Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CNN 28-5-2013 :A judge blocks use of Martin texts in Zimmerman trial... Cruise passenger: Water was glowing from the fire....Fan slaps Beyonce's booty during concert

A judge blocks use of Martin texts in Zimmerman trial George Zimmerman's attorney tries to explain why jurors should see texts about Trayvon Martin's alleged drug use. Cruise passenger: Water was glowing from the fire A passenger who was on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Sea recalls the voyage after the ship caught fire. Fan slaps Beyonce's booty during concert Fan slaps Beyonce's behind. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports she handled it bootyliciously. O'Mara and Crump talk Trayvon Trial Attorney's Mark O'Mara and Ben Crump offer their insight on the latest developments in the Trayvon Martin case Officer's widow: 'Daddy is not coming back' The wife of a slain Kentucky policeman talks about her husband and her family's grief. CNN's Alina Machado reports. Rape kits go untested for decades Meet two women who share their outrage after it's discovered their rape kits went untested for decades. Arias jurors: Jodi deserved death Two jurors tell Dr. Drew that they voted to execute Jodi Arias, but they both say the justice system works. Baby rescued from sewer pipe in China Mother of newborn saved from toilet pipe sorry for what she did, as CNN's David McKenzie reports.

AssociatedPress 29/5/2013 :Preventing Suicides at Golden Gate Bridge..Southern California Fire 65% Contained..Tornadoes, Hail Hit Midwest

Preventing Suicides at Golden Gate Bridge More than 1,500 people have killed themselves at the Golden Gate Bridge, making it one of the world's most-active suicide spots. A lesser-known statistic is the large number of people who bridge security officers have talked out of jumping. (May 29) Southern California Fire 65% Contained Calmer winds helped firefighters near Santa Barbara, California gain the upper hand against a huge wildfire. The fire erupted Monday, quickly scorching more than three square miles. (May 29) Tornadoes, Hail Hit Midwest Tornadoes hit Kansas for a second straight day, doing damage in at least one town. (May 29) Rep. Michele Bachmann Leaving Congress Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann has announced that she is not running for another term in Congress. Bachmann, tea party Republican favorite, says she was not concerned about being re-elected, or any inquiries into her 2012 Presidential campaign. (May 29) Raw: Record-breaking BASE Jump From Mt. Everest A Russian extreme sports star has marked the 60th anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest by performing a record-breaking BASE jump from the world's highest peak. (May 29) Maryland Train Derailment Fire Under Control Officials say the fire at a derailed chemical-carrying CSX train outside Baltimore is under control. The train collided with a trash truck Tuesday in Rosedale, Maryland. The truck driver was the only person injured. (May 29) Beaver Attack Claims Fisherman's Life A booming beaver population has led to string of attacks on people in Belarus, with a 60-year-old fisherman believed to be the first victim to die. (May 29) Raw: France's First Gay Newlyweds Say 'oui' France's first gay couple to marry have said "oui" in a politically charged ceremony in the southern city of Montpellier. The two men sealed the deal with a lengthy smooch. (May 29) Raw: Bombing at Afghan Red Cross Building Security forces rescued seven foreigners working for the International Red Cross in Afghanistan after an hour-long gun battle with insurgents in the eastern city of Jalalabad. (May 29) Mother of Newborn in Sewer Hid Pregnancy The mother of the Chinese newborn dramatically rescued from a sewer pipe, later admitted giving birth until confronted by police, reports said Wednesday. (May 29) Knock on Wood, This Car Works! First it was a bike, then a motorcycle. Now, a Hungarian man has created a car made almost entirely out of wood. (May 29) Raw: Partial House Collapse in NYC CAPTION: Firefighters in New York responded to reports of the partial collapse at a home In Queens. There were reports of an explosion at the house, and a woman with burns was transported to the hospital. (May 29) AP Top Stories May 29 P Here's the latest news for Wednesday, May 29th: Train explosion caused by chemical cargo; Baghdad bomb attacks kill more than a dozen; Hurricane Barbara heads toward Mexico; Future engineers dance to boost creativity More Than 500 Dead As Wave of Violence Hits Iraq Iraq is experiencing its most sustained wave of violence since the U.S. military withdrawal in 2011. Attacks have left more than 500 people dead this month. (May 29) Tea Party Caucus Leader to Leave Congress Tea Party favorite Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she won't run for re-election next year. AP's Jerry Bodlander reports from Capitol Hill. (May 29) Wind Energy Company Touts Giant Blades A Danish wind power company says its manufacturing facility in Colorado is making the biggest blade for wind power in the U.S. It says the V117 blade is nearly 60 meters in length, longer than half a football field. (May 29) Ricin Letters Sent to Mayor Bloomberg New York City police say two anonymous letters sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg contained traces of the deadly poison ricin. Both contained threats referencing the debate on gun laws. (May 29) AP Exclusive: Soldier to Admit Afghan Massacre The Army staff sergeant charged with murdering 16 Afghan villagers during pre-dawn raids last year has agreed to plead guilty in a deal to avoid the death penalty. (May 29) Today in History May 30 Highlights of this day in history: Clean-up ends at New York's Ground Zero, months after the Sept. 11th attacks; France's Joan of Arc burned at the stake; Baseball's Cal Ripken, Jr. begins his games streak; Bandleader Benny Goodman born. (May 30) CAIR Wants Civil Rights Probe of Todashev Death An advocacy group is demanding a civil rights investigation into the death of a Chechen immigrant who was shot to death by authorities in central Florida while being questioned about his ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. (May 30) Two Deaths Blamed on Storm, 14 Fishermen Missing Two deaths in Mexico are blamed on Tropical Storm Barbara. The storm was a Category 1 Hurricane when it made landfall on Wednesday. (May 30)

AssociatedPress 28-5-2013 : Raw: Infant Rescued From Sewer Pipe in China...AP Top Stories May 28A....Passenger: Crew 'Spectacularly Calm' During Fire

Raw: Infant Rescued From Sewer Pipe in China Chinese state media say firefighters and medics rescued a newborn baby boy from a sewer pipe beneath a squat toilet. (May 28) AP Top Stories May 28A Here's the latest news for Tuesday, May 28th: Obama to New Jersey; Bomb plot student to court; California wildfire spreads; Baby rescued from sewer pipe. Passenger: Crew 'Spectacularly Calm' During Fire Cruise ship passenger Mark J. Ormesher is praising the conduct of the crew, after the fire on board the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship. 2,200 passengers are being flown back to the US, after a fire on board the ship. (May 28) Twister Heals Ala. Town Divided Over Immigration Within hours of a tornado touching down in Kilpatrick, Ala., church members and other volunteers from outside the community showed up to help pick up the pieces, and wary immigrants found out not everyone resented them being around. (May 28) Families, Schools and Non-Gender Conforming Kids 10-year-old Ryan is one of a growing number of children forcing families and schools to adjust to "gender variant" students. Ryan's parents allowed her to be interviewed on the condition that their last name and town not be included. (May 28) Raw: Storm Chasers Inside Kansas Tornado Fury Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 was in the center of a violent wedge tornado Monday that roared over eastern Smith County in Kansas. (May 28) Building a Home With a 3D Printer Architects claim they'll soon be able to build a whole house using a 3D printer. The technology is still relatively new, but it's already being used in the medical world and in the arts. (May 28) Mandela's Daughter Explains Icon's Health Nelson Mandela, in the twilight of life, doesn't talk much anymore, his eldest daughter says. She spoke about his health, saying he has "good days and bad days." (May 28) AP Top Stories May 28P Here's the latest news for Tuesday May 28th: President Obama visits the Jersey Shore; Deadly violence in Iraq; Defense can't mention Trayvon Martin's drug use in Zimmerman case; Nike drops Livestrong. Fears of Foreign-fed Syrian Arms Race Rebels in Syria may get weapons from European Union countries, but not immediately. The opposition did get another boost with a visit by Senator John McCain. (May 28) Raw: Soyuz Heads to International Space Station The Soyuz capsule carrying an American, Russian and Italian blasts off for the International Space Station. (May 28) Today in History May 29 Highlights of this day in history: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay become the first to scale Mt. Everest's peak; President John F. Kennedy born; Patrick Henry gives his "If this be treason" speech; Comedian Bob Hope born. (May 29) Raw: Crew Arrives at International Space Station A Soyuz capsule carrying an American, Russian and Italian successfully docked Wednesday with the International Space Station, where the new crew will spend six months conducting a variety of experiments. (May 29)