Monday, November 21, 2011

Hartmann: Everything U Know is Wrong - Beating babies in the name of Jesus?

Frank Schaeffer, author, "Crazy for God" joins Thom Hartmann. Did you know that there's a disturbing connection between child abuse and Christian fundamentalism?

Hartmann: Supreme Court - ObamaCare at Stake?

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert

Hartmann: Should unionization for all be a right not a privilege?

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller joins Thom Hartmann. How do you balance the power capital in the workplace & in the nation?

Hartmann: Plot to burn, shred and sabotage Walker recall

Ben Manski, Liberty Tree Foundation joins Thom Hartmann. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will have to start fighting for his political life. A breakdown on the progressive recall effort in the Badger State - and what kind of underhanded tactics Walker supporters are resorting to - to make sure the war on labor continues.

Hartmann: Joshua Holland - On the Ground from Occupy Oakland

Joshua Holland, AlterNet is on the ground from Occupy Oakland & joins Thom Hartmann. While one patriot of the Occupy movement was released from the hospital over the weekend - more checked in. Another round of violent police abuse against the Occupy Wall Street movement over the weekend. I'll have the latest updates - and what's next for Occupy Wall Street.