Monday, August 3, 2015

increases the number of victims of the fall of the military aircraft in the «countryside of Idlib» to 27 people

The death toll from the fall of military aircraft rose residential area, the city of Jericho Brive Idlib in Syria, to at least 27 people, as reported by the network "ABC" News News, citing Syrian activists.
She said, "local coordination committees," The military plane crashed in a crowded market, it was not clear exactly whether they have been bombed or not.

Syrian conflict began in March 2011, said the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, last week, that the proceeds so far amounted to 250 thousand Syrian people.

Russia conducted a military exercise

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the military exercises with the participation of the Air Force "tactical - the operational" and a battalion of air defense forces has successfully Siberia in eastern Russia.
A statement of the Russian Ministry, reported the news agency "Sputnik", that the fighter "MiG -31 lowpass" The continuous flight of 6 hours, which cut more than four thousand kilometers and underwent for 3 refueling operations were carried out at night at altitudes ranging between 4 and 5 thousands of meters.

She explained the Russian Defense Ministry, that the maneuvers included the shooting of combat operations, during which the pilots used "Jo-Jo" missiles to destroy targets were simulated winged missiles, while the aircraft "A 50" devoted to the task of early warning radar straighten fire fighters.

At the same time, Dagestan, southern Russia have seen training units of the Southern Military Region artillery forces, in combat operations Shooting using guns "tenant-S" self-propelled.

In the Kola Peninsula in the Far North of the European part of Russia, fighter jets, "Sukhoi -33" of the Russian Northern Fleet began to shift combat for the first time to guard the northern border.

Palestine received a memorandum on the International Criminal Jews terrorism

Ladder Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, in the court's headquarters in The Hague on Monday, a supplementary memorandum on the terrorist attack against Dawabsheh family in Nablus and terrorism settlers against the Palestinian people.
Palestinian news agency "Wafa" reported that al-Maliki met with the Prosecutor of the International criminal, on the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas of the terrorist attack settlers on Dawabsheh family, and to follow up the Office of the Prosecutor procedures relating to the preliminary study of the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Turning al-Maliki, during the meeting to the communication submitted by the State of Palestine to the General Prosecutor's Office on 25 June in light of the serious developments and the rapid evolution of events in the occupied land of the State of Palestine.

Palestinian minister stressed that the continuation of the occupation and its policies, including settlement activities and the promotion of impunity policy established for this type of crime and deepening tragedy.

International Criminal Court and called for the speedy opening of the investigation into the situation in Palestine, especially as the occupation continues to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people, in order to effectuate the accountability system and end the era of impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes.

US Location: United States, Turkey gamble in Syria

He saw the site "Business Insider" story US, US President Barack Obama, and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are locked in a big bet after agreeing to work together against al organization "Daash" terrorist in Syria.
He pointed out the site in a report broadcast on Monday that Erdogan wants to fight extremists Daash in the border towns with Syria, but it puts the major priority on domestic politics, which is to reduce the growing Kurdish power along the southern border of Turkey, where Ankara fears that encourages Kurdish gains in Iraq and Syria to revive the Kurdish rebellion in Turkey and seeking to establish an independent state.

The site that in order to achieve this end, use Erdogan Turkish air strikes against al Daash in Syria to attack the PKK rebels in northern Iraq forces, claimed that the Kurdish militia, the Syrian, "unit to protect the people", known as the "Way PGN", Day 27 July of this year they were bombed by Turkish troops, while a Turkish official denied that the army plans include military campaign on "Way PGN".

And since the announcement of the agreement between the United States and Turkey late last month to use Washington Turkish Airlines Incirlik base near the northern border of Syria, Turkish warplanes PKK bases attacked in northern Iraq, and his forces in southeastern Turkey on almost a daily basis.

The United States has already taken the right of access to Turkish al-Qaeda, as well as Turkey's participation in the attacks on militants Daash air.

He suggested the site to be what you lose the United States can be a great, as the most effective to Washington allies, as well as ground troops in the battle against Daash in Syria, they are Kurds, and who feel very careful of being targeted by Turkey, although promised Ankara not to attack them .

Jihadi former German: I will reveal to the world the fact Daash

Former German fighter in the ranks of the organization "Daash" the terrorist said, he will reveal details about the inner workings of the organization. "So that the world knows Bhakagueth"
"Fox News" American Network quoted former jihadist, Ibrahim H.b, 26 years old, he said, just before his trial in the city of Cele, said that members of the organization are Tejeaarham between fighting or carry out suicide attacks, adding that he preferred the prison in Germany to remain free in Syria.

Jihadist Ibrahim will be subject to trial along with Ayoub, 27, on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization.

He traveled Moatnan, who carry the German and Tunisian citizenship, to Syria last year to join the ranks of the organization, and returned to Germany in August and September.

He says the public prosecutor in Germany Abraham volunteered to carry out a suicide attack in Iraq, but aborted the attempt.

Al-Nusra Front to execute a lawyer in Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the victory Front, an arm of al Qaeda in Syria, executed a lawyer in the city of Khan Shaykhun the southern countryside of Idlib in Syria.
It launched a subsidiary of Al-Nusra Front fire elements on the lawyer on charges of spying with the Syrian regime and leaking information about Tmrkzac and the headquarters of the Mujahideen, as they claim.

The victory is a front organization belong to the Jihadi Salafi ideology, is the arm of al-Qaeda in Syria, was formed in late 2011, and took advantage of the Syrian revolution extended its control over a number of Syrian cities.

The killing of 10 soldiers in Mali

At 10 soldiers were killed on Monday morning, following an attack by militants on an army camp in the financial Timbuktu region north of the country, according to the site, "Sky News Arabic".

A military source said, according to "AFP" The camp "Gourma Rarus" presented this morning a terrorist attack left dozens dead from the ranks of the Malian army, forces are still gathering information from the site of the attack.

Russia warns of Washington's support of the Syrian opposition risk

Crossed the Russian leadership denounced the decision to provide US support for the opposition in Syria, noting that the United States is working on earthquake Syrian situation while various forms of support for the opposition offer there.
Said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian presidential, in a statement quoted by news agency "Sputnik" Russian, referring to what the United States announced plans to support the opposition in Syria, "said Moscow has been notes that financial assistance or technical obtained by the opposition in Syria lead to more unrest in this country, and that this in fact lead to the establishment of the situation could be exploited by terrorists Daash because the planned leadership weaken lose the ability to meet this regulation and prevent its expansion. "

Peskov stressed that "this is fundamentally a matter of dispute between Moscow and Washington."

America pulls the aircraft carrier from the Gulf

The newspaper "World Tribune US" said US capacity to launch raids against al Daash may be temporarily serious blow in the fall of this year, as a result of Washington's intention to withdraw US aircraft carrier in the Gulf, which means it will not be the United States has no aircraft carrier in the Gulf for the first time since 2007, due to US President Barack Obama's budget cuts.
The newspaper quoted, in a report posted on its website, for Admiral John Richardson, nominated by Obama administration to lead the naval operations, was quoted as saying in front of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate, there will be a gap of two months in the fall, where they will be to the United States any aircraft carriers in the Gulf, pointing out that the United States will own 11 aircraft carrier when the carrier "USS Gerald Ford" enter service next year.

Richardson said, in response to a question to Republican Senator John McCain, "without an aircraft carrier it would hurt our abilities."

She drew the American newspaper that at the moment, is published aircraft carrier "Theodore Roosevelt" in the Gulf region and that one-third of air operations against Daash runs from the carrier, it has also been recently published Roosevelt aircraft carrier group to Yemen.

The newspaper pointed out that the experts believe that the lack of an aircraft carrier in the Middle East is a big mistake and reduces the options available to the US President, because very powerful aircraft carriers and is moving relatively quickly in times of need without having to get permission from a.

The United States recently got permission to use the air base at Incirlik in Turkey in the bombing against Daash operations.

Russia announces creation of aerospace forces

Sergei Shoigu announced, Russian Defense Minister, on Monday, for the establishment of a new branch of the Russian armed forces, an aerospace forces, was created in August of this first through the integration of forces and air and space defense air force.
The news agency quoted the Russian Sputnik for the Russian Defense Ministry that the air forces of satellite branches of the military air defenses and anti-aircraft missiles and is also responsible for military satellites and managing the launch of forces.

Shoigu said that the establishment of satellite air forces through the integration of air defense forces and air force space is optimized and the most convenient way for the development of air and space defense system.

It has been appointed General Victor Bhundarev, commander of the Air Force, commander of Air Force Space.