "The insurgents dispersed Muslims from non-Muslims, and then opened fire on Christians and Ardohm dead."

Police said the gunmen attacked the quarry workers after midnight on Monday, while in their assigned tents located in the vicinity of the quarry Ccormy object in the area, about 15 km from the town of Mandera.

Witnesses said that most of the victims were killed after being shot in the head, while four of them were beheaded .. while not yet, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The news channel "Sky News Arabic" news today, all local media as saying, "The 36 workers were killed when gunmen believed to be from the Somali youth movement quarry located near the Kenya-Somalia border town of Mandera attacked."

It is noteworthy that Kenya is witnessing several attacks since the military intervention in Somalia in 2011, and joined the forces of the African Union since that date to the Kenyan soldiers to fight the Mujahideen Youth Movement.

US Congress deletes close Guantanamo plan

US lawmakers face a blow to the efforts of President Barack Obama, continuing five years ago, to close the detention camp at Guantanamo in Cuba, naval, delete the plan to close the facility of the draft annual Defence Act.

The Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, Senator Carl Evinn, told reporters on Monday, "The final version of the bill, would allow the president to transfer prisoners to the United States."

It is likely that the House of Representatives and the Senate approve in the coming days on the defense bill, which recognizes annually for more than 50 years after that to send to the White House Obama to be signed into law.

Obama has promised to close the detention camp since he entered the White House in early 2009, and said, "It has damaged the reputation of the United States around the world."

Has not yet been able to do so partly because of congressional resistance.

34 inmates escape from a prison north of Haiti

Authorities announced in Haiti, one of the 34 inmates in the prison, located north of the country were able to escape after cutting the bars of the prison chainsaw.

"ABC" American Network reported on Monday, he was arrested four guests fleeing, while still searching for the rest, as were five of the prison guards who were alternates night to escape arrest, on suspicion of involvement with the help of guests to flee.

The prison is the point of interest in the coastal town of Saint-Marc, about one hundred kilometers north of the capital Port-au-Prince, while it is known that Haiti's prisons are overcrowded and always full of problems, especially that suspects spend years in jail before trial.

The deaths of 36 workers in Kenya, near the Somali border

Said Kenyan media, on Tuesday, gunmen killed 36 workers in the town of Bmahgr Mandera, Kenya, on the Somali border.

The station "Sizin" television, said 36 workers were killed when gunmen attacked, believed to be from the Somali youth movement quarry, said the Kenya Red Cross The quarry is about 15 kilometers from Mandera.

And killed about 28 people in the region last month, when gunmen from the youth movement kidnapped bus heading to Nairobi.

Obama vows to address the lack of confidence raging between police and minorities

US President Barack Obama pledged yesterday, that work hard during the remaining two years in office to address the raging trust between the police and minorities.

He called Obama, Congress allocated $ 263 million over three years to set up a program to build trust between the police and people of color and the provision of cameras filming the events which interfere with the police forces.
And announced the formation of a task force to study ways to improve police performance and dealing with citizens.
He said Obama, in his statement, that he would consider the imposition of more stringent controls on the spread of weapons and equipment used by the paramilitary police, and called for a dialogue across the United States on improving the level of police in each area.
Obama has held a series of meetings over on Monday, to discuss the unrest in the city of Ferguson, where he met with members of the US administration and then with a number of civil society leaders and clerics, Missouri. US President also held a third meeting with US security chiefs to discuss the unrest sweeping the city Ferguson since the announcement of grand jury Missouri days not to indict the white police of a man who killed a young black before.

On the other hand, swept the demonstrations, on Monday, several US cities to protest the police treatment of black Americans. Dozens have demonstrated in front of the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC, while the number of young Americans to cut off roads downtown Washington, disrupting traffic in several streets of the city center peak time. Demonstrations, New York and Chicago also swept in response to the demands of the active ingredients in the city of Ferguson to organize a general strike to protest the lack of charge to the police officer.

America is investigating the possibility of North Korea's involvement in breach of Sony Entertainment

The United States is investigating the extent of North Korea's involvement in penetrating own computer network company Sony Pictures Entertainment is working in the field of television and film production business company.

The Sony Pictures is a multi-national company, has been forced to shut down its computer network for several days after the announcement of a group calling itself broke the company's network to carry the name "guardians of the peace" and threatened to leak sensitive information relates.
This comes at a time of the leak of five films produced by Sony four of them did not show up in theaters after the exposure is expected to be between December and March next year has been circulating on the Internet sites began and has been downloaded more than a million times in total. Stephen Galloway, CEO of Sony in Hollywood say that the process of piracy on the film company will lead to the loss of millions of dollars if they do not stop.

The company accused North Korea, after Pyongyang government expressed its anger at the company's intention to Sony Pictures comedy film called "interview" which revolves around trying to travel hero movie to North Korea and measure the assassination of the leader of the country's attempt. Government news network in North Korea has described the film as a provocative act deserves strict punishment.

The French defense ministry: two warplanes «condom» Tdharban inspection Daash point

The French Ministry of Defense, that the two aircraft of the (condoms) belonging to the French air force had bombed a checkpoint to organize terrorist Daash southwest of Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that France launched a military operation launched by the name of (North), a French force participation in the fight against Daash in Iraq, on the nineteenth of September, backed by nine planes (condoms) stationed base Dhafra in the UAE which is located farther from the sites distance Daash in Iraq compared to Jordan.

France also announced sending six fighter aircraft "Mirage" to Jordan and access, including three last Friday as part of the campaign carried out by the international coalition against militants "Islamic state" in Iraq.

Boko Haram attacked two terms northeast Nigeria

Hit Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, and Damaturu, capital of Yobe State, in northeastern Nigeria on Monday, attacks, including two suicide attacks attributed to the Haram Islamist extremist group Boko, not yet the exact number of victims is known.

The attacks come after the deaths of 120 people in two suicide attacks and shootings aimed at the Grand Mosque in Kano, during Friday prayers, and stresses of daily attacks by Boko Haram, rising tensions in Nigeria, with the February election approaches, as well as in Cameroon and Niger, where their border areas attacks the Islamic group.

Two female suicide bombers carried out the attacks in the Monday market, crowded in Maiduguri, the main town in Yobe historical stronghold of the Islamic Group.

The market itself has conducted two suicide bombers targeted, carried them two women, also last week, said Gideon Jibrin, a police spokesman in Borno State, "two women, two bombs exploded Monday in the market in two different locations."

There are no definitive figures for the number of victims, where police said six people were killed in the attacks, while the witness said, Ahmed Sanusi, he counted 10 dead.

An employee at a Maiduguri hospital to hospital, 16 bodies and 25 wounded received in a serious condition.

Libyan army frees hostages in Canadian Blon area

Was able to force the Libyan army, led by field commander Salah Bogheib, editor of Canadian citizenship person named "Ktrick" during the storming of the army to the area Blon.

A source Benghazi Medical Center medical access "Ktrick" on Tuesday, which is suffering from a bullet, pointing out that members of the military forces rescued him to the center.

The source added that the injury Ktrick light, and that his health condition is stable and he will leave the hospital in the coming hours.

In the same vein, said field commander Salah Bogheib, said that some elements were holding Ktrick to swap state a sum of money in exchange for his freedom, Bogheib He explained that the editing process Ktrick wounding four soldiers from the army.

It is noteworthy that the Canadian hostage "Ktrick" architect of one of the companies, a Muslim.

Israel launches mass arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem campaign

Israeli occupation forces launched Tuesday morning, mass arrests in different parts in the West Bank and Jerusalem campaign, and raided several houses and searched and tampering with its contents.

In Bethlehem, Israeli forces arrested three Palestinians from the village of Wadi Fukin, they council member villager Mazen Naim advocate for "34 years", owner Wael advocate for "20 years" and Muhannad Yousif Wars "17 years", after raiding their homes and inspected.

Also stormed the occupation east of Bethlehem the town of Tekoa forces raided the house of Mohammed Juma Abdul Hebron, and they filmed the house and searched.

In Jerusalem, arrested seven people as they worship Dandis of "Wade advent of" District, Ahmed and Mahmoud Najdi of "Ras al-Amud," District of Far south of the town of Silwan, also arrested from the town of Mount Scopus south, Ramy Walid, happiest E'oissat, Mohamed Mahmoud and Mohammed Abdo .

In Hebron, Israeli forces raided the command town house and arrested Ayman Khalil Abdel Fattah Sabarneh "21 years", after raiding his house and tampering with its contents, and was transferred to Camp "Etzion" north of Hebron, and arrested two brothers Sami Abdullah Mount Abu crack of South virtual town Hebron.

Israeli forces also raided houses in the center of Hebron Mount of Mercy, and drove out the inhabitants of the nudity, the pretext of searching for wanted, and neighborhood residents heard gunfire during the raids.

On the other hand, IOF erected a number of checkpoints at the entrances to the city of Hebron, in the Mount of Mercy area, and searched the citizens vehicles and checking identities.

Lebanese army arrested on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wife

Safir newspaper reported that the Lebanese army intelligence and coordination with foreign intelligence services, has succeeded in a pre-emptive strike to organize Daash, through the arrest of one of the wives leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, at a border crossing, where she was moving under a false identity, accompanied by one of her sons, were escorted to the headquarters of the Lebanese Ministry of defense, where investigations are continuing with it there.

The newspaper said in an editorial on Tuesday that the military has remained silent throughout the last few days on this major security achievement which necessitated proactive measures in the areas of military and points several, noting that the Front victory had threatened to execute the military on Albzal at ten of the night on Monday, if Lebanese authorities have not responded to the demands of the release of the five detainees from Roumieh prison, including Jumana Hamid, Sheikh Jamal Dfterdar and Imad Juma and Sheikh Omar al-Atrash.

They pointed out that there are four official channels Lebanese were following the case yesterday, without the slightest coordinate with each other and said, meaning the source for "ambassador": if we accept treatment in the way of victory and some officials, because we had to Nfarag every day for five detainees dangerous from prison Romans for every military released, so the outcome of the release of 130 terrorists from the Romans.

The source explained that the government has taken a decision to negotiate and barter but not wholesale to retail, but all the hostages, but there seems to be from the kidnappers to encourage this type of treatment, taking advantage of the climate of official confusion and multiple references that negotiate.

Houthis and reformers in Yemen discussing the situation in Marib

Newspaper, Yemen reported today, issued today, the Joint Committee between Ansar Allah Houthis and the party assembly right for reform, the Muslim Brotherhood, agreed to lead the Marib discussions of the Committee, which held its first meeting today or tomorrow in the Yemeni capital Sanaa file.

An official source told the newspaper the right to the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, that the Commission includes in its membership 4 of the parties and chaired by a member of the Political Council of the Ansar Allah was to determine Marib file condition by Ansar Allah during a meeting reform delegation Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of the group in Saada Day last Thursday.

The source added, the group explained to the delegation of reform reality of the situation in Marib and the relationship of their own party and his involvement with al-Qaeda in three camps and the delegation expressed willingness to cooperate and the party that will translate on the ground in the coming days.

For the headquarters of the institutions of the party, which is still, however, supporters of the People's Committees of God the source said that it was agreed at the meeting to re-What is the continued reform of the party and keep Brigade property on the Red Mohsen al-Ahmar and Hamid.

It is noteworthy that, the situation in Marib was a candidate for the occurrence of a large fight between the Houthis on the one hand and the reformists and the tribes of them the other hand, after the Houthis mobilize their forces to enter the Marib pretext of protecting the power transmission and oil pipeline, which is exposed to attacks regularly lines, but the tribes refused to do so and has mobilized its forces to prevent Log Huthi, confirmed al-Qaeda Almujdod in Marib provinces neighboring he would fight the Houthis, which led to fears of clashes between the group and the organization, which will lead to the deterioration of the security situation in the province and to sabotage the power system in the county tributary basic electric power to Sana'a and other provinces and agree tribal elders not to Log gunmen and to maintain the army and security to protect vital installations.

Surprised reformers and Ansar Allah political forces meeting of Saada, which has been agreed in which to work on turn the page and move towards confidence building and cooperation in the construction of the Yemeni state and the implementation of the national dialogue outputs and the peace agreement and national partnership after the war between the two sides during the September events and the defeat of the Reform Party in front of the Houthis.

This meeting led to the bombing of a crisis in the Reform Party, as the opposition sees him he shameful surrender and prostration before the party leaders of the Houthis and the agreement will not succeed, as some tribal leaders opposed to the reform of the personnel of this Agreement.

On the other wage Ansar al-Sharia, a subsidiary of Al-Qaeda in Yemen, which supports the reformist front, an attack on the party's rapprochement with the Houthis, describing treason, said the organization in his / Twitter / in the cemetery meager deal of new and betrayal of the Reform Party goes to Saada to meet the head of the Houthis.

Syrian opposition announces new formation for «Revolutionary Command Council»

Announced that the Syrian armed opposition factions, the formation of the Syrian Revolution Command Council two days of meetings between representatives of those factions after the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey.

Radio said the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), said on Tuesday that the new composition comprises about one hundred of different fronts faction fighting in Syria, while the "Front victory" and other militant groups from forming excluded.

For his part, Sheikh Qais head of the council's leadership council, said that the new assembly will not replace the political opposition organizations.

This comes at a time when the government continued clashes between the Syrian army and opposition forces, including several in Damascus, Aleppo and Daraa regions.

The assassinations and killings in the battles have resulted in the deaths of three militants of the opposition leaders in Damascus and Aleppo.

King Abdullah II to visit America to address the bilateral cooperation relations

Jordanian King Abdullah II begins working visit to the United States of America meetings with congressional leaders and prominent committees in the Senate and House of Representatives dealing with bilateral cooperation and ways of developing them in various fields, in addition to the latest developments in the Middle East, where he is scheduled to King Abdullah II met during senior trip administration officials including Vice President Joe Biden.

Culminate with a visit to meet with Royal Jordanian monarch summit brings together US President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday.

Sudanese Foreign Ministry welcomes the visit of Lavrov to participate in the Forum on Cooperation

Welcomed the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, forthcoming visit of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, to participate in the forum of Russian-Arab cooperation, hosted by Khartoum with the participation of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, and a number of foreign ministers of Arab countries.

He told Ambassador Joseph Alkrdvani official spokesman Sudanese Foreign Ministry At told yesterday evening Monday through that all Arab countries have confirmed their participation in the forum, adding that the Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum, an advanced step towards strengthening relations between Arab countries and Russia to reach the advanced stages of the forms of cooperation, integration and development of the idea partnership.

The most prominent Alkrdvani, the efforts of the League of Arab States at the level of the Secretariat and its Secretary General Dr. Nabil Elaraby, pointing out that the university contributes significantly to the consolidation of Russian-Arab relations and development.

The ambassador revealed Alkrdvani, all of the meetings of the Joint Ministerial Commission between the Sudan and Russia, on the tenth of December in the Russian capital (Moscow), confirmation of the strategy of bilateral relations in all fields.

He continued, that the next session of the Ministerial Committee Sudanese Russian comes at a time when the parties will seek to develop bilateral relations and to engage them to wider horizons, pointing out that the results of the visit, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hose after Wednesday, will be reflected in the work of the Committee of Ministers in Moscow, which will be discussed many of the issues of common interest at the regional and global and bilateral levels in the political and economic aspects.

Palestinian president to visit Algeria this month

Visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen", Algeria during the month of December, at the invitation of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

According to the Palestinian news agency "Wafa", that President Abbas received an official invitation from President Bouteflika to visit Algeria, which he praised the brotherly relations between the two brotherly peoples, stressing his interest in following up the developments of the Palestinian cause, especially the suffering of the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Abu Mazen and praised the role of President Bouteflika and the Algerian people and historical attitudes to the Palestinian people in all stages of the struggle.

He pointed out that it was the Declaration of Independence of the State of Palestine in Algeria in 1988, and President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was in addition to the late President Yasser Arafat in 1974 upon his first speech at the United Nations.

Warning of a humanitarian disaster after the cessation of the World Food Program for Syrian refugees

The head of the Syrian opposition coalition Hadi lagoon, on Monday, warning of a humanitarian disaster after the World Food to 1.0007 million thousand Syrian refugees in neighboring countries stopped aid program.

He fountain in a statement in this regard, "The Declaration of the World Food Program of the United Nations that he would suspend food aid to 1.0007 million thousand Syrian refugees in neighboring countries due to lack of funding a cause of great concern, especially since a large proportion of the refugees rely heavily on the assistance they are heading the harsh winter, have disastrous effects for the winter causing immense suffering, as reported to the death of some Syrian refugees in Lebanon, the severity of the cold began. "

He noted, saying, "comments coupons distributed by the United Nations will introduce thousands of families to starve to death and will put more pressure on the host countries that drained their resources as they try to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees."

He said the coalition, which racked among its sharp disagreements in recent months that "the international community has a moral responsibility to prevent famine looming and threatening hundreds statement (tens of thousands) of refugees, and the duty to provide the necessary to continue to provide assistance through the World Food Program funds."

He noted that "the load of refugees who have fled the violence and killings in Syria, more suffering is not acceptable at all, and can not be left to fight in order to survive in such harsh conditions."

World Food Program's decision to suspend assistance to Syrian refugees big shock among Syrians on a different spectrum has the form, according to the German Press Agency (DPA).

Detection of a terrorist cell and the arrest of all the elements in Tunisia

Managed Tunisian security authorities, the arrest of a terrorist group made up of five elements area Jebel ech Chambi Kasserine west central Tunisia.

A statement by the Ministry of Interior Tunisian, yesterday, that the anti-terrorism units and units of the National Guard had to disclose the terrorist group and the arrest of all its elements, noting that they were providing logistical and material support to the terrorist group holed up mountains Alhaanbe, as they tried to join this group.

The slaughter of 16 Iraqi soldiers at the hands of «Daash»

Slaughtered 16 people were killed, border guards in Iraq's Anbar province in an attack on them near the Syrian border, also wounded four others wounded in the attack, which was believed to be the perpetrators of the fighters of the Islamic State "Daash." According to a deputy head of the Anbar Provincial Council.

Faleh al-Issawi said deputy head of the provincial council, that the militia killed 16 border guards, including the officer in charge of the site, also injured four seriously injured, in a surprise attack in the early morning of Monday.

It is the center of the border guards who have been attacking him in the newborn crossing in Anbar, Iraq's largest province area, which connects the crossing between Iraq and Syria, and the only one who is still under the control of Iraqi forces.