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The Alyona Show 1/05/12 - MSM: Defense 'Cuts' - Obama Brags About Defense Spending- Higher than Bush! ....

The Alyona Show 1/05/12

We'll take a look at the Pentagon's new strategic review. The President says that we're turning our focus away from counterinsurgency, towards the South Pacific. All while cutting hundreds of billions from defense. So what exactly does all of that mean? Then, the fight against Citizens United is gaining steam at the local level. The Young Turk's Cenk Uygur talks about what certain court rulings, and city council resolutions all add up to in the quest to get corporate money out of politics. Next, while the winter cold and nationwide evictions may have put a damper on the Occupy movement, they've got big plans for the spring. And then don't miss our happy hour.

MSM: Defense 'Cuts'

Today the President gave a press conference from the Pentagon, describing a new refocused strategy for our military, a leaner approach. This comes as the Pentagon will be forced to cut almost $450 billion over the next 10 years as Congress agreed upon last year. If we're in such dire economic straits federal and state jobs are being cut because the government needs to tighten its belt then why the hell are we still spending more on defense than we were at the end of the Bush administration?! Has everybody forgotten that in the last 10 years, since 9/11, our defense budget has more than doubled?

Obama Brags About Defense Spending- Higher than Bush!

We'll take a look at what a new US military strategy will actually look like. In short, President Obama described it as shifting away from land wars, and moving to air and sea. But who exactly are the threats that we're planning on countering with all of this? If you listen to the President; the Secretary of Defense, they call it an "Asia-Pacific" strategy. What do we want to call it? New America Foundation's Steven Clemons discusses.

Cenk: Anti- Citizens United Momentum Builds

It's now been nearly two years since the Supreme Court's Citizens United Ruling, where the doors were blown wide open for corporate cash to flow into our elections. But the chorus against this ruling is growing louder. In New York, the city council voted yesterday to call on Congress to pass a constitutional amendment overturning the ruling. Similar resolutions have been passed in Los Angeles, Boulder, Oakland, and Albany. The momentum is there, but what are the chances, this could actually work? TYT's Cenk Uygur weighs in.

Show & Tell: GOP's $$ in Iowa Worth it?

Last time we talked about the millions of dollars flooding into Iowa despite reports of low voter enthusiasm and asked if you think the money spent in Iowa is worth its political importance? Now, we talked about the US's new defense strategy outlined by Secretary of Defense Panetta and President Obama. Do you think this represents a real 'turning point' for the US military, or a continuation of the status quo?

Boston DA Subpoenas Occupiers Twitter Info

Should twitter hand over user information to law enforcement? That's the question being asked after the social networking site received a subpoena from the Boston District Attorney in mid-December. The subpoena calls on Twitter to access account information about two users with the twitter handles @poisonAnon and @OccupyBoston for leaking personal information about some Boston police officers at the height of the Occupy Boston movement. The DA is also looking for any account information on anyone who included #BostonPD and #Doxcake in their tweets.

Occupy Phase II: The Plan

It's now been about three and a half months since the Occupy movement began in New York last year. The winter cold is beginning to set in, and some of the numbers are dwindling in the remaining Occupy camps. But they're gearing up for what's being called Phase 2 of Occupy. This includes more targeted, specific actions across the country, and even an Occupy television show. Activist and writer Jesse LaGreca explains.

Tool time: Santorum, No $$ For 'Blah' People?!

Rick Santorum while campaigning in Iowa started discussing his opposition to welfare programs and said he didn't want to give black people other people's money but rather, he wants them to go out and earn that money for themselves. This has caused an uproar, and now he's doing some damage control. Take a look at what he's saying.

Happy Hour: Piracy as a Religion

RT's Jenny Churchill and Jim Hanson, military blogger at join happy hour to talk about the US's non-lethal weapon 'wish list' leaked online, Sweden recognizes Piracy as a religion, and Indiana to ban novelty lighters.

The Alyona Show 1/04/12 - MSM: Real People Speak on Elex - Romney represents 'worst aspects of capitalism'- Happy Hour: Ron Paul Supporter Censored by CNN? ....

The Alyona Show 1/04/12

Tonight we'll speak to the founder of the Alternative Banking Group. People keep saying that the Occupy movement isn't offering any real solutions, well this group of bankers, traders and lawyers, wants to help. Then, Glenn Greenwald joins us to discuss the notion that America supports Democracy in the Arab World. We heard it a million times during the Arab Spring, but is the jig finally up? Also the Taliban have announced that they'll be opening a political office in Qatar. The US will reportedly release a few Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay in return in hopes of negotiations. So are we really getting close to the end and is this a breakthrough, or more of a cave? And then don't miss happy hour.

MSM: Real People Speak on Elex

The results of Iowa's primary are in, with Romney taking the lead by only by 8 points, Santorum coming in second and Ron Paul in 3rd. But even when the mainstream media devotes all of their resources, all of their time to a single topic, they rarely ever provide any information or analysis of any value. They rarely discuss the issues that matter most to average Americans. So we went out to Occupy DC today to get their take on Iowa, on our political system overall, and of course, on the mainstream media.

Romney represents 'worst aspects of capitalism'

The Alternative Banking Group, considered a branch of Occupy Wall Street, includes current and former investment bankers, traders and even lawyers for the securities industry who want to offer their services and diverse ideas to the movement to help bring about real change. So can the group help the movement offer up some concrete demands? Carne Ross, founder of the Alternative Banking Group for Occupy Wall Street discusses.

Greenwald: 'US can only suppress democracy for so long'

Remember coverage of the Arab Spring, of Tahrir Square, and you'd get the impression that there's nothing they want more than for all peoples' of the world to live in freedom and equality. Only problem is no matter how the media tries to spin it, Democracy in the Arab world is the last thing that our foreign policy establishment wants. Salon's Glenn Greenwald weighs in.

You said it, I read it: #NDAA Poem

Alyona takes the time to respond to some of her viewer comments. We spoke about most of the media's utter disinterest with the National Defense Authorization Bill signed by Obama including a provision allowing for the indefinite detention of Americans. But in a signing statement, he assured the American people his administration would not use the provision. Take a look at what some of our dissatisfied viewers had to say. Next, is from a viewer who watched our Tool Time on Rick Santorum's statements that contraception is "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be." Plus more from our viewers.

US to Release GITMO Detainees to Taliban?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban announced that the Taliban would be opening a political office in Qatar, approved by Karzai, where the US hopes to engage in negotiations. According to the Guardian, in exchange, the US is ready to release high ranking Taliban officials from Guantanamo Bay. Matthew Hoh director of the Afghanistan Study Group discusses.

Tool time: Activist Fights for Bullies Rights!

David Fowler is a former GOP state senator for Tennessee and an activist who wants to protect people's bigoted views on homosexuality and now wants to propose a bill that would amend a current anti-bullying law in Tennessee. But rather than crack down on bullying, he wants to create a loophole in the current legislation. The bill would protect those who are bullying based on their religious, philosophical, or political beliefs so as long as the person who's doing the bullying isn't actually a physical threat to the victim, then that person would have the right to belittle another person because they're practicing religious freedom.

Happy Hour: Ron Paul Supporter Censored by CNN?

RT's Kristine Frazao and Townhall's Kevin Glass join happy hour to talk about a new Iowa video that's trying to prove people in Iowa are cool, CNN cutting off a soldier who was praising Ron Paul, an Obama, Mars conspiracy theory, and the ACLU wants West Virginia country to stop funding "Jesus Fest".

The Alyona Show 1/03/12 - MSM: Obama's 'Promise' on NDAA - Ron Paul Shows Left Ugly Truths about Obama? - US Arms Mideast Allies ......

The Alyona Show 1/03/12

Tonight we'll take a look at Iowa, and how it shows us where this campaign season will be heading. Let's just say that the big money is already rolling in for this very first primary vote. Then, while the overwhelming majority turns its back on SOPA and Protect IP, there are still a few out there touting this legislation and whether SOPA or Protect IP, even do anything to really counter it! And then don't miss happy hour.

MSM: Obama's 'Promise' on NDAA

Topic number one for the mainstream media these days has been the lead up to caucus voters in Iowa, heading for the polls today. But guess what, there are other big things going on in this country. President Obama went ahead and signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act. This is the same authorization act that also includes a provision for indefinite military detention. But you see here's what Obama did on the actual day that he signed it, after backing off of the veto threat, he went forward and decided to insert into the signing statement a promise that his administration won't allow this to apply to American citizens without trial first.

Ron Paul Shows Left Ugly Truths about Obama?

Today is the Iowa caucuses where only 20% of the state's population that is likely to vote Republican will come out, maybe, and cast a ballot that may or may not determine who the GOP nominee for the presidency will be. It's hard to say how much Iowa really matters in the long term, but that hasn't stopped SuperPAC's and the like from throwing insane amounts of money in. But who exactly has that kind of money right now and what should we make of this entire, Iowa show? Radio host David Sirota and James Poulos, Host of The Bottom Line on PJTV discuss.

US Arms Mideast Allies

Two notable arms deals have been signed by President Obama. One of them was a finalization of part of a 10 year, $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia which included helicopters, missiles, bombs, and delivery systems. However this element of the agreement says that the US will send 84 new fighter jets to the country, as well as upgrades for 70 more jets. The other accord was reached between the US and its Middle East ally, United Arab Emirates. These arms deals could be the latest precursor to waging war with Iran, and now the US could have the UAE on standby for backup.

Show & Tell: MSM bias against Ron Paul?

We covered the main stream media's full court press against GOP nominee Ron Paul and asked if you think this is the typical vetting process carried out against the latest frontrunner or does it reveal a MSM bias against Ron Paul? Now, we talked about the millions of dollars flooding into Iowa despite dwindling voter turnout. So do you think the money spent in Iowa is worth its political importance?

#1 Myth: SOPA Stops Piracy

Over the last few months we've documented for you, the growing opposition to SOPA and Protect IP. Those nice little pieces of legislation in the House and Senate that would allow the government to seek orders telling ISP's, ad networks, payment processors to blacklist websites considered rogue and dedicated to infringing activities. The Boston Globe for example, just last week editorialized in favor, stressing the billions in loses due to copyright infringement. We'll ask Cato's Julian Sanchez how much actually gets lost jobs and revenue wise and why these bills, won't stop piracy anyway.

Tool time: Santorum, contraception 'license' to do bad things in bed?

Rick Santorum during a recent interview with ABC's Jake Tapper was questioned about his views regarding contraception and he explained that the states should have the right to do that, and reiterated that it should be a state decision. You know it sounds like Rick is pretty passive on this issue, he says make it a state law and let it be handled that way. But it's funny that he's saying that, because in the past Rick Santorum has expressed desires to stop federally-funded contraception. Check out what he shares during an interview with, after he pledges to remove any chance that federal dollars would go towards abortion or contraceptives.

Happy Hour: Mountain Dew Dissolves Mice?

RT's Lauren Lyster and Comedian Tim Young join happy hour tonight to talk about Occupy 101 offered at Columbia University, Pepsi being sued by someone who claims he found a mouse in his soda, the Santorum Salad, a library sending the cops on a 5 year old for overdue books, and should twitter sensor terrorists?

Pathfinders: Hollywood producer reveals Russia's showbiz secrets 7/1/2012

Bob Van Ronkel knows everyone in Hollywood from Al Pacino to Angelina Jolie. In an interview with RT, he reveals how much some Hollywood celebrities make from their tours to Russia and how the country's show-biz works. A former owner Los Angeles restaurant owner, Van Ronkel is now a well-known promoter, bringing over 80 actors and bands to Russia in just eight years.

Silent Spring: Press gagged over Iraqi protests 7/1/2012

Since the last American troops left Iraq, the country is learning to manage its own affairs, but the consequences are proving fatal for some. A decade of conflict was meant to herald a move to democracy, but journalists there say intimidation and brutality against them is rife.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas worldwide 7/1/2012

Orthodox Christians worldwide are celebrating Christmas. About 5,000 believers attended the Orthodox Christmas liturgy at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow and associated celebratory services. The Russian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, with Christmas falling on January 7.

Video: Orthodox Christmas Mass in Russia's major Cathedral 6/1/2012

More than 30,000 churches and cathedrals across Russia have held religious services as Russia is celebrating Orthodox Christmas. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill, has delivered the Christmas Eve Mass in the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

Strait of Hormuz powder keg: US-Israel to meet Great Prophet? 6/1/2012

The U.S. is moving thousands of its troops to Israel for a planned joint exercise. It comes against the backdrop of increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf over Iran's threat to block the crucial Hormuz Strait. Some analysts have voiced fears it could be part of a build-up to a military strike on Iran. RT's Paula Slier, who's in Jerusalem, quotes Israeli military as saying this would be the biggest military games ever.

'Opposition behind Damascus blast, lays ground for intervention' 6/1/2012

A deadly explosion targeting police has rocked a residential neighborhood in Damascus, killing up to 25 people. It's believed to have been a suicide bombing, with most of the casualties civilians. Syrian TV says the blast happened near a primary school. It comes as the leader of the country's biggest armed opposition group has reportedly called for President Assad's regime to be overthrown by military means. Meanwhile a former high-ranking army official who defected to the opposition has claimed the government was lying when it said the violence was caused by gangs aided from abroad. Author and Middle East expert Tariq Ali believes the opposition is responsible for the attack and they're laying the ground for a foreign intervention.

All paper bugs must die! 6/1/2012

Watch the full Keiser Report on Saturday.

Clash of Cultures: Ancient people desperate to keep identity

RT's team continues to explore Russia - and bring its most spectacular corners closer. This week we have ventured to part of the country's Far East - the Khabarovsk region. This is Russia's melting pot of cultures, with all sorts of customs and traditions mixed into an amazing blend. But as RT's Tom Barton discovered, sometimes it's hard to adapt old habits to the pace of modern day life.

First video of Damascus terror: Dozens killed in suicide attack

Syrian state TV says a suspected suicide bomber has killed at least 25 people in the capital, in an attack that was apparently targetting a police bus. The attacker detonated his explosives in central Damascus on Friday, killing and wounding dozens of people, Syrian state TV reports. The target of the attack appeared to be a bus carrying policemen - that's according to a Syrian official. Syrian TV showed the damaged bus that had bloodstained seats, and riot police helmets and shields scattered around. The government's blaming terrorists for the assault. The attack comes after Syria's opposition rounded on the Arab League observer mission on the violence in the country, urging the UN to approve a Libya-style no-fly zone.