Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale strikes southwest China earthquake

Wounded three people slightly injured when an earthquake measuring 5.8 degrees Kangdeng Sichuan Province in southwest China in the province at 11:19 pm (Beijing Time) Tuesday.

According to local authorities early Wednesday morning quake has led to damage to some homes and disrupting traffic to Chungqo village villages Bami Center.

According to the China Earthquake Networks Center, the earthquake occurred at a depth of 16 km Center, was at the confluence of latitude 30.2 degrees north latitude and 101.7 degrees east longitude.

UN adopts five decisions in favor of Palestine

According to the Palestinian news agency and information, that the United Nations General Assembly adopted by an overwhelming majority on Wednesday, five draft resolutions relating to Palestine, after the dew that discussed the "Question of Palestine" and "The situation in the Middle East."

The decision came as follows:

1. resolution entitled "settle the question of Palestine by peaceful means," and it was the result of the vote: with 148, and 6 against, and 8 abstention.

2. The resolution entitled "Jerusalem", and it was the result of the vote: with 144, 6 against and 10 abstention.

3. The resolution entitled "Special information program undertaken by the Department of Public Information of the Secretariat on the issue of Palestine," and it was the result of the vote: with 147, and 7 against, and 9 abstention.

4. The resolution entitled "Committee on the Exercise of the Palestinian people of their rights inalienable", and it was the result of the vote: with 94, 7 against and 56 abstention.

5. resolution entitled "Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat," and it was the result of the vote: with 91, 7 against and 59 abstention.

After the vote, threw a permanent delegate to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, Palestine, a speech in which he thanked the Member States on the initial positions and vote in favor of the Palestinian decision-affirmation of the absolute support of the Palestinian cause.

He stated that the United Nations defend the international community, represented by international law is a source of encouragement for the Palestinian people to continue their struggle and struggle for the realization of the rights of the inalienable and continue his career to end the occupation and achieve independence of the state of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem and to achieve a two-state solution.

Ambassador Mansour, stressed the importance of resolutions adopted by the United Nations on the issue of Palestine, pointing out that what affects the credibility of the United Nations, as some claim, it is not the adoption of these decisions, but a lack of political will necessary to compel Israel to respect these decisions and their implementation.

Mauritania and Spain boost military cooperation

Mauritania and Spain decided to promote mutual cooperation in military fields as well as other areas of common interest.

This came in an official statement issued in Nouakchott at the end of a visit to the Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morinas Eilat, confirmed Aldolteny keenness to strengthen and develop bilateral cooperation relations in the field of defense to include other areas of common interest.

The statement said that the two sides expressed their satisfaction with the level of cooperation between the two countries military cooperation both at the bilateral level or within the framework of international bodies to which he belongs countries, especially the five plus five defense initiative, which is currently chaired by the Kingdom of Spain.

The statement pointed out that the two sides talks on several topics of common interest, especially middle-Euro maritime security dialogue and military training and joint exercises carried out by the armed forces of the two countries periodically.

High numbers of dead lion raids on tenderness to 170

According to Syrian activists, on Wednesday, rising numbers of dead raids Bashar al-Assad's regime on the city of Raqqa to 170 people, mostly civilians, in addition to more than 100 wounded.

The network quoted a "Arab event," today's activists as saying that fighters system yesterday launched 10 raids rocket stereochemistry of the city center and its outskirts, which resulted in the deaths of many civilians and wounding dozens, some of them suffering critical what could raise the death toll, amid panic in the city overcrowding of hospitals and the dead and wounded.

The raids targeted the warehouse yellow north of the city, the industrial zone "Alsoahin hot" in the north-east, and the collector of bending downtown crowded with civilians, which led to the fall of the minaret of the mosque and the inspiration Almhlb bad Museum downtown, and others.