Wednesday, October 31, 2012

AssociatedPress 31/10/2012 - Raw: After Sandy, New Yorkers Head Back to Work , Raw: Bloomberg Rings Opening Bell at NYSE , Conn. Governor: "We're Making Real Progress"

Two days after superstorm Sandy brought New York to a standstill, residents itching to get back to work walked over the Brooklyn Bridge Wednesday morning. Subway service remains closed. (Oct. 31) Raw: After Sandy, New Yorkers Head Back to Work Raw: Bloomberg Rings Opening Bell at NYSE New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has rung the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange was closed for two days because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy. (Oct. 31) Conn. Governor: "We're Making Real Progress" Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy says utility companies are making progress in restoring power to communities across his state. He also vowed that Connecticut would be prepared for election day. (Oct. 31) Raw: Coast Guard Surveys Sandy Floods The U.S. Coast Guard released video of a helicopter crew conducting an over-flight of New Jersey and New York coast and waterways following Hurricane Sandy. (Oct. 31) CDC: Continuing to See Meningitis Cases An official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says health workers continue to see meningitis cases, given the incubation period for the disease can be long. A Mass. pharmacy is blamed for tainted injections, so far killing 28. (Oct. 31) Raw: Sandy Leaves Boats Piled on Staten Island In the Great Kills neighborhood of Staten Island, damage from superstorm Sandy sent yachts from the harbor into homes. (Oct. 31) Traders Return to NYSE, Issues Remain Traders returned to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday, two days after the exchange shut down due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy. They acknowledge that minor issues remain, but not enough to disrupt trading. (Oct. 31) Romney: America Going Through Trauma Now Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney resumed campaigning Wednesday following a brief break during superstorm Sandy. He told a crowd in Florida to pray for the victims and urged the country to come together. (Oct. 31) Raw: Sandy Throws Roller Coaster Into the Ocean In New Jersey, superstorm Sandy destroyed several blocks of Atlantic City's world-famous boardwalk and wrecked several other boardwalks up and down the coast. A Seaside Heights roller coaster was left partially submerged in the ocean. (Oct. 31) Raw: New York Transformer Explodes After Sandy Amateur video appears to capture the explosion of a ConEdison transformer exploding in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, as seen from Brooklyn, New York, on Monday. (Oct. 31) The Youth Vote: Potential Game Changer Could the youth vote be a game changer for the 2012 presidential election? As college students and recent grads face an uncertain economic future, both candidates are courting their vote. (Oct. 31) How Superstorm Sandy Could Affect the Election One week before a close election, superstorm Sandy has confounded the presidential race, leading many to ponder whether the election might be postponed. (Oct. 31) N.J. Girl Provides an Oasis From the Storm An 11-year-old Hoboken, New Jersey girl whose home survived Sandy without losing power is helping other in the community recharge and get in contact with loved ones. (Oct. 31) Raw: N.J. Gov. Meets With Sandy Victims New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in Sayreville Wednesday meeting with people whose homes were lost or damaged in superstorm Sandy. (Oct. 31) Utility Crew: 'Trying to Assess the Situation' About 6 million homes and businesses were still without power, two days after superstorm Sandy struck. Utility crews were assessing the situation Wednesday in New Jersey. (Oct. 31) Obama in NJ: "We Are Here for You" Speaking in Brigantine, New Jersey Wednesday President Barack Obama told those recovering from superstorm Sandy: "We are here for you, and we will not forget." (Oct. 31) Sandy Busts Up New Jersey, Rebirth Promised The New Jersey shore is dealt a punishing blow by Sandy, with storm devastation on a wide scale. The local economy is expected to take a blow, especially in Atlantic City. But the governor is vowing to rebuild. (Oct. 31) Raw: Destroyed Homes, Flooding in Cedar Bonnet The New Jersey coastal town of Cedar Bonnet is dealing with widespread damage leftover from superstorm Sandy, including destroyed homes and flooding. (Oct. 31) AP Top Stories Here's the latest news for Wednesday, October 31: Pres. Obama tours storm damage; Romney back on campaign trail; NYC Marathon will go on; Giants celebrate World Series victory. First Person: Sandy Forces NYC Steak Sale A respected New York steakhouse in the blackout zone, Old Homestead, realized its meat was going to go bad and decided to grill what was left and sell steaks on the sidewalk for $10. A center-cut sirloin usually goes for $47. (Oct. 31) Raw: 'Amazing Despair' in N.J. After Storm In Belmar, New Jersey, streets remain flooded and the town's boardwalk has literally been swept on to the front lawns. Day 2 into the superstorm cleanup, and many still have no power and their food supplies are dwindling. (Oct. 31) NJ Homeowner: 'It's As Catastrophic As It Gets' Joe Ciliberto, who owns a weekend home on the Jersey shore, gave a tour of his damaged home on Wednesday, two days after Sandy wreaked havoc on the region. Cilberto said the superstorm was the worst one he has ever experienced. (Oct. 31) First Person: Riding Out Sandy on N.J. Coast After superstorm Sandy, New Jersey's southern barrier islands have been left in tatters, with ruined beach front homes, flooded streets and damaged utilities. On Cedar Bonnet Island, residents talk about riding out the storm and what comes next. (Oct. 31) Raw: Trick-or-Treating in NYC After Sandy Despite power outages caused by Superstorm Sandy, some parents in New York City took their children out trick-or-treating. One mother said she wanted to 'make it as normal as possible.' (Oct. 31) Raw: Evacuation at Bellevue Hospital in NYC New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said 500 patients were being evacuated from Bellevue Hospital because of storm damage. The hospital has run on generators since the storm. (Oct. 31) First Person: Life Inside N.J. Sandy Shelter A Jersey Shore shelter that planned to aid several dozen residents as Monday's superstorm developed has instead been aiding as many as two hundred. The residents in Brigantine, NJ are ready to return home now that the clean-up has begun. (Oct. 31) New York Struggles Back After Killer Storm Two days after Superstorm Sandy rampaged across the Northeast, killing at least 72 people, New York struggled Wednesday to find its way. Swaths of the city were still without power, and all of it was torn from its daily rhythms. (Oct. 31) Raw: Mind-bending Art Works at Chalk Art Fest On a stretch of asphalt in Sarasota, Florida's downtown, dozens of artists from around the world are sketching, rubbing and painting chalk on the pavement. They are in town for the fifth annual Sarasota Chalk Festival. (Oct. 31) Breezy Point Fire 'Just Complete Devastation' In New York, residents of the flooded beachfront neighborhood of Breezy Point in returned home to find fire had taken everything the water had not. A huge fire destroyed perhaps 100 homes. (Oct. 31) Raw: As Blackouts Linger, New Yorkers Adjust Two full days after Superstorm Sandy ripped through the Northeast, those who lost power tried to make the best of a situation that was beyond their control while utilities struggled to restore electricity. (Oct. 31) Today in History for Nov. 1st Highlights of this day in history: The Stamp Act takes effect; The United States explodes the first hydrogen bomb; Sistine Chapel paintings are first shown to the public; Algerian nationalists rebel against French rule; NFL's Walter Payton dies. (Nov. 1 Raw: Ky. Chemical Train Derailment Evacuations Flames from a derailed train car sent people rushing out of neighborhoods and an entire town near Louisville on Wednesday while firefighters tried to douse the chemical blaze. Some people forced from their homes faced a night in shelters. (Oct. 31) Raw: Seaside Heights, NJ Scenes of Devastation The Police Chief of Seaside Heights, NJ describes his town as "total devastation." Superstorm Sandy wrecked the town's boardwalk and left homes broken into splinters and buried under sand. (Nov. 1) Sandy Busts Up New Jersey, Rebirth Promised The New Jersey shore is dealt a punishing blow by Sandy, with storm devastation on a wide scale. The local economy is expected to take a blow, especially in Atlantic City. But the governor is vowing to rebuild. (Oct. 31)